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  1. It would be nice to have a DU OAuth 2.0 service for 3th Party companion sites. I don't need a full "app- control panel" just something to get a secure ID and at least a confirmation that the person in question owns the game to prevent minimize trolls my db. Also I'm lazy and don't want to maintain a pw db with all the "I've forgotten my user/pw traffic" Also this would be easy to expand later for services like ORG management etc. with a proper "app- control panel" Cheers Faul
  2. Welcome to a dead thread ShadowGamer5, but thanks to you I noticed that the damn dropbox link to the UEG logo broke ... well there was a mail that the public folder gets closed but I didn't care And it is indeed a nice conversation but obsolete too.
  3. Are you sure you know how economics work? Every time around the tournament in EVE exactly that happens with the PLEX System and there is a significant price drop but it always recovers so fast that is almost neglect able. So good luck with your price crash.... And since I don't want to repeat myself over and over, my toughs to this topic: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/9896-poll-dacs-are-not-physical-objects-and-cannot-be-stolen-or-dropped-upon-death/?p=31170
  4. I second that they knew what they are doing and some of them are really young.
  5. Since I was there yesterday rest assured the tech demo is real, it has it issues but it is more a proof of concept in this state than a product. (And for a tech demo its really pretty :-) It was the same world as used in every video so far and we found JCs changes he made. I'm looking forward to the final product and I'm sure it will be something decent. Fortunately I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Baillie yesterday and he is more hyped than me, so I have no worries to leave my money there. Even if it's not decent at launch it will become something awesome over time since the strong point of MMOs is continued development.
  6. @Demonneo Maybe he is an idiot, maybe not. Pure subscription is far cheaper then a DAC anyway. There could be various reason why you want or have one. Bought from a third party distributor. (Game Stop, gog.com, Media Markt etc.) Stocking up for a longer time of absence and reactivation later. Distributing in your org. A reward for some sort of contract you made. For your alt char. You name it.
  7. Oh boy, where do I start. (I'm amazed that I read so far) OK let's start with: this discussion on various channels has NQs attention, after all I got this info face to face from them yesterday :-D (But nothing more regarding this topic other then "we are still discussing the details" which means it is almost set into stone) But to clarify some things here what DACs are, which purpose they have and indirectly imply: 30 Days of playtime They are meant to allow active players with low rl income a way of playing the game without spending money Financing alt chars without paying again Giving a financial ingame boost by trading them Pre-paid server run time for NQ A very little tool to keep the rl money black market shallow What they are not: A pay to win method (even if you buy 100 DACs good luck trading them with a reasonable profit) The holy grail of trading something physical in game (even though there is no confirmation on that yet) And if you think about it DACs shouldn't be physical, they represent game time, this is something that should be never ever stolen from someone. "But EVE online has PLEX which can be stolen!!!!!" Yes but EVE also has a very unique environment which allows a guarantee that they are safe from any unwanted access, but at the same time to be more profitable to ship somewhere else at a very high risk. DU isn't EVE and from the looks of it any physical item will always be at risk depending on your precautions. So as long DACs can't be stored 100% risk free, there is no argument that could justify them to be physical. In DUs case I don't think that limiting DACs to a local market would be a good thing, this could really dampening the exploration side of the game. So something like a central "stock market" for DACs accessible for every player regardless where he is would work better in DU as EVEs model. A "stock market" approach could even be used to "limit" the pay to win scenario, that people are worrying about so much. I have no problem with "rich" individuals ensuring a lot of free game time for other players this improves everybodys experience in the long run. (Much like: this) I personally like the idea of having them physically but I gladly give up this trait for a better overall gameplay.
  8. Well there are a couple of games who have rl live advertisement to fill the "virtual billboards" ingame for example GTA V has such feature if its connect to the internet. This is somehow fun but also very scary because it will influence you mostly without you noticing it. Obama used this in his election 2008 in various XBOX games. The necessity for that would be to integrate a web browser.
  9. Hm I haven't considered to use cores as means to control the size of constructs but it is actually not a bad idea since a core is considered a serious investment depending on its size. Also interlinking constructs would result in multiple cores but that depends on how it is handled, if it is only handled as some sort of "docking" it would still be two separate constructs with their own respective functions. But the point of having only one as vital part of your construct is also very valid, this makes placement very strategic and knowledge of its placement important intel for battle situations. I don't know if NQ have given it deep thought about that topic yet, yesterdays interview sounded more like "There will only be one" per construct.
  10. Using this model it doesn't matter in which scope you are applying forces. (Just don't try to mix the scopes without proper conversion) An orbit is a very simple principle basically you are moving so fast that you are able to permanently miss the ground in your falling motion.
