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  1. Hold your breath, I'm sure this is coming any minute now. Lol
  2. 1. Are you going to be replacing ships that are lost from "unbalanced" ships? If so, what is the claims process for that? 2. Are you going to educate players on how they can identify unbalanced ships, particularly after a ship has destroyed theirs? If so, when and where will that guidance be posted? 3. What is the proper reporting process for a player that believes an unbalanced ship has attacked them? 4. What tools does NQ have at its disposal to identify unbalanced ships, aside from player reports?
  3. That's simply not true. The first trailer for this game mentions "combat" several times and even describes various types of combat that could take place. This was billed as a "civilization building mmo" and guns were a part of that design from day one.
  4. My single player property is basically a city. So what you are describing is 30 mediocre players, not 30 awesome tiles that actually make a player community.
  5. I think the challenge of designing around the limitations is part of ship building. I think your description of the existing systems as limited only speaks to the limits of the builder's creativity. A true craftsman can make excellent work with only simple tools. It is the novice who needs a special tool, or an exception to every rule, to make a quality product. This is why the ship creators are popular, because they used the existing tools to make great ships. At a time, jancko elements was one of the tools that was used. To argue that a ship can not be built to the same quality without that tool is a reasonable position to take, but it's both subjective and irrelevant since the tool has been removed. Many of my favorite ships in the game have zero "unbalanced" elements (see also, janko/clipped) and those ships perform outstanding and look terrific. I think we should challenge ourselves with the tools we have. The game is young and this will definitely not be the final form of ship building. Maybe NQ finds a way to combine elements in a more sophisticated way? Perhaps linking engines or stacking brakes as multi-element kits that are more aesthetically pleasing. There are lots of cool things that could happen, but to say that you can't make good ships without this particular tool is untrue. To play a physics based game and insist on physics breaking tools is just counter intuitive. Of course there are form factors that are the most efficient. Of course there are physical limitations to the different sized cores. The things you say are obstructing creation are many of the same things that are fueling innovation.
  6. *Elements Stacking is a bug, there’s no way around it. As a bug, especially one generating a lot of gameplay imbalance, it has to disappear at some point. * NQ Dev announcement, 20 Sept 2021
  7. You can use them in PvP and only if you are reported and confirmed by NQ will they get deleted. You could kill a thousand ships before getting reported. That's what their words say. "If you use them and get caught we will take it away." They are not disabled. They are not even marked. They are free to be used for several months and given the sheer number of them out there, the PvP spicy boys can lose one a day and still have left overs when Demeter drops. Quit saying "you cant use them in PvP" because by their own words, you 100% can and there is no consequence for doing so unless you are reported and NQ can prove your allegations.
  8. So NQ was incorrect when they said this issue creates "a lot of gameplay imbalance" and that its "a bug". You realize if someone is "advantaged" then inherently someone else has to be "disadvantaged". That's what that word means. Is that someone has a better setup than someone else. In this case, that better set up is from exploiting a bug and NQ says that in plain English. Not going to do your mental gymnastics on this. The ToS contradicts their actions. Plain and simple.
  9. So we should allow people to keep an unfair advantage because you like the way it looks. Copy that.
  10. If quoting their own ToS and their own announcements to show a contradiction is a rage post then I guess this is a rage post. I call it a disappoint post because I'm continually disappointed in NQs lack of clarity in their own rules.
  11. NQ announced they would remove jancko constructs from the game and eliminate the advantage they give players who use them. NQ has apparently rolled this change back and will allow people to keep their unfair advantage in PvP and other areas of gameplay even though the Code of Conduct expressly prohibits: *"Exploiting the game through any game error or bug that gives an unintended advantage."* This ability to stack elements was unintended which is apparent by NQ removing them from the game. We know this from their most recent post in which they say: *"Elements Stacking is a bug, there’s no way around it. As a bug, especially one generating a lot of gameplay imbalance, it has to disappear at some point. So here’s a heads up for all builders who made Constructs with stacked Elements."* So they admit they need to remove them. They admit they create an unfair advantage. Yet they will allow them to continue being used to the detriment of the rest of the players without such an advantage. In fact, it is now the responsibility of the non-advantaged players who have to both find/report the ship and run the risk of losing our own ships from a ship the dev's acknowledge is an unfair advantage. There are plenty of ways to deal with this, but allowing them to persist until they get caught is about as short sighted as you can be. I understand there are collectible ships that should not get removes from the game. One suggestion is just tag them as janked so the owner has to either fix them or not fly them. You could lock the constructs in place, or make the stacked elements a mass multiplier that detriments the ship's abilities... any of these would allow the player to keep their investment but not their advantage. I think they should re-think this a little longer or change the Code of Conduct to reflect the fact that you can in fact take advantage of bugs or exploits, so long as you don't get caught.
  12. "I quit the game but no one noticed so I come back to the forums to announce I dOnT evEn PlAY ThiS dEd Gam over and over to make people think your absence is relevant." If you don't play the game, great. Let people who still want the game to succeed have a conversation please.
  13. As i understand it they can see these things but there may be a difference between seeing and fixing. Only the devs know what they can and can't do, and so far all they seem to so is change their mind a bunch and leave more questions than answers.
