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  1. I've received much feedback on this already, and having some discussions that what I described is unfeasible because there is no good method of checks and balances, and that its a bit redundant to have an Emperor and a Senate, also its not a true emperor if they have term limits. I've received input from several people on why the Romans system was pretty bad because the Emperor controlled who was in the Senate, and naturally everyone wanted to keep their jobs so they just went along with everything the Emperor did good or bad. Also input on why an imperial confederation is a poor choice. Ill have to think on this for a while, the situation is a bit different from in real life but people will still be greedy, jealous, and make plots. Trying to find some balance of Constitutional Monarchy and not become some plebeian democratic. Its quite difficult when many people want something specific and its not something complementary, though I'm not one to give up, the ultimate goal is to have a society where everyone contributes to this greater empire at large, and yet can also protect and cater to small guilds that might be deterred from joining or incorporating otherwise. The original post isn't my best incarnation of this idea, which is sad, its been beaten up and has some contradictions if you look closely. So I'm heading back to the thinking room to forge something, both more presentable and desirable.
  2. The one big game world is something that Im very pleased about, My mind is really focused on the RDMS stuff right now, but I feel like somewhere they said something about how ship / vehichle controls might behave. I hope though they come up with something thats less point and click than eve is all, one of my biggest gripes about eve.
  3. Never know what kind of possibilities might open up, government sponsored piracy on the empires enemies... I mean that will never happen, the Empire is a place of Laws and Justice, Nobles and Knights and a gleaming beacon of hope and light in the universe!
  4. Hello, yes I would intend for this to be a player run empire, as you say the true structure will depend upon what the team offers us in terms of 'Powers' and 'Duties' With the RDMS system at least it will be possible to create positions and give them certain powers that have rules applied to them. Entities, Tags, Power and Duties. The guild will be an Entity (Entity 1), from that entity stems some tags which are given to another entity the Emperor and the Senate, (Entity 2 and 3). When a Player becomes the Emperor, its a little unclear to me, they either become the entity or receive a tag allowing them to control the entity. It will of course come with its own powers, and its own duties, but only be able to do whatever Entity 1 allows Entity 2 to do such as making someone a noble which is a tag/power that stems from Enity 1 to any player. the Senate Enity 3, will have the power to make changes to the root Empire guild Entity 1, of course its not just a single player, so by default a majority of senators would be required to agree to something in order for the senate to say yes or no, or make a change to something. The emperor will have the power to give membership tags to other entities (guilds), theyll have functions the emperor and senate will have functions too but im not quite sure how it will work exactly without some hands on. these other guilds the Vassals will have functions roughly relating to, In exchange for becoming a member of the Empire, they pledge loyalty to the empire - and be prevented from declaring war on the empire so long as they are a member. The senate may adjust some of the Territory Units or other assets of the Empire and either transfer or delegate them to these Vassals, of course that tag or power will come with warranties, the taxes that owning those lands comes with. There may be different levels of nobility at some point, but for now lets just say that anyone that is both a member of the empire, and a noble can run for a seat in the senate. It starts becoming more complex here though, Im not too sure if it will be possible to create tags that automatically open up on their own. Because what I would like to happen is... Senate seat is open member grabs a tag that lets them put in or alter some of the conditions on their own, like how long their term will be - within a preset time 2-6 months- and then submit their application tag to the entire body of nobles with a description of why theyre running. much of this is probably already possible with the current RDMS, some of the things Id like to see might take some time, but they mostly require altering or adding to the RDMS system. though I may be pushing too far into the un-described and unintended. With any luck maybe theyve already thought of things like this, or possibly they are geniuses and could use existing resources to make a few tabs or screens that could facilitate such purposes. though even if they are unwilling or simply cant cater to allowing the RDMS to work in this way we can use what is available combined with the traditional methods people use to run guilds to make something similar work. also thank you very much Astrophil, the same principles that we discussed when you made the flowchart are still there, its jsut that instead of the imperial league, more emphasis was placed on nobles and everyone simply being a member of the empire or a vassal, which essentially makes them both a imperial member and a member of the lessor guild.
  5. reserving this slot for any future editing also completely rewrote the original post. and I do intend for it to be here in general chat, as it isn't a definitive guild yet, I just want to talk about the concept.
  6. Actually good to hear that Nyzaltar, it relieves a hidden frustration from my mind. A irritant where I get upset when I can't make a character look the way I would like - Spacesuits and helmets though are the perfect alternative, at least for me, until the team is ready to review new character models or other possibilities.
