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  1. IF pve damage is what will drive the markets we are in trouble already
  2. lot of text, did you add scrap NPC missions and schematics? as they do not add value to the game, cost database and server space and are open for miss-use.
  3. And here is the problem, who ever invented those npc missions in a sandbox does not understand the concept of a sandbox. those should be scrapped at once and with that the need for a quanta sink, the scematics. still funny to see those missions here, probably they are still used to scam the place and make millions by loopholes. npc missions in a game with no npc's is just not logical. So what you are saying that instead of fixing the problem: missions bringing in too many quanta NQ just created an additional issue. Great! then by killing both the missions and the schematics we are back where we began and there is no issue, and a cleaner more effective game, less database and server load, more efficient gameplay, less friction and irritation What level of designer should come up with that idea?
  4. You will be so missed! Hope you think about this another time. been there myself and although i actually already said byebye i still am here. Most of the points you mention are so true, a nice example is those stupid npoc missions someone thought we needed but only added ways to cheat. Now we have gotten lousy schematics to get rid of the quanta introduced by stupid missions.....what a waste. Frankly, when playing a sandbox, with actuall people who can make actuall missions why the hell introduce npc missions. But you are correct, if building a single voxel tower at 500 meters from a market that will not render untill too late is not an act of grieving, or lets minimize that goes in on player hapiness. then what is stopping everyone from again making alioth a gigantic hedgehog, specially around towers. I can see this as an actuall way to get materials, just build a few spikes on your territory and hope people crash on it, make sure the territorial rights are correctly set so they cannot fix the ship and free loot is there. But still according to NQ Honest gameplay. As said, You will be missed and added to the long list of backers and starters that did not survive Beta or release. Still hope to see you back here!
  5. Indeed as @Jinxed stated/quoted we have to build the rest ourselves. It would help to get the least portion of limitations as possible and the largest cores as possible to actually make this happen and off-course a healthy full dose of inspiration
  6. just slightly more chaos compared to total chaos i think
  7. sort of the same, well and not puting in money untill all my friends can actually enter and actually get their rewards including STU. They are still waiting.
  8. I cannot even complete the update as it buggs out everytime till now
  9. It would be indeed good to have that information Also so players know that misuse will never be profitable
  10. Looks like this is not activated for beta players with no DAC or playtime, so players who got a key can actually Not get ingame to claim their stuff without paying a sub
  11. Vote the Alioth green party, they will promote Bio Mass furnaces as green deal, then the trees will disappear Poof Miraculously.
  12. Just remember not even the Cake is real all the time. The point is not to bother all the time either, immersion is one side realism and the other side ignorism, two sides to the same medal. Just dont look at the back of that medal as Life 2.0 has been posponed for eternity. Having fun at something is a choice, being bothered by something is the same choice. Almost Nobody is complaining about speeder compactibility, like hey is that a speeder in your pocket or are you happy to see me.
  13. @NQ-Admin My friend @Quillon is already waiting since day one on his digital ingame stuff, tickets are sent and everything, is there ever going to be a fix, just sent his STU or something? we picked a perfect spot on sanctuary and he already lost that opertunity, now there is only one bad spot close but atleast its close so it would be appreciated that after waiting for a STU for Four days it could be finally sent. Sending out this post and all others regarding how to fix it are pretty useless if someone who sent in a ticket within a day of launch is just totally ignored.
  14. any update on response times for help requests? as people with these problems cannot wait a week, same goes for backers who did not get their STU
  15. So this works also for the people with 2 weeks free as i get the same error on beta accounts who have been active since day 1 beta
  16. its messed up, my alts miss all the stuff they should have and it messed up my territorial placements and that of our whole organization as I am not the only one with this issue.
  17. I do not see this message on either my wifes or my kids account, what is going on?
  18. When will you activate this? My wife is still waiting for acces and respond to her ticket on ShinoLux, so any update would be appreciated!
  19. Any update on this? Contributor and gold packs are still not sent
  20. so how about missing launch and being able to take the desired hexes, is that something that will be looked at too? or just bad luck? It is honestly one of the key factors in playing with friends, organizations were planning this for some time and it got totally shot through this issue that should have never happened. My friend shinolux still cannot enter DU while played the whole beta time and she is not the only one
  21. The most important thing to do today is log in fast and get the desired location with your friends, or just log in at all. but it seems we early backers are just F..ked over and forced to pay game time while we should have 2 free weeks? This is no game breaker, this is just the next mess. Mess up for early backers so they all are far away from friends and byebye for most. Good way to get people with free game time for years to be forced to sub. Your friendly neighbourhood critizism
  22. yep, byebye It was fun when it lasted but the monthly cost will kill DU. asking this for a semi working empty sandbox and everything is limited to death with no real pvp or colaboration and the best it offers is calibration mini games. You have offended probably your whole playerbase. not in beta anymore........you never entered beta all we have seen here was at best open alpha. If my boss starts running his business like this i am gone look for a new job Very fast.
  23. You missed a lol, maybe there was a chance too many people were going to be there?
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