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  1. We always come back to notions of balancing that do not exist in the vocabulary of NQ. Some examples of things that could have been tried during 1 year of beta : - Prevent L weapons from shooting XS and S because it will be too small. - Vmax limiting according to core sizes - removal of the cross section for the calculations of the chances of hitting - Give a utility to the voxel in PvP - Assign a capactiy cost to the ships so that the pirate has no or hardly 15G of acceleration + armor / shield + weapons and ammunition (force players to make choices). - Prohibit the use of XL motor on cores lower than L or shield L on cores lower than L.
  2. Si tu avait du mal à voler avec ton navire il y a des chances que tu ai eu des éléments superposé les uns dans les autres. (enfin c'est une possibilitée). Ou peut être que tu utilise un script grand public qui a besoin d'une mise z jour. Attention également dans quelques mises à jour il va y avoir une modification des freins également. => si tu aime le minage il y a toujours quelques astéroïdes à récolter un zone safe dans l'espace
  3. if ever you have the possibility to claim a tile with a giant elevator in voxel and static core: - claim the tile - pass the tile in HQ - place an ad and get paid to dismantle it (or sell the territory)
  4. What prevents you from doing missions before Demeter?
  5. Why should we buy ore? It's been 1 years now that we have been waiting for PvP. Just to start having fun and using our tens of millions of liters of ore stored for over a year. And PvP is still not there. Now we are going to add tens of millions of liters of ore to our stocks every month. And we still don't have PvP. Who will want ore in the market? to do what ?
  6. I will add nothing here. But I want to tell you that I appreciate seeing you react to this kind of topic on the forum. And I imagine not to be the only one. Now I leave you and I will wait for Demeter to pass and my personal concerns to return to the table to discuss then.
  7. We are there because NQ has always had an ultra capitalist vision of them. The most glaring example is the system of organizations. It is a copy of a (foul) ideology of an ultra liberal "start up nation". For NQ you MUST be a self-employed entrepreneur and have your own business to generate profit because that is how the world works or has to work for them. If you listen to them, it is the only way a civilization has to be born and prosper. It is completely to deny several millinear years of human history. Civilizations have developed because there have been state organizations with inalienable sovereignties. In Dual Universe if you make an organization you are a legate and the one and only boss, you can leave with the fund whenever you want. There is no democratic process, you cannot choose to integrate homework and homework. Example: impossible for an organization to vote spending limits for its members / legates. No way to protect assets for projects other than personal enrichment. It is not the fault of the community. It's NQ's fault.
  8. I don't know what organization you've been in, but you seem rather embittered. In our organization if the new player can participate in daily life (refreshment in VR of Mining Unit for example) he can have whatever he wishes. And we are certainly not the only organizations work like this. I think the problem is with you and your selfish, self-centered behavior. => Otherwise it will be necessary that NQ make it possible to choose if one wants the renewal of the stones or not. The fact that they can disappear completely is a good thing. These neon candy fields are so ugly.
  9. People who had billions of dollars from VR missions have complained. NQ remove VR from missions. So now my Alts are no longer doing a VR mission but are AFK on the mission ship. But NQ to add a new VR game to reload the Mining Unit. So I guess I'm happy? And otherwise I still don't have a voxel on my PvP ships. My message warning of this destructive problem for the game dates from the 3rd of September. (the voxel is not supposed to be the main feature of DU?) I can't wait to see it taken into account.
  10. A wipe for the moment brings nothing to the game in its current state. We don't even have PvP in play to actually use our wealth. Bad people who cheated are rich but have no impact whatsoever. Those who have already quit playing want to wipe but we don't really know why. She won't play post wipe anymore. New players will not be coming as the current gameplay is WORSE than when the game was launched in Beta. Well established players always will be. We'll just have to start over with what we have already done. The difference for the game is that we wouldn't waste time building pretty things the first 6 months.
