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  1. Here we go, came up with this over the period of a few days. I've been busy these last few weeks, so ordinarily I would have had it done in less then a day. Anyhow, bask in it's greatness. Only picked up vectors two weeks ago or so. Still working on them lens flares, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with myself. I'd appreciate some feedback!
  2. Well, we could always start a poll asking members of the forum to vote whether they would like custom made weapons in the, perhaps far, future. That way, if it's a huge success and the developers see it, maybe they will consider it.
  3. Well, I wouldn't mind creating my own military arsenal. Can't say I'd be disappointed if they eventually developed such a system, in spite of the points made above.
  4. You are correct with what you say. I suppose it all depends on whether or not the devs decide to do it.
  5. Within the organization, we discuss things in a way that is half IC and half OOC. I feel that's likely the way we'll go in terms of in-game RP. On top of that, I know of a few Discord channels who have a dedicated RP chat channel. So yeah, there is already RP going on. Whether or not it stays until the game releases is a possibility, as mentioned above.
  6. As stated above, it is not likely. I myself have actually asked this question in a Q n A session with the devs. I don't remember the exact answer, but it's safe to say it would be too much work. Creating a system that allows players to customize and create their own in-game items is like creating an entirely new game by itself. Some items might be unbalanced, others might be overpowered. At the same time, DU is not just about combat. While it would be nice to have that kind of freedom, having a system like that only for the use of combat would unbalance the features in the game. In other words, one aspect of the game, like combat, in this case, would be much more focused upon than let's say, mining. Making one aspect of the game less rewarding as an experience than the other.
  7. Well, we know for sure that mining will not be automatable. This is because allowing players to automate mining would make it very easy, and would put others out of business within the game. As for automating production, I'm not sure if anything has been said. We know it will possible to have scripts running in-game that allow players to do different things, such as automate defenses. Whether or not we'll be allowed to automate production is the question, as it is more than possible already.
  8. There is no official list that I am aware of. There have been teasers if some elements for a while now, but apart from that, there is nothing else.
  9. I have to agree. If the hyper train wasn't flying off it's rails before, it certainly is now.
  10. Congratulations NQ. You deserve it. It was a close call, too. From around 12K Euros a day up until we had only 4 days remaining, we shot from 460K Euros to 500K Euros in a single day! Hurraaaayyy sprinkles confetti whoop whooop!!!!
  11. It's a good look Nicely done, Director Red. We grow larger everyday!
  12. Jetpacks are somewhat required for a game that involves building. At least, if you don't want players to get frustrated at having to build ladders, stairs, platforms, and so on, just to reach their build. Makes perfect sense for them to include jetpacks as an upgrade. Some people, including myself, already knew they were being added after it was mentioned in a video I believe. It's also on the forums somewhere. If Space Engineers did one thing right, it was their jetpack. I hope the jetpacks in DUAL aren't as simple as Minecraft's creative flight. By the looks of it, it isn't going to be that way.
  13. Fantastic! Every piece of news that is released gets me pumped!
  14. Aye, very much so. More updates on the Military Corps will come shortly, now that I have returned.
  15. Touche Also, we've made the front page once more people! Also, our forum page has nearly got more replies then BOO does
  16. We now have funding from SIlverlight Industries! The last thing to do before we can begin is recruit a few more members.
  17. I have to agree. The hell is that thing. It's so damn adorable- I mean, what is it?!?! On a serious note, let me just give all who may be viewing a quick rundown of our recent achievements... The DUA is one of the most viewed and replied to topic out of all topics in the Arkship Pub. It would seem people like our face(s).] After a single day of promoting the DUA Military Corps, (DUA-MC, our acting military) we have increasing numbers of applications to the DUA! Despite our lack of members compared to that of BOO and TU, we are still one of the most powerful ships in these waters. Quality over quantity lads. All this has been achieved due to the great effort of the members of the DUA and their leader, @MasteredRed! Onward. Regards, ~ D. Diablo.
  18. I was under the impression your pet was a small mechanical dog...
  19. Space Sharks. You just had to make it interesting...
  20. Space Whales means Space Krill, too. Guys, we have Krill in space.
  21. Took the words right out of my mouth, Red. Welcome to the forums lad!
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