  11. Allow multiple construct cores ?! Well this is just a idea, I'm not sure myself so please participate in the poll and voice your opinion.
  12. What wicpar essentially means is a meta puzzle game with unknown rules so that the players actually have to try stuff (you know like experiments in real science) I'm in favor of this but I dunno about the patent part. Very quickly a wiki will be established for something like this which could dampen the fun.
  13. Regardless of which system is used, it shouldn't take more than one year to reach the final skill for any given specialization if you focus on it. I really hate EVEs skill system even with the ingame primer and external planner it is a behemoth and completely unintuitive for new players, solo players won't know that you are supposed to use your skill boost in the beginning to ramp up the learning skills and waste month later on to catch up. DU needs and deserves something better.
  14. Ähm since I didn't bother to read everything to this point sry if this is already mentioned. This is based on my assumptions and educated guesses. As I understand each object in DU uses a local grid and depending on mass and distance objects get absorbed into the bigger/heavier grid. This is an octree like structure and allows for fairly cheap calculations. So a rotating planet rotating around a sun should be no problem at all.
  15. The skill points hard cap is something that could work and I definitely prefer the specialized pl instead of an almighty individual. And for switching roles in that scenario could be a heavy penalty (like losing all special skills) and a one year lock before reassigning skill points again.
  16. Since we are already in a advanced civilization scenario with nano technology and such, I don't think "general" degradation of stuff would be acceptable. Even now most new premium cars use already self-healing paint jobs which are capable of repairing small scratches just by sitting in the sun. However I don't mind to maintain heavy used machinery, those little nanobots wouldn't be able to keep up with such constant stressed conditions.
  17. MrFaul

    Sensors 2.0

    Man I love that movie xD
  18. I'd love to see accelerated learning by practicing the corresponding activities of the selected skill tree, that would be much more rewarding then just a passive approach. This also keeps the fun up for the casual and active players. Casuals learn with the passive system more efficient and have a perceived noticeable progression but would be annoyed with the grind fest of an active system. Active pl would get really frustrated with the passive system over time because they don't get that feeling of achievement and might stop playing for good but would probably over ran all Casuals with a active system. In my opinion a healthy mix of both worlds would be awesome.
  19. There will be some sort of browser they already stated that. Players will be able to program their own GUIs and that is going to be most likely html/CSS or they build some custom lua libs but since that would need a lot of work a .net or chromium integration would be a much easier, elegantly and likely solution.
  20. Yay mobile posting is broken and pasted stuff twice could someone remove this please?
  21. Oh man, reading this flame war just made my day. But I have to remind everyone here to something, JC is running the demos on a laptop with server and client, so yes private worlds would be completely possible. But I hardly doubt that NQ has any interest in licencing DU servers. I'm pretty sure that someday triple A studios will be able to rent NQs tech for own purposes but that's far off for now. But to address your concerns, make a organization claim territory and buy a protection bubble, problem solved. I'm pretty sure your community will be happy to help you with that. If it is not enough build communities with other YouTubers and share the costs.
  22. Where the heck did you get that 2km info, the point of DUs technology is that there is no limit on voxel stuff. All I remember is that there will be a "limit" set by environmental conditions (heat oxygen etc.) so in theory with the right tech you can hollow out a whole planet. And no, resources are finite the world won't regenerate -> This makes mining sites very valuable.
  23. There are a myriad of limitations already for the actual building process, why in the world should the planning be one too. And even with the editor designing a good ship isn't easy. I have a feeling you underestimate how much a challenge it is to build big functional stuff. Placement matters in DU, you can't just slap a few engines together and call it a day. It may be able to fly but it will be a nightmare to use. I doubt that any of the stuff shown in the pre-alpha demos will be able to stay in the air later on. The editor can also provide additional features like placing elements that are not in your skill group so a contractor can install it. Heck you can even make a skill set of such advanced features. There is no rational reason why there shouldn't be a editor. Getting one however is depended on the mercy of the devs.
  24. The point of a good editor is accessibility and what I criticized about SE isn't the building mechanic it is the bad toolbase for construction in survival. Most people design their stuff in creative mode and use the projector to build it in the survival mode. Which would be comparable to using a editor. Bad tools to "limit" accessibility aren't good for any game. A good and easy toolset won't turn players off who wouldn't tried it otherwise. Building and planning is essential for DU without it JCs "Death Star" would be impossible. Those are scales where first person view wouldn't be of any use. Just because you used the editor to plan your construct doesn't make it physical in the game you still need to build it. But since it is a BP there is no worry what goes where and you can focus on gathering resources and manpower to make it real. First person building is still required anyway I'm not saying to abandon it, on the contrary it also needs good and easy tools. But it won't do any good for big projects. And if you think about it those two are different: First person building and constructing in the editor
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