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  1. frankly these prices are more logical then the npc prices. The problem here might not be the prices but the idiotic quanta sink, but im already arguing that for months and most shout, nothing wrong, its needed. DU does not need time or quanta sinks, everything already takes long enough
  2. Its a really sad day If NPC missions are the Only thing that keeps DU running. Just think about what you are all saying. NPC Missions are all there is that keeps DU running......Madness in an MMO Its not A MassiveMissionrunningafkwithaltsOnline. Can we rename it into DUh and have Homer Simpson as pet. Seriously, someone needs to wake up if it is true that NPC missions keep DU running.
  3. @Msoul please look ingame at light production, the Long L or square L and please give your opinion on how balanced that is with respect to an t2 L admos engine craft. Also with respect to player need vs building need. Neutral opinion would be appreciated so your the perfect person
  4. at the moment i spend a million a day for light schematics, and now you may think thats alot of lights but it is not. Once you are really trying to build stuff you will notice how broken the system is, so i should go on npc missions to get millions on afk time to get my schematics that take over 4 hrs per schematic to get and then the craft itself is relative easy. so about a day timesink to produce between 2 and 5 lights.......slightly exaggerated?
  5. uhm begin november i think we get them
  6. Lol and we are right back where we were except for the casual players, they are F-cked
  7. if dancing avatars save DU im out
  8. well the placeholder is there for ages now telling it will be back really really really soon Frankly, i think with some help anyone here can make the final adjustments
  9. good points, but the same goes for pve players, most of them also PvP. For me its pretty simple, i play pvp in loads of games and in DU it will be no different but my DU choices might fit better for now in a PvE perspective till i finally build my goal. And probably that goes for all. Implementation of features should be balanced and if there were npc factions the additions now called "for PvP"would also be general and indeed Industrial changes also affect PvP so maybe we should just stop making the difference between the two. DU could do with more features right now and although some stuff is great to have it does not bring back fun. The only ones that can bring back fun are the community members and frankly, we dont have many at the moment. Also seeing the fora and discord, only the same small group of people reacts there and its not enough critical mass to make a possitive effect ingame on global fun.
  10. Dear NQ. At this moment the community could really do with the community page and it is and was also a great way to attract new players and show them what DU and organizations were all about. Large Cold wars have been fought on the community page and news was broadcasted long ago. Please reinstate this page as it is missed.
  11. Sure it can happen, but choices made make it hard. Especially the use of territory and TU. Previously we were told they could be hacked and there would be a system to hack those and cores in general. But it seems the coding does not even make it possible to change hexes ore cores without a key, and there you have the issue. planetary warfare is abundandly possible in alot of different games where you can also build but the systems and development/coding is done different, If you look at SE or empyrion it is very possible to take over others bases or ships and you can even if you do it smart, smuggle yourself on one of those and spy your way out. So is warfare possible in DU? probably but it might be that the coding of hexes makes it impossible to get them set into a "war"state whare you can take them over. Same as for why have we not seen the hack into a ship feature and why was boarding prohibited? All choices and for DU to mature we need a right mindset and just a stable plan behind it and it was sugested countless times but it would really help to have delegates from all factions talk together to make this work. In general PVE players dont mind PVP and PVP players are doing PVE as well because there is in space games in general no way to be 100% pvp or 100% pve. We saw numerous lists made by NQ for future features, we saw roadmaps but all went extinct and now we see nothing.
  12. You are mainly talking about a specific group of exploiders NQ never touched and who even sold stuff outside the game. The simple remedy would be to actually ban these kind of people but that was never done, or not at large. I would not be surpriced if this process still continues but reporting them even with proof does not work.
  13. most quit because of 0.23, that patch killed mega/medium/solo industry, so if you want to know why most people left, its because industry was killed and after that exploiders of schematic scam were not taken out of the system. Frankly i think they are still here.
  14. Well yesterday we were told that if we were not nice to new people it was our fault the game dies. so be nice all But frankly, the cominity is not even toxic as there is a need for a critical mass to even get to that point. People here are critical and maybe harch to NQ but we all are nice to new peops. Lately I already see lower amounts of ships at m6 and with the new restrictions the time to build stuff only increases so no idea how this helped the comunity. If anything, new people need to have the idea they can actually achieve stuff in a not to far future.
  15. there is no balance in risk vs reward and thus most people will not fly their ships in PvP area. Only if elements are easy to replace and rewards are higher people will go there. In other pvp space games you will risk more if you just have a backup ship down at the docks. In DU, if your ship goes, your dead in the water so the risk for most is too high
  16. I believe you on your blue eyes, but atleast they are heared. PvE faction got purple voxels............think they asked for that?
  17. Difference is warfare was a kickstarter promiss, purple voxels not, also it is debatable if people actually wanted those voxels over any other feature. Somany features have already been scrapped, even after release and still NQ pretends to do this all because the players ask this. maybe it would be helpfull if we get the list of players they actally listen too, or might it be that personell playing DU is also qualified as "players"?
  18. they should just open the game for mods works wonders at SE
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