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  1. Well, I do both on fleets, sometimes even 3 roles, and what you are describing isn't easy at all.
  2. I doubt such core activity will have you require someone's help all the time. Like owning a ming rig, mobile mining rig or something like that. And again, if this game makes it to release you will surely have people who have miner, hauler and solder alts. This is inevitable. You can also wait fo r your buddies to login and help you, for instance, haul the ores you mined, but there will be people who do not like waiting and have more real money, so they will choose this path of using an alt as a trucker.
  3. You do not lose accounts if someone kills you in Eve or if you get killed by Concord. Lack of levels, tiers and BS like that is the best thing that has happened to the gaming open world. Play maybe a little bit or listen to someone who has actually played it. Do not talk nonsense, please. You do not 'clone' yourself. Scouting is optional, because everthing is player driven. You do jot get free intel on other players. Someone has to do it for you, or you make an alt. @Lambert, I am sure there will be room for multiaccouts. Do you honestly believe mining will be limited to doing it with your hands as shown on the video?
  4. To this you add - mind your capacitor levels, spot/scout something worthy of reporting. With all that I meant, it is not a board game of chances as some (sore) players describe it. And from what I see on the Dual Wiki, the intent to bring immersive PvP is in the plans here too. How? I am looking forward to see... I hope it is better and even more realistic.
  5. Yep. That's the one I was talking about. It is hilarious, but silly at the same time, spoiling the feel of space 'civilization', the game is advertised with. Would be cool to have those, they are work of art, but let's take realism into account. You can try and launch your wooden ship in space, but it will fall apart when the rocket booster kicks in. Or if you launch it from the hangar of you carrier it will dismantle in a few hours form the sun radiation. Or you are free to build wooden sheds in the open, but gotta suffer consequences like someone being able of one-shooting it down with a railgun. Something lie that.
  6. I agree with the most but that last bit with Magic Something, Something card game shows you haven;t really played Eve as much or gotten in--depth. Ships do have certain attributes, qualities and different purpose, but it is all up to the pilot and how he or she flies their ship. This gives you that (human) element of uncertainty of the outcome of every engagement. Each fight can have some many outcomes.
  7. AKA death clones form another game But the idea of not having your Resurrection node fixed to avoid quick travel by suicide is awesome.
  8. Separating anything defies the whole point of 'single shard'.
  9. Show us where did those baddies touch you? Competition = fun In a competition there is always someone losing. Every competitive edge and advantage is 'exploited', pushed to the limits. I don't see anything bad about it. Without player like that you will get bored in the beautiful, quiet city you built.
  10. This is a bit bothering, but I guess a true sandbox suggests that. It will be a true (non-science)fiction charade soon enough, if for example cloth sails do not melt to harsh conditions etc. Ppl should be free to fly their McDonaldses, but for short few seconds in real atmosphere before they get diamante or something like that. Or have your MacDonald's, but inside the dome or a huge starship you built and display it there.
  11. Still playing Eve. For 3 years now, sti enjoying it. Been part of most anti-Goon alliances, that matter. This universe will have to go along way to convince me it will provide the same PvP content and war experience, that even exists today in Eve. No other game gives you that adrelaline and is that complex yet. Even when the current meta sucks and encourages consolidation of powers and blobs. Where Eve started really declining when CCP messed up the industry and economy, buffing tue ulti.ate mining ship - the rorqual. Totally unbalanced, allowing miners to print tons of capital and supercapital ships easily. This totally destoyed the power creep, the ships players have now are absolutely out of control. Bcs of that everbody can afford to fly a ship, the developers thought will take considerable time to train for and build - titans and supercarriers. Does that remind you of anything? Haven't decided, if I will sponsor and join the alpha yet. There is too little information and demo footage about the game. I just don't want to invest in a game that might tutn out to be an improved and more beautiful Minecraft on planets of Space Voxels, with existing multiplayer options that are barely used. Those are my fears.
  12. So far, I've seen a few in-game screenshots and videos posted, showing a sailboat sails in planetary orbit and escaping a planet, a medieval, stone castle on the surface of a pmabet with harsh atmosphere environment. I hope this is just for the lols and will be possible only during the alpha. Will those be a thing, or inadequate materials won't fly or sustain harsh environments?
  13. Some of us are not ex yet. We need to be sold a game better than Eve. Then we jump right in to grief you, steal your dolls, kick your sandcastles Otherwise this game would die 6 months after the release. I am sure the dev team know that and will try to balance PvE vs PvP.
  14. I hope it is as toxic and as dangerous as Eve. What is killing Eve is lack of it. Blowing stuff up gives you the thrills and adrenaline, not digging in rocks. Sure, building is essential part, but has to be equally balanced with risk and danger. DU will have my money if I have guarantee that there will be small and large scale battle options, that are not instanced, limited or pre-arranged. I understand the carebears' rant. They like building stuff and get angry when someone kicks their sandcastle, but there are also others who like competition and confrontation. So the carebear syndicate wants them out of DU?
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