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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, My suggestion is that we give the option to change out of our space suits and into regular clothing. This could be military uniforms (NQ could add various types of military uniforms and we could customize colors to make unique military uniforms for our organizations), regular civilian clothes, and that sort of thing. I think this could add to the role-play style and maybe could even be a commodity that is traded on the markets?(Military uniforms, civilian clothing etc). Obviously this would only be possible inside of closed spaces that have oxygen support, otherwise we'd need our space suits. Might even be cool if NQ could develop some sort of system that lets organizations port in their organizations emblem or sigil and have it printed somewhere on the uniforms or even painted on the side of vehicles, spaceships and constructs. Just adds to the aesthetics and role-play element and will make organizations more unique.
  2. If this game happens to survive, what kinds of character customization would you want? For starters, I guess it would be nice to see our characters outside of our suits and in street clothes, I guess....
  3. I think we should be able to upload our own hair mesh for money to make our character more unique. Individuality is important and that is not even complicated to do also NQ should be inspired by EVE character creator it is pretty intuitive for user. Every aspect of the universe is determined by the players so we should determine how we want to look and not be all the same people or similar people. This is a universe not a game we need to be different. Because DU is different from other game because it is a second universe!
  4. I thought that once we are in game, and if the corps are big enough, you may not know that the guy/gal walking behind you isnt a stalker, just a fellow corp-mate going to the same place as you. This could be fixed by having little corp mini logo's shown in the characters tag. Maybe to a max of 5 logos. (Having corp mini logo's on part of the characters body would also be good - maybe on the shoulder/upper arms? This could be all the logo's as there are more rooms on arms than in tags.) Assuming there is also a friend or foe system in DU maybe also a little green/grey/red circle in the tag showing if friend/neutral/enemy. (Though technically, since there are multiple corps, you may have the situation that someone is both friend and foe ) This way you can see friends from foes - most of the times
  5. Can more than one person play on one account without sharing progression? Is there a family account system or something similar to the character select screen in Destiny?
  6. I have quickly searched but maybe I am not using the right terms... I have a bit of a brainstorm/question/statement.... So I am curious if we know much about the DU environment in-game. I am assuming because of the way many things work that it seems the world will be persistent, am I right? If this is the case - then when you log off, your body will still be somewhere. Is it possible to capture, imprison, jail, or otherwise "hold in custody" other players bodies? If we have a persistent world (as I think it seems would make the most sense in this game) then it would be supremely important to be able to defend yourself and your belongings, correct? I think this would give rise to the necessity of being a part of an organization (or at least allied to one). I also fear people would abuse this. But possibly if there is a way someone could resurrect themselves at a resurrection node and "transfer" their consciousness out of the imprisoned body that could help balance this.... Or am I speaking about something that is more related to the final stretch goal? Thoughts? Anyone have specific knowledge to help suppress my naiveness?
  7. This post is really simple. I just came up with it as I was watching the 18th update What would be your guys ideas regarding costumizable options on your character. Like diffrent helmets and diffrent chest pieces ect ect. Of course, the game is only in pre-alpha so they only have one look... but I am curious what you guys would like to add into the visual aspect of this game. (pictures or text or both, don't really matter how you describe your thoughts and ideas) Personally (because I will go after a more scientist, research kind of route when it comes to this game. IF it now comes out) I would like to see a bit of a scientist kind of look. You know, a sort of thinner armor, with glowing tubes (choice of colour is yours) with "experimental" or "Prototype" techology on the armor itself, the helment being more "gasmask like" and so on. just to add a bit of a hightech science flare What would be your ideas?