  14. This post needs an update. Utopia is looking awesome these days.
  15. But in the meantime you can lose 50 ships to someone with a ship that should be prohibited... to me, they need to make a decision and stick with it, and that decision should be to wipe all the stacked elements that are giving an unfair advantage before honest players are losing ships to them.
  16. Maybe they want to prevent people from being able to produce everything and force increased market usage? "If I want a little bit of this, I have to make some monumentous effort to make a bunch just to get the little bit I need" sounds like a trip to the store and grab a 6 pack of whatever whatsit or whosit you might need.. where is the issue here? I dont get it.
  17. The models of player constructs as decoration in game is a brilliant idea, actually. Have an upvote.
  18. I feel as though OP doesnt grasp business or economics in a way that allows a reasonable opinion on pricing and corporate funding.
  19. Let us help your organization reach its full potential. LCD Starsystem is a consulting group. We help organizations do all the things organizations may want to do, only better. Our service is this: We hire on as a consultant for a limited period of time, and help your organization achieve whatever goal it is looking to achieve. From recruiting and staffing, to capital investment projects, we can help manage projects so that your organization can have the help it needs when it needs it. We also offer marketing and branding services that help organizations find their niche and create a unique identity among the Dual Universe economy. Why LCD? And why would anyone hire another player to help their organization? Great question, and the answer is simple: because you need the help, and our group is highly experienced in online gaming and all of the extra-curriculars that come with it. Face it, if you're a CEO of even a modest sized org, half of your time is spent in Discord, or the subreddit, or the forums... everywhere but in-game. We get it. We've been there. We know what you're dealing with. When it comes to growing an organization, there is a lot to keep up with. Sometimes, you just need more manpower to get a project done. Sometimes, you need an outside perspective to give a fresh look at things. That's why you bring in LCD Starsystem. We will quietly and discretely (all clients are kept confidential) be the force multiplier you need to achieve your short term objectives or to establish long term goals. How does it work? Contact us through our discord and let us know a little about your organization. You can tell us as little or as much as you want, and all discussions are kept confidential. If it seems like a good fit, we form an agreement for a length of time or with quantifiable objectives, you pay a retainer based on the project, and we get to work. We work only with leadership and senior level officers and all of our work is behind the scenes. We will not interact with your organization, unless the contract requires our interaction in some way. Ideally, the only people who know you've hired help is the person who did the hiring and anyone else on a need to know basis. We take no credit for anything we help your organization achieve and we do not give out lists of previous clients for references. The focus is your organization and your goals. Once the project is completed successfully, you would pay the remainder of the balance and go on about your business of running your organization. We are only under retainer for a limited number of organizations at a time, depending on our project schedule, so we can offer focused service and individualized attention to whatever your project is. What would this cost my org? I know you can't quote a price, but what's the ball park for your services? Given the variety of ways we can help your organization, it's hard to name a single price for what we do. I will give a common scenario with realistic ballpark pricing: A medium sized organization( for example, 30-50 members with 6-10 managers) that required services for several weeks (say a recruiting effort, or branding/PR campaign that required some time to complete, but is not highly labor intensive) would expect to pay between 5m-10m per week in retainer for the duration of that service. That means a month of service for this hypothetical organization might ballpark anywhere from 20m-40m quanta, depending on specifics. Video production and content creation comes at a bit of a higher price, and one-off consultation meetings are also available for a more modest price for groups that might not need a full-service consultant, but are interested in an experienced outside perspective. What's the catch? This seems possibly legit, but I have concerns before I start handing over cash. Is there a "satisfaction guarantee" or is this a buyer beware situation? A bit of both, honestly. I'm in the relationship business. I want positive relationships and thrive off of positive energy. In all honesty, I would not be offering this sort of thing if I was not extremely confident in my organization's ability to provide the services we are offering. Depending on the project, and the financial liability involved, we offer customer protections that prevent fraud. Obviously, the higher the value, the more checks and balances we work into our agreement, so we can maintain that positive relationship we both want as client and consultant. For more creative work, or consulting work, it's buyer beware. Time spent is time spent and we get paid for the work we do. Sometimes businesses pay for a study, or an opinion, or an analysis of a part of their system and don't like the results. That's business. We can't guarantee everyone will like every opinion, or every result of every analysis. That's another part of what we do: We tell people the hard truths about their projects. If it can't be done, we tell you it can't be done. If it doesn't work, we'll tell you it's broken and we might have a suggestion on how to fix it. We guarantee a full effort for every client and we guarantee individualized solutions for every problem presented to us, but we can't promise you you'll be happy. Anyone guaranteeing happiness is either a liar or a drug dealer. We are neither. Anything else? You tell me! What else would you like to know. Feel free to get in touch with me at the discord link below. We have an open door policy to discuss potential projects and I'm always open to discussing the "getting started" basics with new organizations who might not be ready for a paid consultant. We'll look forward to hearing from you. Join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/qq4Y3t2 Or message me, FerroSC at: FerroSC#4723
  20. discordauth:l5pOZAyujCR_iyjNaL4JTSKq1dEHOd2WNomDCBSqX5s=

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