  7. I commend you for being strong and fighting through that tumor, I'm glad you are still here on this earth with us even if we have never met before. I am sure you have had many struggles and difficult times, stay strong and keep going, everyone here looks forward to playing Dual Universe with you Sounds like you are a major fan of Landmark, my sympathy that those specific game tools you are waiting for have yet to arrive.
  8. I can think of two possibilities at the moment. I think the size of ships will be roughly limited by the output power of reactors, and engines. and the mass of ships. The bigger a ship the heavier and harder it is to make it move / stop / and defend it with weapon banks. Novaquark will probably provide quite a few different engines, probably up to some kind of battleship sized engines. If you band together a few battleship engines you could move a mothership. a few more a super mothership - but eventually its just not cost effective, in terms of the resources required to build it and the players required to operate it. plus since the engines arent designed for the super massive structure you take a efficiency loss the bigger the ship becomes. Alternatively, if the sculpting of ships is totally up to players, and we design the engines themselves, and they provide players with some engine blooms and we literally make the engines, and then they provide some engine scripts roughly along the lines of, output + size = energy requirement and we get to choose how powerful and how big engines are then I theorize we could have motherships with one massive engine on the back, and maybe even a tiny hidden engine on the front and both of them be equally powerful. - how to balance that from small small ships to motherships potentially having the same thruster output Im not entirely sure. It would require the engine block to behave a certain way. Like maybe if the thruster output is too high for the ammount of mass of surrounding blocks 'anchoring' it to the ship it explodes or rockets off of the ship because it isnt held down properly. Nataurally the possibilities of what kinds of ships can be made will determine what kinds of fantastic constructs players can make. I would imagine an ideal number of players for controlling ships will probably be around 3-6 people. If you are a frugal designer I think that number of people should be able to pilot medium frigates up to about battlecruiser / small battleships. Also if I may speculate a bit more, I think they intend for there to be some general ship roles and those roles possibly have their own specializations. The following is both I suppose suggestion and speculation Commander - Targeting, Crew Buff's Weapon Master - Lasers, Missiles, Mass Drivers, Exoctic Weapons Energistics - Reactors, Shields, Power Routing, Engines
  9. Hello and welcome, If you don't mind answering what kind of foods do you cook, do you specialize in some certain area? Always good to have more people to talk sci-fi with, looks like you have a good creative mind, everyone here will be looking forward to future works you create.
  10. Salutations Shadow, yes the hope of several members and myself is that we establish a powerful alliance with which to maintain order in the universe and rain light down upon the barbaric fledgling societies. What we will have in historical terms is something of a Noble Republic, or Elective Monarchy. I think the ruling class will largely comprise of 'Nobles' I've been trying to consider the role and management of nobles, I think it will require some kind of secret Inquisitor council to route out Nobles which are against the empire. Ill have to double post, or edit the topic Imperial Foundations, to include the concept of them here - https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/347-imperial-foundations/ Being a Politician / Senator, and an Imperial Knight is how id love to play I geuss Ill have to see what or if they have skill trees to see if I will be able to be both a combatant and some kind of guild alliance leader.
  11. Neopolitan


    there was a similar topic where Nyzaltar gave a response, although quite some time has passed, and maybe the team has more to say now. here- https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/49-what-if-we-had-pets/ For me though I do not understand having 'pets' in games. You can't really cuddle or enjoy the company of your pet in any significant way, and if the team goes out of their way to create overly elaborate and flashy visual pets to try and be eye candy, it usually just upsets me and decreases my enjoyment levels. I also think its funny to see an army of warriors with tiny tabby cats, puppy's and ponies charging onto the battlefield. or worse floating alien strobe light pets. I would not be against either having pet areas or a module or something you can put inside your ship that lets your pet roam around the area. Things about pets that really upset me at times companies trying to make pets relevant, by making them involved with loot, salvage, selling items, ect pet pet battles pets giving stats or advantages overly extravagant pets, with lights or eye clutter in pvp being able to tame wildlife and keep them in a zoo like setting could be really cool. If they were to implement battle fatigue or 'mind wounds' similar to what was in SWG, maybe playing or watching pets could be a relaxing thing that cures the fatigue / wounds. Kind of like recovering from post. traumatic. stress. disorder. lastly, for me Id like to say that if its done in a good way I have no problem with pets if they dont conflict with any of the following. Will adding pets detract or distract the team from making other content. Like more weapon, armor, clothing models. Will pets significantly increase the size of the game? Do they have any chance of causing stability issues, or overwhelming players personal computers cpu / gpu ... - would it mean decreasing the player model quality, or terrain / fauna quality. No looting, extra inventory, stats bonus, no pet pvp against players or other pets.
