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  1. "Sociopaths" is not an insult, it's the factual description of EvE players who stuck to this game once it became a Schadenfreude-harvesting, Real Money Trading, real money laundering platform. What they can bring to the table is an endless drive to seek all the borderline exploits and cheesy mechanics they can, so they have the upper hand on whomever in game. Remember they rejoice when people quit the game because of them (this is the holy grail of every griefer), which is bad for a business-model that doesn't rely on the need for multiple accounts. One could argue this seeking of gameplay exploits pushes devs to fix issues, but some things aren't issues, and can be source of great collective fun, until some category of players turn them into issues needing to be fixed, by cheesing them. Therefore limiting ingame freedom. This is what ruined Ultima Online: griefers forced the devs to shard it, and "Trammelize" the game. I've got a 15 years experience with EvE, its business model, and its inhabitants. Feel free to contact me (I'm french btw) if you want or need to pre-emptively address the inevitable griefing problems EvE players will bring into DU (I'm not even thinking about only the goons)
  2. But how are EvE players going to do anything without their precious multiboxing? Multiboxing that enables the Schadenfreude-based meta they so adore...
  3. Remember the Erotica1 scandal? Please tell me what it had to do with "playstyle" EvE devs started noticing around 2006 that multiple accounts enabled griefers and sociopaths, and ofc those accounts had to be funded ($ for CCP!). Devs did not address gameplay issues that allowed multiboxing, but instead, started to promote "Power of 2", effectively giving the signal that in order to compete in EvE, you had to buy multiple accounts and fund them, whether through RL money (easier and much faster) or grinding (and someone had to buy those PLEX anyway with RL money) They cleverly understood that there was a niche in MMOs for griefers and anonymity-protected online sociopaths. EvE caters to them, but it goes much deeper than this. Single shard -> high stakes because of reputation etc, so players take things at heart, and are ready to spend good money just to prevail in game. Cue out-of-game money deals, so ingame player entities get harrassed, or don't get harrassed... Plus the money laundering... EvE is a cesspool, last thing DU needs is an input of its inhabitants But as DU won't enable multiboxing because its gameplay is far from utter garbage, something tells me all the tryhards, RMT scoundrels and money launderers will stay in the containment universe known as New Eden.
  4. Please tell me which kinds of competition exist in which you can clone yourself so you can multiply force just by cheesing a gameplay-wise deficient system For example, in EvE: throwaway free accounts as static scouts on gates + offgrid booster + support (healer) + gank ships, all of which can be manned by a single person Some other person jumps in, using a single account, and gets "competitioned", LOL Praytell, where is the competition? Protip: competition requires a level playfield. I suppose you know about sports. Are the teams usually equal in numbers? "B...b... but it's war in space! Everything goes when in war! Cheap tricks!" Oh but I thought it was merely an internet game? Do you want to talk about the RMT going on in EvE, which also fuels the unending quest for borderline exploits and maximum cheese?
  5. Ex-2003 EvE player here. Was in beta as well. Anyone remember Corybantic? The last thing this game needs is an influx of EvE players, as it has been since about 2006, when people started to think that meta mind games and plain anonymity-enabled griefing - the kind of which sad creatures such as Lofty29 industrialized - a sociopathy simulator, in which finding every bordeline exploit and abusing game mechanics just to reap Schadenfreude, is seen as skill. Reminder: UO was ruined and Trammelized because of griefers
  6. That's pretty hilarious. Did you write this on purpose? When is a good argument for multiboxing? When you need it to compete? Sorry, I thought it would be best to address EvE sociopaths and tryhard multiboxers through the tone they love. How are you going to do it without multiboxing, my little one? By ganging up? First, you would need social skills... of course, you could find like-minded griefers, but they're always only a minority It's pretty notorious EvE is all about the ganking because it allows a retarded amount of multiboxing This game is much more twitch-based, how are you going to compete?
  7. how are you gonna do anything in this game? Can you multibox a twitch-based MMORPG? Can you automate Dual Universe multiple accounts? You turned EvE into a cesspool of multiboxing-driven toxicity, will you be able to do the same in this game?
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