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  1. Also if you have not already done so. Go take a look at the other 4 pages of comments. There is a lot that has been discussed there and definitely helpful in giving you new ideas.
  2. Interesting idea mate. I could definitely see small ships relying on larger ships. Not sure about the medium ones. It would be nice to be able to make jumps and then stealth without needing a large ship. Although to balance that maybe make it so that power can go to either the FTL drive or the stealth system. So if you want to recharge and use your ftl then you cant have stealth on or the other way around. This means that as soon as you get into a system you can either be unstealthed and let your drive recharge. Or you can go stealthed right away and then when your leaving you can go unstealthed and wait. Each has its pros and cons. P.S. Im glad this post is still active
  3. I want to set up a base of operations on some moon or space station and then contract to people. Long term I want to be a respected name that has made good conections with people. Im going to see if the Organization I imagined takes off. If it doesnt then ill lone wolf and/or be apart of a team.
  4. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  5. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  6. I have finally updated Shadow Corporation and refined it quite a bit. For those who have been waiting for awhile. I apologize.
  7. Big update soon for Shadow Corporation. I know its been months since I last touched it. Life has kept me busy.

  8. This is a wonderful idea. I can't wait to see how it grows
  9. Always be polite to a client. -Jango Fett

  10. I agree with the idea of having a Analogous backpack. It would provide more strategic gameplay mechanics in the form of item management, like you stated.
  11. Oh no. You just can't see me working in the shadows because of my shadow transcendence. P.S. Who said you had to be dishonest. Jango Fett says it best, "Say no more than necessary" and "Never tell the whole truth in a trade". (Just because you don't tell someone everything doesn't mean your dishonest. Just means they only know part of the truth )
  12. Lol. I Shadow will shadow all of Shadow Corporation with my Shadiness.
  13. Shadow Corporation: Overview: Welcome Shadow Corporation. We are private contractor company that provides quality service that is fast, reliable, and trustworthy. Our goal is to fulfill a custom's expectations, needs, and wants while still providing service as cheap as possible. Additionally, the corporation has its own product line of ships, and building designs and offers a variety of training. If you wish to learn more then read on and if you have any questions or are interested in joining then please contact me. Details: Colors: Black and Red Language: English Communication: Discord (Others may open up in the future) Services: What kind of contracts will we accept? The answer to that is practically anything. You require a ship build? We have that covered. Need a mining operation set up? We can do that. Maybe its something a little more sensitive, like spying on someone or tracking down a person of interest. We can most defiantly handle that. If you need it done than we most likely can get it done. Now you might be asking, why would I chose Shadow Corporation when I can just do it myself? Well that's easy, we are here to save you both time, and money while providing a service that is top of the line. Instead of doing it yourself and having to spend your precious time doing something why not just have us do it and then you have more time to do other things. Thus meaning double the productivity. But why Shadow Corporation and not the competition? First off, we are not going to rip you off. Gaining boat loads of money is not the goal. The goal is to provide you with the best price possible and to give options, like providing materials in order to further reduce cost on your side. Secondly, Shadow Corporation will ensure that all your expectations, and desires are meet or are above and beyond. We will ensure detail in everything and will inspect all work done before presenting it to the customer. if we miss something then we will fix it at no additional cost. We strive to provide the best customer service and products around. Product Line: We possess a small product line of ship, buildings, and training Ships: Our mass produced ships are primarily fighter class. Ranging form light, and highly maneuverable, to heavier, and overwhelming firepower. If we don't have what your looking for then we will happily custom build one for you. Buildings: Our building designs range from small houses, to large sky scrapers, to production plants. This product line is present so that we can quickly and easily proved services when the customer doesn't want something unique but purely something that works. These designs help us reduce prices because we have ensured that we only include the necessities while keeping it looking nice. Additionally, we know exactly what materials we require, how much man power we need, and how much time it will take to complete. Thus allowing us to accurately tell the customer what to expect. Training: We provide a variety of trainings. From a beginner class to help teach new players the basics. To more advanced classes, like learning how to program basic AI or learning how to best fly a fighter in a dog fight to gain the best odds of survival. If we happen to not offer training in something that you are interested then let us know and we will happily find someone for you that can tutor you. Security: Many customers might be concerned about the security of both their products and contracts. We understand that many customers expect secretiveness so do not fear. We provide on-site-security, ensure contract information is kept secret, and keep things on a need to know basis. On-site-security: Shadow Corporation