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  1. Maybe they checked only the wiki page on who to sent and not their own announcement @NQ-Admin according to your announcement contributers should get a STU, apparently there are who still miss them.
  2. might work for games with no monthly pay, but subscriber once lost is normally lost forever
  3. Isnt release the new Alpha since the first version of NMS?
  4. oh, i can remember that after lag city they kinda killed it on screens as the induced lag was just killing. maybe i missed something during the period after that
  5. well maybe its not cancelled yet but postponed, its one of the kickstarter things
  6. ava when? Territorial warfare when? Player markets when? Mining by diggy dig dig: cancelled from blueprint to full ship automated production: cancelled just a small section
  7. Option 2 would be to build a server stable and actually ready for the stuff you offered the players instead of starting to limit everything and scrap feature after feature because "server load"
  8. You are correct, the moment DU feels more like work then actual work, im out. And thats very close. Minigames were already bad but at the moment the only thing i do with mining units is calibrate, i dont even use containers on them as the calibration drops are way better then any gains ever from the units. schematics....yeay you really must hate yourself if you find that adition fun all other limitations added lately, useless. Server load is more importand then the game itself but this should have been topclass server tech. game runs on NPC missions and buy bots. that must tell you something is wrong.
  9. That said, does anyone know how we can actually get the organization logos back in the organization page as that also does not work anymore.
  10. Still would be cool to see them in the future, maybe years from now, would be cool
  11. Sorry, hope the translation is semi correct: "Hello, I am a new player, I started the game day one and to my surprise I realize that the direction chosen by the "decision makers" is that the new players basically "we'll see maybe later!" if not directly "too bad for them" I will be more specific. For those who participated in the alpha / beta or other I understand that you receive various rewards and I am very happy for you on this side, which is normal since you have probably paid several tens or even hundreds of 'Euros compared to others. NEVERTHELESS ! There are multiple ways to reward players! they have already recovered their months of subscriptions in the form of DACs so what I don't understand is that for the next 6 months, Alpha/Beta players will receive millions of bonus talent points... N' let's not forget that 80% of the space is in the pvp zone, so the decision is to favor players who have paid for the Alpha/Beta versions. The border with a PAY TO WIN is really very thin... It's really a shame because once again I know a lot of new players who have stopped the game because of this and I don't think it will make anyone want to come and discover it for more than a few days. I've been playing the game for 1 month, I really like it, but I'm afraid that after all these choices, the game will simply lose players and completely close its doors to any newcomers. I would like to have the opinion of the "decision makers" above. Thank you and good day PS: I pay my subscription like everyone else!"
  12. probably its server load, you see the same with overly modded SE worlds. but if im told correct the ATV has seen these xL cores info before
  13. within few days people will need to add the second dac. Although DU should cover all timezones its a pretty clear picture where most players live
  14. well within 6 days we will see. all people who had free days and maybe used a single dac will be out of the picture in a few days. Already the amount of ships on the ports of alioth/haven and sanctuary show a clear picture and only one or two markets are almost as busy as a lazy day during early beta. Top days like before 0.23 i have not seen since, but it is already too late to get those people back probably. I sent discord messages to allmost all my former org mates and about 90% first asked if schematics and mining changed and with the answer we still have schematics they all wished me good luck and told me they would not even bother to reinstall or try the free steam. Thats what happens, and all discussions here or in discord are nice, all people telling we "oldies" should not complain and sink in it, all fine, just remember that all the "oldies who are still here complaining or trying to get a message through still have not given up. Its the headstrong stuborn attitude to stand behind a non working, no value added mechanisme that actually killed over half the playerbase that is the problem. And If the end of schematics does bring back mega factories, what is the issue? If it really is the server how the hell do we expect to even grow numbers since apparently the server load cannot even handle the current numbers if they build some industry. Or dig holes. The community, the "oldies" have brought good ideas for schematics to get rid of them the way they were and introduce a fair system but what did we get in the end, a system even worse then what we had, still no research as we have copy paste buy time sink now. There are so many examples of working systems and DU could easy incorporate one of those but now we get a system that cost money and time to get the rights to make a cup of coffee, and with that right i still dont have a cup of coffee, and for the next cup i need a new right......... T1 product like steel has a schematic per 75 liters, did anyone think about how many schematics that would mean per large container for T1 materials alone?
  15. Correction, reading back and remembering streams the money was not the reason, mega factories and industry as a whole strained the servers so schematics are introduced to help people forget the fun of industies so the servers can run cheaper.
  16. Indeed not as bad, they are a hundred time worse, in beta a small container schematic was 14k and you used it forever, now i pay 9k and i can use it, what was it 5 times? so in the end the new system is more expensive, also the old system i placed a schematic once, now i have to check every single apparatus every other day. Great way to kick industrialists who survived 0.23 further in the dirt. At the moment i have about 50 machines i need to check everyday. costs are massive and the only way to compensate would be to run bogus npc missions to make up......no-never. I am using my nanocrafter full time at the moment to produce stuff that should be produced in industrial units but its cheaper and less complex in the nanocrafter. That alone shows a mismatch. Fear for mega factories has turned DU into a desolated wasteland, but the end goal is reached, server load is minimal, sadly at the cost of player numbers as most industrialist already went home or are about to take the last flight.
  17. Its a simple solution, regeneration of the surface ores like in beta so its already in the programming, its just a 0 now instead of a 1
  18. btw, is the stream recorded, cant find it back it seems
  19. yep people came to build and grow. then went full speed into the grind, tried it for a few weeks, complained abit, were sloughtered by Fanmasters for their complaints, tried a few days again and left. Best remark i have seen was that market 6 was so full of people you could not even park there and the market was booming. But thats just it, Market 6 always was booming so probably most peoples left flocked there and the other markets are deserted, scavanging was fun after the first week but this week it dried up and there is (almost) nothing left except some actives. Giving advice on what will help is not even meaningfull anymore since its all ignored and the designated fanmasters will try to crush the discussions. All before November starts, must be another achievement! (gained 120 talents). People tend to forget that complaining people actually care about something else they would just go and not complain. They actually hope it helps, but well Hope is nothing more than delayed disappointment a wise man once said.
  20. It would be pretty funny to see issues with communications will always derail into this sort of discussions, but it is not. Bottom line, the longer we fight in-house about how to tackle communication it will never be fixed as it is in the end not the players issue to fix. It just comes down to a simple thing, apparently there is no reason for the company to actually engage in communication over what they already do and apparently creepy houses are of more importance and what has been build last month then talking about stuff like missing STU, the problems peoplehave with schematics, grievers, ore distributions etc. The only time i actually saw NQ come here chat was when discussion here tended to negatively impact social media. @Anderson Williams Just go with the prime directive of old. just DU it, just make a discord call it council, add the people here who actually want to be there and create the council. Then when all is in place sent an invite to A NQ spokesman/community manager and see what happens. Sent out all the notes on discussed matters on a forum post and call in council announcement and also throw it on the social media pages. In the end atleast the voice can be heared/read. Since all news broadcasts/youtubes are down nothing remains for the voice of the people. Frankly all discussions here on how communication should go are pointless, Its the same as a boss sending all his personal to a communications training since 100% of his/her staff cannot communicate but its not due to the boss communications skills.......I guess we all been there atleast once.
  21. Nice post, now just take in mind that in the past it was told that you would get 3 chars per account. Dont ask where that info is as in general "some" info is lost or deleted along the way, was in JC times
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