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  1. I personally don't find it too problematic IF your English is good enough to get through tool tips, in-game texts and so on. Different language groups will carve out their places in space where different languages will be primarily spoken anyway. And for those with trouble regarding in-game descriptions, instructions and so on I still see the option of others teaching them through videos or personally, to help them roughly grasp what means what. A compromise of sorts.
  2. You played StarForge? Oh - my - god. RIP indeed. As fun fact, you know the trailer (one of them anyway)? If you (n)ever noticed, the audio you hear in the background? It's "final countdown" in slow motion. DID THE DEVS KNOW THE PRODUCT HAD A DATE OF EXPIRATION? I sadly can't find the trailer with a quick search, maybe taken down, maybe not. But it was really hilarious post-downfall.
  3. Oh, my, God Lethy(s), look at that size It is so big, it looks like One of those pledge pets But, ya know, who understands those backers? They only pledge, because, That game looks like a total dream world, 'kay? I mean, that pet, is just so big I can't believe it's just so tall, it's like out there I mean awesome, look It's just so, tripod Hey, limited creativity or leeway with rewriting lyrics, okay?
  4. Greetings and welcome. I chuckled a bit at "getting nerdy breeding dinos" part. I played ARK a bit, but never really got into it. Ironically due to Dinos, I think. In loose comparison, I had more fun playing Conan Exiles. The games might not be comparable much in greater detail, but survival sandbox stuff is survial sandbox stuff, eh? As you already assume(d), I think there will be lots of opportunities to "get nerdy" in DU, maybe not solely regarding ships. And if you look for an organization, look no further* .... ... than this thread and section: And of course the forum section we are all currently in (as you read this, anyway), where players, and dare I say more importantly, organizations promote themselves. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/forum/7-the-arkship-pub/ You can also look for organizations on the organization portal or community hub at: https://community.dualthegame.com/ *Did you expect an ad now? Hah!
  5. The more, the merrier. It's as simple as that (to me). It also means more work for the devs in creating more armor pieces and options, no doubt. And this may not be a priority - so far. But let's face it. Especially in a game with such a large scale, do we all want to run around and look similar due to a limited amount of armor sets and pieces - even if you can mix and match them? Clothing and armor customization, and to some extend, weapon customization maybe (in terms of texture, color, decal) makes a living world to some extend and binds or satisfies players more if they can express their different individual or organizational identities, jobs or ranks through sufficient visual customization. As such I hope there will be a notable focus on this at one point or with an additional team. The players will thank NQ later on.
  6. It's kind of interesting, isn't it? Often I feel (and heard, years ago) that geniuses or big contributors usually only get real (global or wide) recognition after they perish. Maybe it's that effect of realizing you lose something when it's gone? Of course, surely, he was already valued alive and had contributions. Not like he wasn't known before death. But was he on people's minds before the news? Not as often on a global scale I like to think. And as people die, sadly, it is now upon others to fill the gap, to be great minds, explorers, achievers - to bring us forward collectively. Death can't be avoided or notably delayed so far, so it is upon others to pick up the torch and carry it into the uncertain future. It might not be any of us (on that level). But someone ideally will. I tip my hat though. Not everyone will leave such a mark or legacy. Especially under such physical conditions. And I suppose now he will truly know or have seen, experienced, etc. what comes after death - if anything, at all.
  7. It surely helps public perception or PR, I'd say.
  8. Hello Sigmar. Kinda reminds me of Warhammer, that name. Good luck and have fun.
  9. I hate to post in succession, but with more introduction threads popping up I was wondering if there could be a somewhat official response on whether this is planned or not so much planned. I still think it would help the general forum structure and organization seekers later on to split player introductions and org promotions. And maybe the easiest way would be to have a new section for player introductions.
  10. Hey and welcome. An interesting site you have there. We might just turn into (real) customers, but time shall tell. Either way, have fun in DU.
  11. Such a rising star, isn't he? (This is the moment you are supposed to blush!)
  12. Needs more info beyond that, unless you mean to say "Hail Hydra" implies the offer or demand to join, expressed through two words alone. Unless this is an unspecific hypothetical on purpose - but ... for some reason I always doubt it's simply a random question someone had on his mind and not related to actual on-goings in the community or similar whenever someone asks or words questions like that. Just saying. But for the sake... I think it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to create such an organization if you have a bunch of people you deem trustworthy that help you starting out. Alone or with very few, it might be harder. Say, you agree to have this unlisted group. Okay. Check ✓. Infiltrating other groups? No rocket science. Check. ✓ Now beyond the question of who gets this whispered or offered (the org founder? Higher ups? Random Joe in a group?): What's the incentive to join? I think that's the key aspect. It might be interesting, at the same time it's not terribly complicated to pull off. Various groups will exist and do that, all in potential competition with not just each other, but maybe all the other groups they chose to infiltrate. Assuming you are not the target or terribly against it, why join? Does the "ideology" or "style" (themes, branding, approach) of the group fit your needs? Are they "professional"? Maybe I also tend to be a tad spoiled or critical in that regard. My point is: It's not hard to pull off on a basic or moderate level, but really taking it in-depth, that is true art or the challenge and I'd say not many groups can do that - even if they think they can. I have a pretty good benchmark to get to that conclusion, but then again who knows what time will show us in that regard? In short: The sole act itself? Not too special or unique given the right starting aspects. "What makes you special" aka "Make it worth it", I'd ask or say.