provides minimal security, free of charge, on all building projects. This is to both protect the project and the employees working. Additionally, if a customer feels that they want more security then that is an option provided. Additionally, depending on the project, we can build items off world and transport it in order to provide both additionally security and secretiveness about the recipient. Contracts: All of our contracts are between the customer and company. We make sure that all information is kept secret in order to protect both the customer and the company form threats. Need to know: All employees are on a need to know basis regarding any business. This is to both continue to prevent information form spreading and to protect the customer. Plans for the Future: There are three phases planed for Shadow Corporation. Each phase is based off how many employees the company possess and allows for additionally expansion. These are subject to change/modification. Phase One: This phase is the begging state of Shadow Corporation. The minimum of the corporation will be an HQ, some outposts, and a small team. Phase one will end when there are enough employees and contracts to need expansion. Phase Two: This phase is a middle phase and will most likely be the longest phase. This phase will be a time when Shadow Corporation will grow quite a bit and hopefully have good standings with many customers. This phase will be one of growth and refinement. Phase Three: This phase is the ultimate phase. This is when Shadow Corporation reaches a point where it almost runs itself. There are plenty of employees, contacts, customers, and outposts to properly support everything. Joining: If you are interested in joining Shadow Corporation then you have two options: Member or Employee. Member: If you choose to join as a member then it means that you can not join other organizations (This helps to ensure trustworthiness). Members will be the core of the company and will help keep everything running. Additionally, because they are the core this means they will be the candidates for higher jobs. Employee: As an employee, you are welcome to be apart of other organizations. However this primarily means you will not have as high of a job. Do not take that in a bad way though as there will be more than enough job options that will fit you just fine. It just means that if your wanting to be a top guy then you wont be able to. If you are wanting to join then message me and we can talk. Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read through this description and overview of Shadow Corporation. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss anything then please message me. With eyes on the future, -Shadow
  14. I have quite a few idea, from recreating starships from popular sci-fi to building transportation sectors that will help new players and older players alike. I would include a shuttle or train station (depending on how ground vehicles work), shuttle station, frigate landing pads, and eventually a space elevator. This project would be huge and take a lot of time and planning (thus why I have already started) Of course I have other ideas, but I'm going to keep them to myself at this time.
  15. Whenever I think of stealth I think of ship technology. So when I saw this post about personal stealth ideas it got me thinking. Yes, there is the situation with names coming up over a player but I want to put out other ideas for espionage. (1) Be able to steal or forge a key card in order to get into a door. (2) Like previously stated, by others, have an invisibility suit. (One can be seen at close range but it is good to get past some things) (3) Have a hacking device that can obscure doors, machines, or even people's "radar" Apologies if this is not exactly on topic and apologies if this has already been said. I did not read all the comments.
  16. There technically isn't a way to completely remove your heat signature (like it has been previously stated). However, there are ways, even in the vacuum of space to make it more difficult to detect a ship via heat signature. First of all, although space is cold due to it is a vacuum it does not mean heat (radiation from stars) isn't going through space. This fact means that a person who isn't trained in detecting that a specific shape or temperature of a heat signature = a ship. Secondly, there is special platting that can (1) leach heat out in a way that it doesn't pop up as a ship as easily and (2) can reflect heat in a way that it makes the ship look cooler. Additionally, due to the fact that the engines are the primary heat exhaust location people could potentially"unlock" a upgraded exhaust manifold in order to keep the engine cooler due to heat evaporatoration. Also turning off your engines or generator and only using battery power would almost completely hide you. The downside to this is you can not move and this falls into the lines of what have been said before about balance. This is just a couple ideas and ways to reduce (not always completely obscure) your signature. And not offense to you Captain but putting out the argument that because space is "cold" and ships are "hot" you can not hide your signature isnt very well supported. (However I do understand some of your points and agree with a few )
  17. I personally love this idea. Adding in more complexity into a system is a great plan.
  18. The revised version of the page looks great. Bravo.
  19. Great idea. However, your going to have to add into your plans that much of the start of the game will be on a planet. I've seen a few posts that say it could take months to get to space (I can't remember where they are). Now this could be good for you. Allowing you time to plan more logistics and properly prepare for the construction.
  20. True, I forget about that. But it's good to plan if things don't work the way you think.
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