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  1. Welcome aboard! I'll be looking forward to hearing on your progress.. Oldman like me can barely read yet write out script...lol
  2. As soon as I can get access in game and am allowed to start streaming this game, (Depending on any NDA), I should be streaming this daily on Twitch.tv/daddio66 . This is my most anticipated game that is in development. 2017 can't come soon enough!
  3. Still hoping myself that I get in with the Alpha Team. I got buddies in it and want to play with them so bad. I will be streaming the heck out of this game when it comes out. I am hoping the Community Manager can provide us streamers with some beta keys to give out while streaming as well to help promote the game.
  4. I have the X-55 Hotas, love it. I also hope it will be usable in this game. Mouse and keyboard is fine for building and such but for flying and combat in ships, HOTAS please.... I bought it for Elite Dangerous and Star Citizens, but use it more for ED since the hotas setup in SC stinks.
  5. I think this is going to blow No Man's Sky right out of the water!!
  6. https://youtu.be/-HxEMw3iUtM so good I got to post it again!!
  7. https://youtu.be/-HxEMw3iUtM simply the best. soo awesome.. cannot wait!!
  8. In Landmark, We have build sites. they limited us to a max of 8 of these. Each build site is 525 voxel block wide x525 voxel blocks deep x450 voxel block height. now on each build site we once had to pay a weekly maintenance on each build site. I would not mind having to a rent/fee in game to maintain a hex for an arkified base, town, starport that was pvp proof. I may have missed it but how big is each hex? I know from 1k above to the center downwards, but how many voxels, is each side of the hex? I would also like to know if there will be a buffer zone between me and my neighbors? Also if there is a buffer zone in or around my HEX, if I am able to grab more hexes surrounding my main hex to build a bigger spaceport, will the buffer zones merge to allow me to actually expand? I am Thinking of something like Mos Eisily, small town with shops, vendors, bars and a starport. So depending on the HEX size, I could then calculate how many surrounding HEXS I may need. I dont want to have another RUST, ARK game where I need to log in, rebuild and replenish every day. I stopped playing them mostly to players who like to raid my bases when I am off line. But I also dont want to see it like SWG once was with abandoned homes, buildings and facilties littering the land all over. H1Z1 PVE has a crap load of crapshacks as well, but they do have a decay which makes them disappear if not maintained. But please do not make it purely PVP. I want a safe area to build from that is my own and not in the starter ark areas. I can understand making it hard to create this area. but once done, if I don't maintain it, sure, but I'm raided every night, that is going to suck and make me want to quit. Flaging oneself for PVP or having open pvp areas is fine. But I would like the option like in the old SWG. BTW this is great for making in game movies. non flagged players cant be killed while filming.
  9. OMG, OMG! OMG!!!! wow, you have impressed me. very nice shots, and love the scale so far. That city with the folks in it, the city in space, everything looks Fking AWESOME!! I want in!! Now please...lol Cant wait to build a base on a planet and have a massive starport for others to land in.
  10. In combat, can you target the components to disable your opponents cockpit, engines, weapons and such so you can salvage the parts not destroyed? or do the ships just go BOOM and everything gets destroyed?
  11. In truth, I have been burned by 1 to many alpha/beta buy-ins for early access. Many games I have invested time and loads of money in have failed, stalled or just disappeared and took of with my cash and hard work supporting the games. I flew out twice to the last 2 SOE LIVES where they promised and still have not delivered. I feel they are now rushing to go live just to close landmarks doors within the first year. Several hundred dollars out the window on 2 lifetime accounts. Star Citizens revamped my existing ships which I now do not like. I loved the original MISC Freelancer, but the new improved larger version just don't seem like the same ship I had before. It is like a dating a pretty girl only to find it was all makeup,smoke and mirrors after a few dates.. let alone having the ship you love sweated and grinded for gets stolen out from underneath you at a dock or mission. Once again a few hundred dollars I feel wasted. Repopulation, (Bought in for $75.00 early access) (not from steam) touted to be the next StarWars galaxies. they had problems with several things, closed up the game, gave us a lame survival game (Fragmented) worth 19.99 on steam ALSO in early access with many many bugs. Only game I think hasn't fail me yet is Elite Dangerous. I originally bought in at the $75.00 mark, got the beta access, could not afford the $200.00 lifetime package at the time. Played it for a year and when they brought out the 1st expasion (HORIZONS) they had the lifetime package again. Luck was on my side and it was around my birthday, so I had $200 to spend on the reoffer of their lifetime pass. Very happy with it, still playing it, even bought my HOTAS for it and was another 199.99 I spent. Should I contine with H1Z1 and their loot crates? or DCUO and more loot crates and expansions? Or should I mention, Moonrise, Alone in the Dark, and several others that have not been updated in over 6-12 and now considered abandon ware on my steam list. If I like the game, I have no problem spending my money to help support it. But I do expect a fair value for the game especially in early access. Early access should be much, much cheaper to get into as you are helping test the game, reporting bugs and possible helping to steer the game into a good direction with fair and honest critiques. If you didn't get in to help test, you should pay more one the game is gold/live and released as a final product. I also do not mind cash shops to buy cosmetic items only. If it turns out like MWO where it is pay to win, I am out. Ok nuff of my rant.. Treat me right and I will return the favor several time over. Remember that one upset buyer can hurt a sellers rep then several satisfied.
  12. Daddio


    Check out Roccat Powergrid if you have a touch tab or smart phone and you can see.
  13. Daddio


    What type of control interface is preferred? I love using my HOTAS, X55 Rhino when flying, perfect amount of buttons for most games. I also like using the ROCCAT Power Grid on my tablet for more controls. Keyboard and mouse is ok but for me I like the immersion of the flight stick and throttle controls.
  14. Will we be able to incorporate logos on to our creations? Like unit logos? corporation logo/names? I used to love how in MW3 & 4 I could upload a small logo/avatar to be displayed on my mech. Could Dual universe allow a small decal to be uploaded to a special block or series of blocks to display my units names, clans badge or corp sponser logos? I know people say players will upload vulgar images and such, but they can be filtered out or reported to admins to be handled. A small gif. would be really nice if allowed. I love the art on old WWII planes and tanks and would love to decorate my ships nose like the old bombers.
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