  13. I just had an idea. Something you could do relatively early is work on more branding. For example or specifically, in this forum. Let's look at your OP, for example: It's short and to the point, but also lacking multimedia wise. Kind of "bare bones". It's not necessarily bad or wrong, but on the other hand people react to multimedia differently. Many might still click the link, maybe some will just skip it if it seems "bland" for them (just assuming, can't look into people's heads but different people, different reactions or lack thereof). Or, in other words, it could be more "memorable" with more "branding". E.g. this quote above could turn into something more visualized, like: [Some accompanying text or description after the video or between the logo and the video] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also suggest embedding videos directly, it's easier for some people to click or view the content compared to adding one layer of access (having to click the link, as trivial as it might sound). On the plus side, you immediately have visual stimuli of the video thumbnail in your thread and can even generate attention through it immediately, opposed to a simple link. You can embed videos by using the "full" YT link - the forum software usually does the rest then. Shortened links may not be automatically converted, I think. Unless that was a conscious choice to not "embed" it, of course. Hope it helps. Branding or formatting can be a vital step in gaining traction (which doesn't necessarily mean you have or want to become a big player, but a bit of reach never hurts).
  14. That's not bad / rather good. Sometimes the spark of passion can be all you need to invest time into something and just DU (heh) it, and become better over time. I also say that because I like to think I had a similar "awakening" or "spark" with multimedia content creation about almost a decade ago. And I would not stop, you are on a good track. It'll also be fun as you try out new things that you may or may not stick with! You'll see. Looking forward to it, but depending on what style you want to apply, you might need to invest in certain equipment, unless it's basically "hand-held phone style-recordings". But again, that depends on what you want to go for.
  15. Hello! Interesting design or style (or approach), if you know what I mean. "Upbeat intro", getting attention somewhat up or "pumping", which isn't bad. I like it, in short. I'm not sure about pacing though. On one hand the pace in that video is good and easy to follow (with non-native English speakers in mind), on the other hand, it could maybe be just a tad ... "faster", maybe? I don't mean hyperactive. Or maybe that is simply your general style and the pace you feel comfortable with, which would be fine as different content creators have different approaches and styles, in a nutshell. The visual diversity is a big plus in my book, footage isn't too static throughout and I like to think that change of visual scenery helps following and, in addition, it also emphasizes whatever topic is covered at that time, e.g. Arkship pictures as Arkships are introduced or explained. I would say keep it up and ... who knows? You might be(come) the next known go-to source for DU lore and general info, like some folks are known for covering Star Citizen related content and having made a name for themselves. And if you ever want cross promotion (in-game or on the forums), hit me up*. Spreading the word free of charge. Another question: Can you imagine going to certain DU events or visiting their booth in various conventions and whatnot? If so, you might consider using this as another "format" in your YT content and cover events accordingly. Just as possible idea on how to branch out, if visiting and covering certain events would not be a problem for you. *If sending a PM, I suggest using the community hub at https://community.dualthegame.com/, not the forum here as inbox space can be strained. You can then click on messages and @Warden, if you want to send me anything.
