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  1. You mean the 12 players will be gratefull I feel your pain btw!!!!!
  2. The idea alone shows the failure in DU. How the hell could a game strategy be "not enough to play on a single account" If this was a bank or a medicine company it would have been in heavy weather woith the officials. But somehow this works in the game industry.
  3. Why am I not surpriced. Well i just started to do my actual day job again that actually is rewarding and pays the bills.
  4. Well the option to scrap schematics was a better and simpler one. When flying over the planets a last time the amount of actual stuff there is not just low it has never been so low.
  5. Well, dac ran out, not even feeling like using the next one, rather see a cash back but although its backed by law we will never see that happen. this is I think the worst investment I ever made.
  6. Its simple, between 50 and 125, even a simple phone gane has more and thus these numbers are just not sustainable. Add the too little too late mentality and the listening to a select few and its bad weather. Still there are games released around the same time with a space building scope that did alot worse. Still hope DU reaches potential but till then, its silent when the wind doesnt blow
  7. Sadly an honest answer cannot be given as this will release all trolls and fan boys. short answer: No, NQ will not adapt
  8. Indeed, and by doing that we are now called whiners and conspiricy theorists. Maybe that helps to put veterans in a corner so new people have a more open opinion, but it does nothing on the game itself. Its still full of overly unneeded limitations and stuff added to mask the server isnt that great and well the reason for scrapped features
  9. https://community.dualthegame.com/ When was it pronounced that the new page would be discontinued completely?
  10. this forum is mostly used for discussions between players in a generally over time more toxic way, from light to heavy. and frankly that in time grows acustomed to players who once entered here anti- toxic. Adding to that the general feeling NQ has a specific group of people/ players it listens too and a large sum they blindly ignore since day one it is no wonder the forum lost meaning over time. frankly most posts these days are repeats of posts last year and the year before, arguments are the same now as pre alpha and nothing in the basics of the intend of the game actually changes, unless its limited ofc.
  11. The idea btw is good to kill all minigames and other BS, NPC missions are also BS by the way
  12. NQ does not improve, it limits. Unless your asking something PvP, then they listen. if you say something about that your a whiner and a victim. Community toxic, gameplay dead. Popcorn is good, although Salty.
  13. so somewhere between 100 and 500. But i have to agree with @le_souriceau probably closer to 100. you can now also really see holes dropping around markets and other locations and the number of left over ships on ports and markets other then M6 are reduced to about 0 to 5.
  14. lol, dont victimize me here. keep that stuff far away from DU, the world is messed up enough by the snowflake generation already. There is no issue with the roundtable its a great event and well thougt and organized, the issue is that PvE delegations get a kick in the butt if they want to discuss with NQ. Maybe times changed since last attempt
  15. Option 2, make it simple and make it possible to canabalize the npc ship so new players actually have something to do and not first work their asses of to get a dsat warp ultra ship. Since we dont get crashed ships on planets (missed opertunity) atleast make these npc ships a possibility in safe space for early players, sure make it harder and harder for older players and give them a mark I-IVm gradation on difficulty and reward.
  16. @NQ-Deckard When is the rest of the community invited for these talks? Or is it custom to talk to the "aggressors" in a game and not to their victims/ players without the urge to kill other players?
  17. No as there should be NO players at that table since when it was proposed to have a general representation so including PVE or Non-PvP players it was scattled. If this is the way to show that Only PvP players are actually worth listening too, job well done. If not, you know where to find me and other players for an invite to the table
  18. Happens when you think you are "god" in your own world, cannot accept critici to talk and think its your right to change stuff on the go, forget about promisses and have a double moral on how to treath players and for who an offence is bannable and for who not. Throw in a few wipes like its SE and just make the grind even harder as a korean mmo, next call it an mmo without limits but add so many the people are feeling "work" and add pvp, but dont add the stuff that Is PvP. promiss 6 pillars but only deliver 1 or 2 and reduce the others to minigames. cancell or reduce features due to server stress, but name it upgrades and dont deliver what is promissed. Add an HQ while you already have one, kickout the people that actually listen to the players and only think Profit while making none. And that results to about 80 actives per time period,
  19. In short, the illusion that someone from NQ read it was not working, thus the section is closed.
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