  12. Hello community, I'm here to open some discussion on the workings of what will hopefully become a much loved or loathed Empire. After several discussions with Astrophil, and friends which procrastinate on coming to these forums, I've decided to put the confederated empire idea to rest, for now at least only to return if more people think that would be better than a super strong centralized guild. This new concept will revolve around the same basic principles as before, Nobility - Emperor - Senate - but instead of confederation of external and internal guilds within the empire we will adhere to strict Vassalisation of guilds. The main power will be split between the Emperor and the Senate, so as to prevent burdening one group with too much responsibility. Powers that need direct reactions will be oriented towards the Emperor, and decisions that require time finesse or many opinions will be oriented towards the Senate. Emperor - Managing nobility - Management of Vassals / placing vassals in charge of provinces - command of armed forces - managing foreign affairs (but not declaring war without approval from the senate), Senate - Allocating budget and taxes on vassal's - Voting on code enforceable laws and non code enforced laws, managing a judicial / inquisition force to double check for compliance with non hard code enforced laws - Creation or destruction of internal guilds (Merchant guilds, Mining corps, Imperial Bounty Hunter Societies, Piracy//Privateer organisations, ect...) - Redrawing province / state / vassal borders. Vassals - will be minor guilds that exist within the empire, either created by the empire or an external guild that is assimilated. The structure of these guilds might have any internal composition the players wanted, autocratic, plutocratic, or democratic, but they will all answer to the Emperor and his/her military force, and obey the laws of the Senate. They will govern some section of imperial land in the stead of the Emperor, or military commander, their assets will be their own but they will be expected to fight for the empire and pay taxes. The Empire may have territory holdings it chooses not to place under the feudal system and management of vassals, it might govern these directly with military commanders that report directly to the emperor. Back to how the Senate will work, in keeping with the general theme of Emperor / Royalty / Nobility, to run for an open Senatorial position you must be some form of Noble. To manage the ever growing an complex system of nobles will require a watchdog, I propose for this an Arbiter / Inquisition institution, which can gather information and present a case to the Senate which can Vote to remove a Noble from their elevated status. Some side notes to consider and come back to, how will Senatorial seats be created or removed. What pathways will be available to becoming a noble? advance through a knightly order? instant elevation by the emperor? buy your way in? Is there a better system for removal of senators? Will the inquisition be in charge of monitoring laws passed by the senate that cant be hard enforced with the RDMS and hard code? Looking forward to finding more like minded individuals, suggestions, criticism, or anything else, thank you.
  13. Hello, I think I see a kind of rift in opinion forming, around first and third person, and it might be good to talk out some ideas to heave solutions ready. As the game is intended for a largely first person perspective and most peoples seem to be in favor of such, and against magical third person view, I can envision several possibilities. -Equipment module, launching a small drone that flies behind you giving you a typical third person view. - A support class or skillset, based around controlling drones. Primary use would be to give allies a eye in the sky view that they could switch between from their first person to the drones camera. Difficulty would be around trying to keep your player body safe on the ground, while switching between a drone control interface and issuing movement, attack, and defend commands. scout enemies, reveal them to your teams Friend or Foe hud drop smoke grenades, HE rockets different loadouts, electronic warfare offensive / defensive, armor piercing rockets. - Certain Heavy armor, if it doesn't move fast for some reason, it could compensate some by having a small drone launch from its back or armor and let it see its surroundings a bit better. and of course I'd love to hear what you all think, not just about what I said, but what you would do; thank you.
