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  1. Well since a livestream is no official communication, lets wait. Also I am more interested in the revival of surface ore replenichments, its only a 0-1 in the software, please put it back on!!
  2. Well, in general NQ is not known to take over the best ideas but those that limit gameplay and such. this limits it badly. Thats all
  3. Are we really trying to kill the game? When the present in my eyes [filtered]ed-up schematics get an overhaul in the "work even harder and do exploidable missions" section we can just shove the whole game down the drain. At the moment doing industry is already nearing the 7th stage of hell, add mandatory mission runs for a NPC to that with a return on investment of 2% in materials and an extra loss in time and we can scrap probably half of the surviving industrialists. I would add that we scrap ammunition production and those can Only be gotten through missions! Uhm, Tier 3 and above ore. Warpcells Anything else thats vital to a pillar we can add as reward for a npc element in a sandbox game that should Maybe have never been introduced if we talk about man run game/missions/economy. That a large group of players does nothing else then run missions because "there is nothing else to do" is worse enough, making those runs mandatory for industrialist who dont want to do missions is even worse design then the current schematics. They atleast do what was intended: cost cash and time and drive people out of mega-industry but not out of industry all together. My 2 cents
  4. I would recommend everyone to just process these materials in the nanocrafter overnight. That will be much more efficient and cheaper overall
  5. agree on that, if the idea was to sent out free quanta the missions and bots should stop and t should be added to the daily cash. that way the bots do not hinder playes on the market or who actually want to make missions.
  6. Does this not set the door right open for all kinds of misuse? I know in the early days it was so very easy to hack games like Planets and stars! so multiplay it was useless but If i can manipulate my core processing i can virtually change the behaviour of the game aswell? that probably is also the reason why people glitch or objects are not found although you clearly see them
  7. Is that not the definition of failure? if this is correct, best to close shop and move on!
  8. whahahahahahahahahaha and that for something that can be crafted in the nanopack.... delusional system is just that. This just shows the whole setup of schematics is already bankrupt
  9. Rather have them adding refresh on surface ores then any NPC action. All NPC actions are there to mask development hurdles, quanta sink, server load, etc. If we need a quanta sink then just kill npc missions, If we need missions then why are players not making them, maybe look at that. Market Bots the same issue, take away the issue dont place bots to semi fix it. The moment all bots are gone is the moment economy can finally either stabilize or plummet, eitherway if you want a player driven game and a player driven economy. there is no room for Bots.
  10. The whole created moneysink is utterly absurt and these so called schematics are just the relics of overly abundant server load builds that needed to be destroyed and thus a feature in DU. byebye megafactories or at this moment, factories of every size, Helloo schematics.
  11. great, the sandbox can only start to function when all bots and npc missions are gone. Although not a popular believe.
  12. oooh this is soooo recognizable. On thades i wanted to see what people actually sold......i gave up and just build everything myself, ditched it on a hex and flew home. Best shopping is just poof at all districts and scavenge whats out there, that atleast gives a feeling of ackomplishment even though its all t1 stuff you can make in seconds to minutes. the most expensive I see is the luminated voxels on the starter stuff. So indeed good idea!
  13. And the next round of limitations most probably. average SE wipe period is 6 months, sooner when using crappy mods. But then im talking about servers with over 4 admins and 12k build limits
  14. Yep upside down xmas -tree organization
  15. well i still think they should never have closed the old page
  16. well if they need a director of communications you would expect an opening but there are none
  17. last time i got the message i canot fetch as the ship is not On the surface \
  18. Technically where all this leads too is that if we/they ever want to see DU turn into a great game, the serverload issue needs to be fixed
  19. Well, in early days the community page was used for all kinds of news and warfare, it would be nice to have it back also so that organizations can present themselves and for the attached mail box, atleast if we get that back also. Is there a timeline for the return of it?
  20. Have to agree, that said i accidentally bought 30 elevators, so as a fellow C.A.T.S. member i gladly donate some
  21. Good point! sent it over asasp. BTW, NQ you might want to patent the physical resurection node! That will put Life 2.0 in overdrive
  22. @NQ-Nyzaltar Thank you very much for this clear communique. It gives a clear insight in what was going on and why the confusion amongst the community was not that strange. Its commendable how you solve this matter for the specific ranks and although some here, including me, are maybe known for being critical, we are also still believers and reactions like these are just good for general moral. thanks again and keep up the good work!
  23. o my god, i just had to say something >< Theeeee planes on the line fall down and down, down and down, down and down. The planes on the line fall down and down all around the Hex. The MU on the hex goes wheeee wheee wheee, wheeehweeewheee, wheeheeeheee, the MU on the hex goes wheeehweeewhee, all the goddamn day The owner of the hex goes OMG OMG OMG the owner of the hex goes OMG, WhoTF is gone buy my planes!!!
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