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  1. I wouldn't be quick to disregard that because the problem doesn't exist now, it won't exist in the future. Especially since the game hasn't even reached Alpha or Beta. If there's one thing I've learned about users that use our applications at work, it's that they will find a means to exploit it. Making the blueprints not editable still will not stop someone from reverse engineering something from scratch without a blueprint. I like the idea of connecting a design to an original designer. Maybe make it so that the system can recognize similar builds on the market and display them to the user with timestamps. That would reveal copycat builds and allow players to perhaps flag them as such. Of course, then we get into the grey area of: how similar is too similar? I can see why this became a mess in Second Life the more I think about it.
  2. I was talking to a friend the other day about being able to create blueprints of your creations and then selling them to players. He brought up a really good point. In Second Life they tried something similar, but ran into problems because players would exploit this system. They would buy blueprints, change a single texture or alter it in a tiny way, and then resell the design as their own. I am curious if there are any ideas or strategies that will be implemented to try and avoid this (if it's possible)? The only idea I can think of to avoid this is to have the designer bake in a signature of some sort into the design. A signature that would remain even if the overall product was slightly altered.
  3. That makes sense. I am a software developer irl so I understand the resource commitments that come with adding features to applications. The contracting does sound pretty close to what I described with the quests. I'm a big supporter of modding and user created content, so I believe the devs definitely have the right mindset. Can't help but be psyched for this game!
  4. One of the biggest weaknesses I've seen with games like No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous is that their content is entirely reliant on the developers. Beyond story quests there isn't much to do in those games. As such, I believe that to make a truly great space sandbox, the game must give players the ability to create their own content and be able to easily share it with everyone, which Dual Universe seems to be aiming to do. With that said, does anyone have details on what kind of features there will be regarding creating your own quests for other players? With a robust quest creation system, players could send other players out to get materials for them, hire assassins to take out other players, organize heists, or even make up entire backstories to go with a collection of quests. The potential here would be enormous.
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