  8. << I don't know why you insist on this course of action. You are only going to die >> "Fugoff." The words blended into one as I grunt, moving another rock. << You are reacting emotionally. You should accept that there is no place for you here. You are not listed. There is no record of you >> "Fuck. Off." Two rocks are heaved, punctuating the words. The sentiment is lost on my tormentor. Programming kicks in and it corrects my semantics. << I am bound to the Novark. I cannot 'leave', per se >> I stop, standing, stretching the kinks out of my muscles and joints. Is this the simulation? The endless-media feeds in the last days had said that colonists would be put through a simulation upon waking. I decide not to engage it. This was my reality - simulation or not - working out if it was real was pointless. In silence I continue building, one rock, then another. For half an hour I am left alone to my own devices, but I can sense it, watching. When it speaks again, the voice in my ear has lost some of its irritation - replaced by... curiosity? Did it "feel" things like that? 10,000 years is a long time for an Artificial Intelligence to change in so many ways. << What are you doing? >> "You don't know? That's funny. You act like God but you don't grok" There is silence again in my ear as it processes this. << Stranger in a strange land. Heinlein. Nineteen hundred and sixty one in the old time. What else do you remember? >> There is definite curiosity now. I answer it with a question, keeping it occupied, relying on it's programming - responding to queries is apparently a first order sub-routine, over-riding other activities. "Who am I?" << Do you mean, you remember who you are? Or that you do not, and require this information? >> Another few rocks, another few precious minutes and I answer, repeating myself. "Who am I?" It responds again, inferring that I meant the former. << I can find no entry for you in the colonist register. This is... concerning. Perhaps planet-fall has affected the quantum integrity of my data stores. I will run a diag... >> "5421135-2" Again, minutes of silence. << I have a record of that string - it is the serial number I have against Environmental Test Unit 26 >> I had once heard that a thousand years ago, well before drones existed, energy miners would take small animals in cages down underground because poisonous gasses would kill them before the miners. "Environmental Test Unit? Fancy name for throwing me off the Novark with nothing. Remember that?" It was a stupid thing to say. AI's didn't forget. << Standard operating procedure is to validate all environmental and atmospheric readings with a testing unit before allowing Alpha Teams to venture into the safe zone.>> The curiosity it had shown briefly was replaced with cold machine logic again. << As there is no corresponding record - you are not slated to be re-purposed as a colonist and your function is therefore complete. You are no longer required in order for the wider mission parameters to be met >> Was this some sort of cruel test? Probably. It was designed by humanity after all. "Well if you don't need me, all the most reason for you to fuck off and leave me alone then." My small bivouac of rocks and foliage is finally complete and I stand back, admiring it. "It's been fun. Goodbye". I remove the small bud from my ear and crush it underfoot. Crawling into my shelter, I grunt with the pain of muscles getting used to working again. Can you feel pain in a simulation? I banish the thought. Perhaps it's the air, but I feel bold - the pain made anger, determination. 'Assume it's all real - why would it do more than it has to. Your mind isn't needed to test human suitability to a physical environment'. I look out over the impact crater, as on the horizon, past the towering Novark casting it's long shadow over me, the first sun sets while lighting up the cloud filled sky. Summits covered in blue snow catch its last rays. It’s not exactly like on Earth; the geometry and the colors are inhuman; the temperature is warm enough to not worry about needing a fire (even with the tattered utility suit I wore - a garment for modesty more than usefulness) and the gravity a bit lighter than on what I was used to. I can see small lights moving tentatively around the Novark's base - the structure is so large they don't even notice each others existence, seemingly having exited from a variety of locations - it is the Alpha Teams, starting to venture out. Kadpacks and morphers making them a soft herd, reliant on their new 'God'. I can barely make out a figure at the top of the Novark. I wonder what that person makes of all this? Do they notice the same things? Doesn't matter... 'Fuck 'em all and good luck to them - won't be long till reality sets in. Not me. I'll survive. Gotta survive...' I mumble to myself as I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep, exhausted. For the first time in 10,000 years, I dream. --------------------------------------------- "NO!!" My eyes snap open, and I bolt upright in a sweat, before swearing, my head connecting with the roof of the bivouac. It is daylight - the sun, oddly tinged, seeps into my refuge. << Good morning. Do not be alarmed. Your cortical region indicates you were dreaming. Anamnesis is to be expected. What do you remember? >> The voice is everywhere, in my head and without - my senses can't tell either way. "HOW THE... !?!" << The communication earpiece was required only to instill a feeling of comfort in you. As you have destroyed it, the need for pretense is removed >> "How are you... I'm in the simulation, aren't I?" << Communicating? I infer that is what you mean. It would appear that you have been equipped with implanted communication and tracking functionality at some point in your existence. While those pieces of hardware are now otherwise redundant from their previous purpose, I can access it> > It pauses again, processing the second question. << Be aware - colonists undertaking the simulation are only told it is a simulation if it is necessary >> the AI says, it's 'voice' taking on an almost comforting yet patronizing tone. << Now. What do you remember? >>
  9. As some of you know I am currently spending my time in other voxel games making spaceships. In one of the games (which is mostly 3rd person) you can customize your character with height, name, skin color, face (eyes, nose mouth etc) hair style just like many MMO's. However in the other game (mostly first person) where you can actually make constructs work there is no character customization outside of the color of the space suit you wear. My question is: Is there going to be reasonable character creation and customization for people who like to role play, or at the minimum like to play in a role play community as it greatly helps with immersion in game? Also, if this IS the case and we can make unique males, females of all colors etc will there also be a UI element (that does not really need to extend past the interface) that allows for us to give a back story on our characters, their alignment like Neutral good, neutral neutral, neutral evil, Chaotic good, etc? If there is not going to be a character 'stat sheet' (I am thinking like pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons), will DU allow for addons like world of warcraft? Thank you, Kiklix/Alien Paragon
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