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  1. 9 hours ago, __aes__ said:

    What if, instead, it temporarily boosted one ability, but made you dependent on it as in , for example, giving you temporary(say, 2 weeks?) massive debuffs if you don't take your next dose. It would also slowly permanently degrade all of your other abilities, slowly but steadily. This way, orgs try and prevent their citizens from taking the drugs, because they prevent the players from being useful to the org in ways other than that one, and are also very expensive. It would be good if all of the degrading of abilities is permanent, so as to discourage taking them in the first place, so that nq feels they are teaching a moral lesson, and also nobody feels they are encouraging the use of drugs, and sues them.


    Very good idea, a fan of that. Sorry for the lazily worded post above.

  2. Border security will likely  be a large part of DU. With lua compatible blocks functioning similar to a real life metal detector it would make for some very unique creations. Some ideas include:


    Border checkpoint with flashing lights if a weapon is passed through.



    Storage facility checking for stolen parts or ores. Locking doors if it is found.


    Certain skills could even help you bypass them somehow. Please give me your thoughts.

  3. Hey everyone TNH is springing back into action. A few announcements below.



    1: recruitment  has been slow, very slow, almost static. TNH is entering a wild recruitment stage, the more the merrier.




    2: Discord and community page are being revamped.



    3: We now have a concept of a hotel system, please message me for info. 




    4: NDA stuff for TNH soon 🙂 will be announced else where in NDA areas.

  4. On ‎12‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 12:28 AM, geronimo553 said:


    I strongly urge you to keep your routes within nuetral space and planets. With such a massive undertaking of a single ship; there will be many seeking to take what you have. Outside of protected space, will leave your ship to the mercy of any organization. This would occur because your transport routes are predefined thus are easily predicable to a mass ships in ambush. Additionally it would be most ideal to overthrow the crew with a small squad in the vastness of space where no one can quickly reach you. Without protection in mass and ready nearby, New Horizon will be seen as an easy and plentiful target of resources for hostile small/medium organizations or raiding organizations that will be directly looking at your ship for as a massive payday.


    Please take this into account for your charter throughout the universe. Building and gathering resources is slow and people are always seeking to make quick advancement. So again, I strongly urge you to coordinate with organizations in the nuetral sector for your transport charters. Otherwise this wonderful service will be, over quicker than it started.


    If you wish to discuss more, please message me and I will see what we can arrange together.

    yeah, security is a big issue. I'm currently hiring personnel and mercenary orgs to help with it.

  5. On 12/17/2018 at 2:49 AM, Moosegun said:

    Surely if you build this ship and then some big org pays you to help them move to another planet, then that org will provide the defence for the convoy? 


    The only thing i would say is that I wouldnt set 'building the biggest ship in the game' as your only goal.  Make it your end goal but just focus on building a good logistics company which is earning the revenue to build the big ship.  People will want to get off world asap when game launches, if you can get funding / support from several orgs to get reasonable sized transport ship together, I would have thought there will be work to do.

    that really isnt the goal of this project. The goal is a mass unbiased transport system

  6. 1 hour ago, supermega said:

    I like this idea, sounds great. Do you have a design in mind for how the ship will look? would love to see it.


    Also, I would consider making the ship a space bound ship only. meaning it wouldn't ever land on planet/moons. The reason why is because it takes allot of fuel and power to get something really big off the surface and into orbit, so it really would not make much since to waste most or you're resources just trying to get off the planet, before you even start a long voyage. It seems like It would be better to have smaller ships docked aboard, that can go down to the surface while the ship stays in orbit, maybe docked to a station or something. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the thoughts, the ship will be spacebound and we don't have a design quite yet. Probably will be made out of modules.

  7. 3 hours ago, Lethys said:

    BOObians pls. Have a like, nonetheless :D


    smaller ships need less fuel and the exact same amount of time (even less if you consider acceleration times) - it all depends on how it's balanced so that's a big unkown atm


    other ppl in single seaters (as you mentioned in point 1) aren't stupid either - they too plan ahead so they don't get lost.