  16. Many thanks to you, and of course all others who have historically expressed their best wishes here and elsewhere, and of course - while I am at it - a big thank you to our former "lost" members in our first and primary campaign. A few thoughts, on another note Now, with that mentioned: We still look for patient, interested people who don't mind a focus on forum work more-so than gaming until DU becomes more feasible. You should also be willing to invest a bit of time and work into the organization, instead of being a passive partaker in events. Ideally we find those possibly fitting for management positions or tasks in the long run. If you are interested... post in here or ideally send a private message on the organization hub to me (link: https://community.dualthegame.com/) and compose a new private message @Warden I check them daily. You can also try to send a message here in the forum, but with limited space, it is not advised. Once you express your interest, we'll take it from there and see if it fits. On another note, the »promotional website went through a few changes. - No more Star Citizen logos as we are not active there - ©-Date updated - Outdated SC news snippet replaced with more relevant DU post on home page - SC contact details greyed out on contact page - Header tweaked (sub-title moved left, additional page called "Summary" added, menus numbered) - "Construction site" pictures added to "4) Summary" as it is a W I P "4) Summary" will contain the most relevant information without the prior fluff - "real talk", if you want
  17. There is no set end goal; most (end) goals are subjective either way. In short, it is what people make out of it. I think the big hype is just that: People being in control of their (and others) destinies. You struggle and get to a point, then try to hold it and work from there. Or you lose things and rinse and repeat. Just like in life there is no real "end goal". You just do things (or try to) until you perish. The big key difference here to some or many other games is that you are not limited in your approaches or in scale. That's the general "benefit" of sandbox games on average: You can build anything you can imagine while interacting with others with the same powers. Other games end eventually in their respective plots or things you can do. This, of course, also has subjective cons. The sheer size or possibilities are "too much" for certain people, and there are no "scripted" events or very scripted plots with lots of action and storytelling, like in a movie. I would say that average "life" in DU would be more drawn out, with lots of politics or business and a slower pace - until notable wars happen. I also doubt people will later passively sit around all the time, there will be enough power struggles between groups due to ideology, indifferences, simple mistakes that turned into rivalries, influence, more power (in terms of claimed areas and / or resources) and a lot more. Will it be "grindy"? Depending on what people classify grindy as, sure. But that's the thing: It's like life again. You go through chores and hard work or tough events and circumstances, or sometimes plain repetitive, boring, monotone ones, and on the other hand there are usually special moments in life, accomplishments, victories, achievements, progress, meeting new people, having a good times. You may obtain certain skills, positions, reputations - or lose them. It can really be a like a second life or a very interactive, unscripted game in an online environment where the players are the driving factor. Some like it, some dislike it. Some find it very exciting or special, others just shrug. No matter what your stance is: There will be a lot to DU. Other than that, time will tell if people can motivate themselves in larger projects or long-term strategy over the span of years. I suppose this works in EvE, so I think we will see similar things happen in DU.
  18. In addition to what others said, there's never really an "end". Maybe an "end" is set, but there can always be more unique content and objects, furniture, interaction possibilities, etc. And if someone has to work on it, payment has to be guaranteed each month. We also do not know additional investments NQ might make later on, or if they branch out and want to create other games in the long run. It might sound "ignorant" but I think NQ did some math at least (and constantly does it) and roughly knows with what model they can survive or keep operating in the long run, and I trust that (since I can also pay or obtain the game time by paying hard cash or utilizing DAC) calculation over the needs of users who'd prefer free access. Of course, from an egoistic consumer POV, I also would not mind being able to play for free endlessly as the 10 to 15 bucks can always be utilized elsewhere. But that may not guarantee a long run of the game.
  19. Besides, staff has to be paid and the expenses for trade fairs, conventions, etc. Keeping a would will probably, likely, turn into a notable game with a certain "coverage" will cost some buck. E: What Falstaf just said.
  20. As nothing lasts forever, I think DU, given its intentions and scope, currently has the most realistic (or likely) chances of eventually "replacing" EvE or being serious competition later on. By the time it would release or be in late Beta, EvE would be a bit older again and I doubt the(ir) devs run it forever. I, for one, did not play it long. It's an interesting game in terms of complexity, player politics and economy. But I like immersion. And it always felt a bit odd to control a space ship from third person with point and click. I prefer to control the person sitting in it and to be able to leave the ship eventually and run around. First and, ideally, third person. For me, DU is so far the ideal thing. It's not "perfect" (for one, I would prefer something more akin to ego shooter combat system) but not everything is technically viable on that scale. If it all fits and since I'm no stranger to the intended combat system, I can deal with that if the rest fits the bill nicely. But alas, time will tell. The "good" thing for me, in general is that I can expect a life expectancy of a few more decades if no external factors make me go RIP. This means I will get to see many interesting games that will built upon newer tech all the time and likely only increase in scope and scale. And so will anyone roughly the same age or younger - or a bit older.
  21. In that case I would not mind a spam message if it means the game was financially supported
  22. As shadow play user I think, given the elaboration on OBS, it's worth taking a look. If it results in the same or better visual quality while resulting in smaller file sizes (and isn't much harder or annoying to utilize), then it is better on my book.
  23. Bump. As more players (and organizations) join the forums and post respective threads, for current and future ease of use and getting a better overview I highly suggest creating a new forum section solely for player introductions so that the Arkship pub only lists organization promotions or related discussions. The arkship pub could also be renamed, while the new introduction section could be called arkship pub instead. In that order you have little work; existing introduction threads in the current arkship pub can remain there, be moved occasionally or in one go.
  24. A fitting suggestion would be to "upgrade" (tweak, rather) the posting rights for "first posters" who have a confirmed pledge or likewise. Less work for you without any "compromise", unless bots start buying the game first.
  25. Little can protect the average group against infiltration attempts. It can only get harder, but not be impossible Unless you do not recruit at all. And depending on size or background, maybe not even that.
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