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  1. Not needed, you can always ask. As you can see different people interpret the matter differently. For all we know it will not be in DU at release. That however doesn't mean it will never be there and some mechanisms players thought up are really interesting.
  2. It would be nice to be able to do some research on weapon elements and by that to build your own. That way you could decide on area damage or point damage, distance verses crit rate, stuff like that. i would love to be able to build customized sniper weapons that would be powerful enough to pierce glass or cockpits but will be useless against real armor. just to be able to shoot someone right off his/her craft without damaging it to much.
  3. It is asked before, No will not be in. DU is not a survival game in that context. If you look around the forum you will see it back.
  4. indeed, i think there should be no respawn mechanism for animals. Maybe a system where you can get a specimen, or "egg" from the Arc ship and from that can grow them, or even repopulate a planet with them, but no respawning other than natural growth. But incorporating natural growth into a system like DU will be pretty nifty. That would really be some great thing.
  5. Good luck with your group!!!! If you ever desire to live in space feel free to visit the city! And for now, in friendship and respect! Greetings Aaron
  6. Welcome!!! Nice to see you here
  7. Welcome!!!!!! lets make sure this Pinguin learns to swim in DU Fast
  8. Indeed, the potential is almost evenly large as the size they are planning for DU. One cannot describe the fascination this can unlock within game lovers with limitless imagination. When a game is so clear in telling why some game elements are impossible and just stick with it instead of wiggling around the hot matter, it brings confidence in the fulfillment of a dream once taken to the drawingboard to be lifted into the cloud of imaginary visionary posibilities followed by the well know words "Take my money".
  9. Hahaha, Your free to blow up any universe in any other game, well even if you By accident blow up a planet in DU you can still join the InA, as-long as you are neutral by the Conami. Accidental planetary blowups are not described, we all have that red button we better not push, Right? Sometimes planets are just in the way for that interstellar Highway and there is no other possibility, just make sure you sent them a note in advance
  10. Welcome here YuuYake!!! I have been on a small vacation and already had the privilege to meet you on the forum in some posts. Welcome to DU!!!!! I do hope you find what you are looking for, and I see you don't want to join a big Org, how about a smaller one? Greetz Aaron
  11. hmmmmm Good point!!! Well we are an open organization and always open to suggestions so i will bring it to the team
  12. Yuuyake, I think you will need the Swedish chef in your team and all will work out great. Or to quote him: Jupidipudituyoujipjipjip jipiditipidyjupjipjipjip And only the cake is a lie @Eternal i do like all farm ideas, but i do hope hydroponic space plants will be included with huge glass domes we can build on asteroids, ships and space cities
  13. True words, but what if the planet you are on turns into a war zone, or what if you dont like planet life and want to be spaceborn? Indeed then you build a space city, it will be harder to pull off but it will be a test to the boundaries of DU, and isnt that what we are all here for? The same things count for that, why even build one in space? and Why would people like to live there? well since syfy lovers seem to be atracted to places like Babylon 5, battlestar galactica and all to many series based In space there must be a good reason to go there, and the best reason is Adventure and elevated Risk. there are more risks, thus higher rewards, more chances on PVP and more hings to explore. If DU delivers what it tells us having a Space city that can actually move will be so much more attractive than a static city on a planet where everything will be the same every day and where you wake up onder the same sky everyday. But well, thats my point of view and i cannot wait to start building it after release.
  14. Greetings Parvis from the City of Tranquility, As a neutral City i greet thee to the DUniverse and wish you great Prosperity. We as neutral city welcome you to visit us and feel free to place an embassy in our city that never sleeps. With this i do need to sent out a warning as well, all Neutral states, companies, religious groups and other organizations that are in the InA or C.A.T.S are under full protection against oppression and conquerors by openly known and unknown mechanisms and we urge you to keep the friendly peace we all love with all our members. With that said, we as City would love to discuss any treaties you are willing to take and we again wish you all the best in DU, In friendship and respect, Aaron Cain
  15. okok, where can i vote!!!!! You got my vote
  16. Good start of the day!!!! My hair probably looks alot like yours Great to have you here and i hope to see you soon in game!!!! Anything special you want to do in game?
  17. Welcome!!!! And good luck with building a nice Organization Ill be sure to look for you at discord later!
  18. add a glorification Kill board and the answer is No. Estimated survive-ability of the game when this happens: 0%
  19. At tranquility we love peace and nice communities! So we want to congratulate you with this successful endeavor! With this nice organization you are building better every day you grow a step further in creating everlasting peace and prosperity, Well done!! We at Tranquility hope to build a lasting good relationship with you and welcome you to visit the City, anytime! Live Long and Prosper! Aaron Cain
  20. Welcome!!!!!!! How do you think about Nukes?
  21. Hiiiiii Easthir Ravin Welcome to DU, anything special you are looking for? Greetz Aaron
  22. Welcome!!!! Hope you find what you are looking for, there are a lot of places where you can fly and design. Anything special you like to do? As everyone needs a Prayr Greetz Aaron
  23. Aaron Cain

    Hi all

    Welcome RAS, Hope to see you soon in game!!! if you have any questions on the forum feel free to ask, there are a lot of friendly people here.
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