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  1. Hi i Robot, welcome to DU, Have fun!!!!
  2. Welcome, Have fun here!!!!!!
  3. If trees generate lag the first thing to do is kill all trees around a base, but if trees generate lag i can imagine that every generated small hole also generates lag, so then if that was the case and i want a lagg infested base so its easy to defend i would just make the ground one chees grid of about a thousand small hole tunnels crisscrossing my territory. That is probably then a very effective way to overload the server on my position. So the lagg reason to not introduce trees is one we can scrap as probably the players themselves can find ways to induce lagg much more efficient.
  4. Good Luck with your organization and always feel free to take a trip to the City of Tranquility so i can invite you to a welcome drink Out of curiosity, do you have more info on your plans? Cya around!! greetz Aaron
  5. Well, even that would be fun, specially when we would be able to stream it
  6. I would deffy place a base in the smack middle of it
  7. We will need semi-automated defenses Lets make this very simple, there are over 34k accounts at the moment but these will be alot higher at release, but just use these for now. 3 alts per account makes 100k characters in game. Even if Only 10% of these characters are planning to rob Everything they see that makes 10.000 characters. There is no way without automated defenses to do anything about it what would result in massive destruction of property. Adding semi-automated defenses does not stop this but make properties a bit less looking like a free giftshop. This will not stop people who really are looking for loot but it will stop the casual "hey i found a base and nobody is online now, lets see whats free" people. And everyone who played Empyrion or Space Engineers has probably had the pleasure of finding their base totally emptied out (if they did not add guns to them). Adding the semi-automated defences is just a way to have a higher viability of DU in general. TU or STU will not be a solution due to the costs of those and the limitations but these will.
  8. Welcome to the world of DU organizations and I want to wish you all the best with this great looking setup! That said i would love to see where we can co-operate and work together as i believe we are all Brothers and Sisters in DU and there is no greater good then the good we can do for the Community. With that said, I would love to welcome you to a firm handshake and I hope to see you around on the Planet! Greetz Aaron
  9. Yah, really love your organization and the work you are putting in to it, As told before, you are Always welcome on Tranquility. And when the facilities are ready and working as intended [after release] i throw in the "Emergency teams free Use" Package for you and all other organizations that are legit working in the corner where Community is helped freely. Greetz Aaron
  10. Welcome!!! And i saw your nice organization, Goiod luck with it and if you ever want to chat about organizing and fun stuff in games and large organizations, just find me on discord greetz Aaron
  11. Can't wait for the ingame fun!! You are just so right @Dhara, anything i would ever want to add can never get over this post. We just should rejoice every month we get the pay reminder. "Yesss another month of joy and fun and [ Fill in your very desire in DU] yesss Lets Log and take a few free days from Work to do things that Really matter!!!"
  12. Indeed, even to let them "grow"should be a possibility
  13. Would be nice to have detectors in this way, good idea
  14. Welcome!!!! Hiiii Good to have you here, I also saw your organization. Nice idea!!!! ill sent you a mail Greetz AAron
  15. You have a good point in saying "a huge world like this could kill off interest in a lot of other genres". That's also the main reason I'm putting a lot of time in this and i expect to be able to put in even more after release. Thinking about the aspects within DU that you can master or at least play will make a lot of the other games semi obsolete for me. Investing about 15 euros per month is actually peanuts if you look at for example the general extra cost of lets say eating in a school or work cafeteria instead of bringing your own bread. the costs of that are probably close to 40 euros per month with an average intake of 2 euros extra cost per day on a 5 day work week. coming form a time where we paid that per month for almost any MMO in 2000 its one of the things that has not inflated that much. Just keep in mind that any form of free game-play will introduce enormous amounts of bots and gold sellers with respect to any form of payed subscription, paying per month does not stop gold-sellers or trolls but it at least makes the numbers lower. Greetz AC
  16. Reading Posts that people with no Alpha are being kicked from organizations, and about new players who want to belong somewhere where stress is not a way of living. Just come and look around at Tranquility. We always say we got a place for everyone, and its true. We dont care if you have alpha clearance or not, if you have connections or not, if you speak a specific language or not, if your from EvE or whatever game. You are all welcome! Greetzzz AC
  17. just hoping the market bots dont delete the ores but resell them to others
  18. Watch out for anything NDA. But i do like the idea, maybe not for trains but magnets to be able to join structures or to transport containers on ships would be nice. although this could also be done by clambs.
  19. injectible nanorobotics resulting in overtaking others characters and forming an interlinked voice activation network that cannot be shut down
  20. For some reason i miss read that >< But oki, airlock sanitation is real
  21. For some reason i had to laugh while reading it imagine a big guillotine on alioth near the Arc. but apparently that was not the idea. Good luck with the organization!!!
  22. Indeed, more expencive as they are tradeable, technically it is a way to buy stuff in game with real money.
  23. gametime, is kindy tricky indeed, if that means all my being ingame count up together it will be different as a subscription for a month And 13 euros is pretty normal for a game subscription if compared to other MMO's they are all between 10 and 15 euros per month
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