  11. I do not see interest in the BP being suppressed on the other hand. For me it's just gratuitous nastiness to imagine that. Player side: - We have the knowledge, an optimized vessel without voxel takes me only a few minutes. We don't need a nice voxel ship. NQ side: - What will they say when they have to advertise their games again? The first months we will see EVERYWHERE cubic or voxel-less vessels. Removing player BPs will be a huge pain and I don't see any benefit other than saying "Hey player! Did you spend 100 hours thinking about designing an in-game ship? Be happy because thanks to our BP wipe you have the immense privilege of starting all over at 0! I'm sure you're gonna have a lot of fun for the next 100 hours. Don't thank us player."
  12. If you want a wipe you must also request a talent reset. I may have expressed myself badly. But resetting to 0 is really NO talent point in your talent tree. Doing a wipe won't do any good without it. My organization will have from day 1 all the talents of industry. The only need will be to grind ore and sell it massively to the bot in order to buy the schematics and build the factories. I give us a few days / week to find an almost identical production capacity on vital items. Of course from the first day we will have pilots with maximum talents for all our trips. Not to mention that we will have all of our very high level PvP skills available as well. A wipe to give a chance to people who wish to take the belateau along the way is a big joke.
  13. On the AMA, NQ has confirmed their wish that the ore T1 stabilizes around 25 quantas per liter. Now that you have this information act on.
  14. doing a wipe without resetting talent points makes no sense
  15. not a fan of not letting the scans already. for the ore race let the pvp take care of the balancing. Finally if it is to go on the path of non-wipe to release it is a good choice to reset it. And that seems to be the opinion of the majority, so I bow. Good thing if so decided (maybe will listen to us someday for PvP?)
  16. What would I like to see in the game ? - Add a structural constraint for the design of a ship (just to justify the use of voxel) - Make game mechanics before realistic mechanics (end of the pvp cross section to have playable ships with any type of design). - Vmax clamping according to the size of the core or the weight of the ship (in order to have a possible use of fighter xs) - Addition of incapacitating weapon: ionizing charge that can temporarily deactivate or reduce shield, motors, shield. - Added tractor beam to prevent smaller ships from fleeing
  17. No, The end of stacking is the better of NQ make really
  18. Needs to add 2 things: 1) Maximum capacity points on a ship Example : An S core would have 12,000 pts of capacity Items use this ability: - engine L / Fuel Tank L: 300 pts - adjustor L / hover L / Vboost L / Fuel tank M: 50 pts - Wing L / Brake L: 60 pts ect ... This will make it possible to specialize the ships. 2) With the introduction of ability points introduce element thirds from basic to rare. Higher tier items will not cost more in ability points but would have higher stats. This will allow the player to have ships that can continue to carry whatever they want. And will allow NQ to dragstically reduce the "element wall" effect.
  19. This should be a priority. If it is not on the roadmap before the release, it is dramatic for the future of the game and its balance.
  20. Hi, For TU rather than a quanta tax why not use a Consumable for maintenance? This will help boost the economy and will not give the feeling of having to generate quanta (part of the mining unit of a tile that can be used to make the maintenance consumable). Make the maintenance a consumable rather than quantas to arrange more "emergent" gameplay with possibly PvP blockades to prevent a supply or that kind of thing. Just my thoughts
  21. The strong point of the game is the voxel building. So yes I do care about the visual aspect of the ships. Failing to do a good PvP, first make sure that we can at least use cool ships. Regarding SNS ships, we have not experienced any defeat at the time of this writing. So they are optimized for our needs. You may have different needs and you will choose another option: so much the better. On the other hand, the guiding thread will always be the same: Ultra reduced cross section to combine with your shield. If you come across another vessel that has more cross section than you it is a no match for her. => And my diatribes are only immersed parts of the work to be done. I am not against the specializations of the roles of the ships (on the contrary!). This forum post is just one of the ways NQ can take to improve the current PvP without spending too much time. This remains a dead letter for the moment.
  22. We are constantly under attack from agressive PvE players. You insult us all day long on all subjects relating to PvP. While more often than not you can't even judge this gameplay. Do not be arrogant by coming to tell me again that the problem comes from us. PVP IS PART OF THE GAME.
  23. I am tired. I'm making a post just to try and help improve the PVP game for everyone. And the only remark I get is "they're certainly not PVPers". So yeah Daphne Jones deserves only my contempt if her only contributions are that kind of speaking.
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