    I don't expect many orgs which exist now to survive past launch - but ppl can and will dream anyway

    It could fail for sure, I'm not denying that but for now everything in DU is a dream. This could very well fail or it could be one of the largest projects in DU.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Kuritho said:

    Did you know:

    Almost nobody is going to use transportation systems.

    That's like playing Call of Booty with a knife.


    Also, logistics. How are you going to transfer this much stuff without, y'know, losing everything.

    You are a giant target begging to be shot up by somebody from BOO or something.

    Here's a few quick scenarios that could probably happen.

    Situation 1: Nobody buys your services.

    ["Hey, it's... pretty lonely," xxx_DRAGONSLAYER_xxx softly whispers."]

    Situation 2: You run out of fuel.

    ["Hey, uh... we got a major problem." xxx_DRAGONSLAYER_xxx yells over the Discord comms with a thousand other people.

    "What?" The captain, Lettuce420 says.

    "WE GOT A MAJOR PROBLEM." He screams with a thousand other people talking about mundane subjects, as your ship slowly veers into the gravity of a small moon.]

    Situation 3: You get raided.

    [You hear several large thunks, as a group of BOOians entire the doorway and steal all your loot. They don't even... like... pillage as your security team starts ejecting. They talk something about "making the biggest sculpture in the universe" and "poor fools forgot the have weapons." They decide to take your reactor and they warp away, leaving you with a few bread crumbs.]


    As you can see, this happens to any large service. A fleet of smaller ships is much better as it prevents... almost every single one of these problems from happening.




    situation one: people need mass transport, especially to large city's. Single person travel will be expensive and lengthy due to the fuel costs, not to mention if someone gets lost or their ships breaks down. The New Horizon does this on a large scale to minimize the costs for the average player.




    situation two: Running out of fuel isn't an issue, We will stock up before every voyage and make sure nothing happens. We aren't stupid and will plan ahead before every voyage.



    situation three: Raiding is certainly something to consider, why do you think I'm recruiting security teams and escort ships? I wouldn't do this blindly and its going to take place far after launch. 


    Besides people that can't dream never achieve anything, wait til after launch  and you might see The New Horizon  doing great things. If you wish to bring this further I invite you to the discord.

  9. The New Horizon is a massive ship capable of transporting hundreds of players, ships and pieces of cargo. The New Horizon has many contracts with organizations such as TSE, empire, DSI  and federation alpha. we  the new horizon are looking for a wide variety of personnel. weather you wish to be on our excellent customer support team, our highly trained security team or internal management The New horizon needs you! 


  10. Hello, I am Evergreen and I founded the Evergreen republic. The EGR is a nation focused on uniting the universe through trade commerce and negotiation. We are currently looking for government officials and citizens. Citizenship is easy. You can  be in any amount of organizations you want and come and go in EGR territory. You have an array of benefits as well. Such as reduced ticket prices on the New Horizon. So what are you waiting for? Join the EGR today! https://discord.gg/9ZBtSZEGR3.thumb.jpg.034491fb6d4aa55e332cc0ff59204f24.jpg

  11. The new horizon is a massive project. It is essentially a massive ship transporting players, cargo and small civilian ships. IT travels in a loop docking at major locations such as cities, alioth  and sanctuary moons. Whenever an org builds a dock they get a share of profits along with a huge influx of civilians making their city a hub of tourism and commerce.  so far we have many large envolved orgs including Empire, The solar Empire, Dark star imperium federation alpha and medium sized orgs.



  12. 1 hour ago, CoreVamore said:

    There are many lovely and informative vids here to get a quick overview of what DU can do now, and what it should be doing in the future as well.






    Heh watched em already. at least the bulk of them. Including ark central. Sorry for not paying much attention there. I assure you I didn't preorder this without looking at it. Either way thanks for your help! Loving this community.

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