  14. ah yes, a random thought I have had while pumping up about the game is if they will allow players/ guilds / empires to create and mint their own currencies. and wondering a bit about how finite gold / silver / platinum / diamonds might be. if they have any intention of letting players mint / cut and stamp things with the RDMS
  15. I dont think its a derail really, if the economy is what hypes you up. I'm hoping for a regular subscription personally A player operated exchange is a slippery and uncontrollable thing, it also brings real world factors into the game, potentially, class / wealth and so forth. I understand that subscriptions favor people with less money and more time to play, but opening the possibility to favor people with money over people with time and commitment to the game is more dangerous to me. Im hoping that the development of in game intellectual property is just that, in game, possibly sold on an internal player exchange for in game currency. That is if the empire that has ownership over the works is willing to sell it. There may be genius individuals that make good ships, but I believe that with the way the sculpting, applying some lua code, figuring out which modules to slap onto/into ships, testing ships rewriting code - it will probably be the work of groups. I have a feeling we will probably see subscription, with a Time Code for currency exchange. It might be cool also if they have a direct money to currency exchange. If they did that, technically it would allow for people to pay euro's / dollars ect for items in game, without a complicated exchange for certain items for bid or dollars and no favoritism can leak in. If they want to put up a creation spotlight kind of thing, I think they let community upvote submitted creations, so the team isnt liable for favoring people - and the community can say what they think is cool
  16. Anything at all will be cool of course, however Ive always resented giving or recieving special limited time items that is luck of the draw. Sure im here trying to support the game in whatever way I can, but I dont think that means that my support now is more meaningful than someone who comes in after release. If you are looking for options I have a few ideas for things that wont lead to resentment or extreme jealousy. some account bound items that you can only have 1 of at a time in the world. - Special badge to put on your uniform - a standing flag to place in your residence or inside a ship - a unique painting to place in game signed by the team, or something similar Everyone likes gifts, but to be here and support while remaining humble is my goal at least. For were here supporting the hopes and dreams of all the gamers out there who want to immerse into a world, and get lost in lore, build dream craft fight, cheer the good times, lean on each other in the bad times. We early players and supporters have the advantage of choosing how the name of this community will be built, what it will become, and how it will be remembered. So far I feel like these forums become a more friendly and inviting place to post all the time and activity increases at a slow but good pace too, everyone here is cool, especially Nyzaltar he does a great job, i.m.o., of talking real talk with you and walking the line of professionalism.
  17. Thank you, and no offense taken Indeed, I come off as overly excited, but I just wanna talk about it really. I think it would be a shame not to attempt and use the power delegation system's and other utilities they're developing for players, of course though until the team is ready to show us what they have in mind, for implementation into the game, we can only really speculate on the possibilities. It's true corporations in eve behave differently than guilds in other games. they seem to be ruled by dictators and dynasties largely, while i have encountered small democratic groups, it is the rare exception. I like Eve and think it's corporations are pretty good, but I never really felt apart of the system, it was better than other guild systems for sure, but it still felt really rigid as most systems do. I think we will be able to form a governing body in D.U and at least elect a president/dictator with term limits, based on an inalienable constitution set in place by either the 'guild' founders or alterable under certain conditions of unanimous agreement by delegates or guild members Ill heave to re-examine the RDMS post and other things from the gameplay mechanics assembly section and post in one of the guild topics or make a new thread i suppose.
  18. I have and continue to have maximum anticipation, i was elated for a long time. The sound of someone making a modern game that doesnt suck really gives a bit of hope. of course there is still much for me to see to be a fanboy of this game, primarily the character models I would like to be good looking, its an area that some games fall short. Mostly though I enjoy dressing characters to be cute, I geuss Im just a 'weeb' or something, so sue me. I dropped off the forums for a while, I felt like maybe I was trying to steer things a certain direction a bit too hard and so I wanted to see how things would pan out with little or no input from me. The amount of registered members continues to grow as word slowly spreads out over the net and amongst family with luck and the community encouraging the team I think great things are ahead.
  19. Yeah possibly, it looks like the tools provided will be quite malleable. Either way if we can have voting built in or just adhere to a list of rules. My original wish was for something kinda like the holy roman empire, but Im not so sure how feasible, or fun that is I think there are many ways it could be done, more than im even listing here. possibly the senate would elect Emperors, to rule for a few months at a time. The senate might consist of a set number of elected representatives from member guilds, and elect 'puppet' emperors with no real power. and the senators would lead the empire. Id prefer a more fascist feel than a purely democratic one, im sure there will eventually be clans or guilds that cater to some kind of democratic ideas with presidents. Also if were talking star wars, the Senate did continue on under Emperor Palpatine for a while, but their power was eventually stripped and I believe it was finally disbanded. The very senate that issued in emergency powers to deal with the CSA - I believe it was similar to the way Hitler came to power, be elected chancellor, whittle down the powers of other agencies, and finally coup the gov from within essentially. Personally I dont trust any one particular individual with that much power, for some reason it always goes to their head, Im fairly clear minded but once you start throwing in internal drama I too can crack, therefor Im no exception.
