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  1. I think a complex melee system would be something that might be added later in the games development. I mean, melee is cool and all, but there are other focuses in the game that the devs will undoubtedly be looking to add/complete before an in-depth melee system might be considered
  2. Hey people! I found out about this game through the E3 Trailer, and was invited to the forums through a Space engineers facebook group, I'm very impressed to see an already bustling community for a game that's only in pre-alpha. I'm looking forward to working with you all.
  3. Oop, sorry, I'll have to look more into the lore
  4. Has anyone thought about creating ships specifically built for colonisation? When i say a "Colony ship", i mean a ship that's generally a one-time-use ship, lands on a planet's surface and has everything needed to start a fully functioning city/port The ship could be broken down once it lands or just unloads everything and takes off again. Heck, you could even have it form into a station in orbit then launch smaller transports to the surface. Has anyone got any ideas in mind? if so, spill 'em out!
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