  20. well... if I may, once again bring up SWG as I have and probably will continue to do so. You pushed alt or whatever key you designated to switch between the reticule and the cursor which didn't seem clumsy or out of place at all. Hopefully the community and the team can find the right balance by working together.
  21. On the potential lag issue; I think we will need to see how important the ground fighting will be and how 'twitch' based it is. As you may have geussed already, in space interceptors and multi role fighters might need faster connections, but larger ships should be a bit more forgiving of lag since they move slower. And also what kind of targeting systems will be in the final builds. If i remember correctly they turned down but didnt completely rule out aiming yourself - but it does have problems in a mmo spanning the entire globe from a centralized network on servers, because you will have to think about the latency of the enemy when calculating your shots, in a fighter your weapons recharge or reload in 1 seconds or whatever, but in a battleship it might be 20-30 seconds or something, so each calculation is practically a geuss. auto lock / tab target / lock on / ect is probably the approved and appropriate method. It makes sense because complicated weaponry requires actual lock's and calculations anyways, and any navy or crew in their right mind would just let Jimmy and the gang start shooting bullets all nilly willy. If they do a good job with it, it will have a natural feel and with the exception of who is faster getting their targeting system to lock on first nobody will have a latency advantage - it might be worth experimenting with some kind of normalization based on peoples latency to the server cluster to increase or decrease their lock on times by a very small ammount. but either way, if there was some small advantage to locking onto targets first, it can more than likely be completely mitigated by preventing any ground classes or spaceships from 100%-0% hp on anyone or anything. If fights last long enough for actual skill to mean anything i dont think minor lag will be an issue. -- For the housing, I think with the way territory works, and depending on how valuable it will be to go around and destroy enemy mining operations it might take care of itself. I dont think any corporations / guilds/ empires are going to let anyone get away with free resources. However, they might be able to tweak the structures, or T.U. to have a special decay for 'abandoned' posts. -- Droid armies fighting droid armies.../evil laugh/
  22. Hello, I began on the forums a ways back and I had my eye on the development of this game since the very beginning. I had seen the original website before the posting forum was opened there, I only happened to search for the game again to see if any progress had been made after those original posts had been done away with and everything moved over to these newer forums. I had a long pause recently where I haven't had much to say, but allot has been happening to me. A few months ago I signed on to a lease to own program for my own semi and that has been pretty cool. Unfortunately my dear Father passed away on 12/22/15 and I have been struggling to deal with that. I was close to him, and he had been warming up to my younger brother recently he left everyone on fairly good terms. Its too bad he ran out of time and couldn't divorce his second wife before his passing though I'm not sure if he had been serious about that or not, I never understood how he could love a gold digger. He was very proud of both his son's, a responsible man who always went to work and gave proper notice otherwise. He was wild in his younger days and caused much friction with his first wife my mother, though she held no grudge nor did he, he will be missed by those who truly loved him. Nobody expected his death, he was alone in the house, and had complained about some chest pain to his second wife took 2 aspirin and went to sleep, he died peacefully without struggle; may he rest in peace now. I am a gamer, though I've been losing faith in the gaming industry to produce anymore quality games, it seems projects are so big now the only things that can be financed are games with tons of DLC and garbage. There is a beacon of hope in gaming such as teams like Novaquark and probably other small development studios I am not aware of. I appreciate being called out for the early alpha testers, I will continue to represent the largest portion of gamers possible, while nullifying certain aspects that sound fun but actually harm games and make them unmemorable. I have drafted a few possible government forms that could be used in the game, but I have to accept that even though I am still young, I am not as free as some people and therfor am not going to be able to be a single dictator of a guild and strongman support from many people - such guilds are short lived anyways once the guild leader 'dies' and everyone splits up into other guilds. No, instead I'd like to suggest the creation of an Imperial Senate, and confederate many guilds towards the singular Imperial goals. be we good or bad, or an ambiguous and ambivalent force in the Dual Universe, universe, we would vie to expand conquer, exploit, train and recruit newbies and more. I may post some more on myself here if I think of something. I think I have private messages enabled, if you are politically inclined and want to talk a bit about guilds send me a message and we can always trade outside contact information if need be. Thanks for reading about me, spend all the time you can with your loved ones and try to be on good terms with them because you never know.
  23. Having a customized character is good. I was hoping they might have some set boundaries. so you cant be a midget with a 3 foot wide head or ect monstrosities you can create in say Aion. As you say though, making a character you like is the first step, but the real fun is having cool clothing and armors to put on your character. I'm torn between concepts of making characters look exactly as you want. Like.. wearing a jacket a skirt and wielding your weapons out on the front lines. You feel cool, but thinking about it, its really dangerous and ineffective. With things like shield generators or something maybe it will make sense. Although, if ground based combat, and pvp is going to be a sticking point. It can be good to keep clothing cosmetics down for visual balance. Like if you have 'tank' armor and it normally would look all bulky and strong and have some unique visual markers to let enemies kind of see 'hey thats a tank', but you allow them to cover up with cosmetic clothing somehow, and they look like a 15 year old schoolgirl instead of a iron clad huntress, that can upset a portion of the community, or even prevent the team from expanding into a semi competetive arena mode or ect. Unless you distinctly disable cosmetic things in arenas battlegrounds or whatever.
  24. I figure they're thinking about that. I have been pondering and extrapolating the possibilities from the bits of lore, probably some kind of reconstituted U.N. and maybe a Rogue AI hellbent on 'saving' the human race even if it means war, exploiting peoples minds and bodies by using techno-trickery to get super high efficiency out of its members. Beyond the Arkship though, I'm thinking that there wont be much of any NPC factions, mostly players, and their machinations. unless they intend for PVE to become big, in which case.. maybe well see the rise of a NPC Warlord, that commands legions of pirates. It's relatable though, at least in terms of character stories, If lore comes out that breaks or reinforces the kind of character you want to role-play it can be quite crushing or lifting. Above is just my speculation, and below is my wishy-washy dreams for a player organisation but hey feel free to read into me. I have high hopes of establishing an Imperial Bloc of guilds that might operate something like a imperial confederacy or even similarly the Holy Roman Empire of old. I imagine a large player run empire trying to focus on being good guys, which often just means you're the bad guys. But defending Alioth and leaving it relatively open for newbies, while operating a empire from another planet. and each member kingdom / guild contributing to the military efforts of the empire at large, having honorable fights between each other for sparring and handling of disputes. Possibly, depending on what kind of scripting is allowed, the creation of a in game currency, or the collecting of a rare good to act as a reserve currency, and doing the other dastardly thing's empires do like designing cool ships and telling people whats right and wrong. I started working on a draft constitution and series of bills to reinforce how it could work, but I lost focus half way through. I just feel the game is so far out that much will change by time it comes to 'empire' building. Lastly, give it a shot, I think if you have a good mind and could write a reasonable concept for a faction, based on what we know. and are able to explain why or how it should work, they are fairly open to listening and there is already evidence of the team listening to the community. there have been many instances, but a recent one in the lore part 2 it was brought up about the type of metal the arkship was made out of, and in lore part 3 they more or less explained it. If you have something show it off, the worst that happens is NovaQuark ignores it, and the opinion of us plebian beggars doesn't matter much right? You never know, maybe one of those families that live to prepare for the apocalypse made it onto the Arkship that landed on Alioth, and they dont trust the U.N. and immediately grab some resources and run off to start crafting and pumping out guns, jeeps and riding lawnmowers to go ride to the gas station. Or some Fascist Radicals, or whatever.. some Communist workers. a Rich Oil and energy Tycoon bought his way onboard and wants to establish 'democracy'. Or Susan the pastry chef won a lotto ticket giving her a seat on the arkship...
  25. as far as I've been able to tell they are still considering what level player created script to go for. They have confirmed my inquiries into there being a device that functions in a similar way to a robot 'Turtle' from a mod in mine.craft operates. Also that it could be possible to alter the functions of some of the currently planned modules, like landing gear in order to make a "mech", though such a device might not have a purpose beyond cool factor. On the post for Rights and Duty Managments. Tagging. it talks about the abilities of granting powers to organisations, players, and objects. The line of thinking that I was able to ascertain from that is they might use a simple language with limits or produce an in house "language" that integrates or attaches to the tags and allows players to alter their functionality with a pre built system that offers the devs the most control. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/272-devblog-rights-duty-management-system-rdms/ Did you by chance have some specific idea or thing in mind? Writing by hand a script to change the color of lights in a room? or AFK combat script or well.. something?
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