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  1. Welcome Nomad! You should totally make your Dual Image slightly different from Nyzaltar. Who's going to be next NQ-Naiad?
  2. Be thinking Station McStationFace is a little cliche... Trans Hub. Or just, you know, Hub. "And there's no laws, like you got back at Hub. Lot of folks like that around here"
  3. I welcome you to our den of fantasies. You will find everything you do and don't want here. I suggest you peek at the devblogs, as they're worth a good read.
  4. Someone PM me. Number crunching this makes it obvious that design will always outweigh the coding ability of anyone and we're making a whole massive deal over this than it needs to be. I want new people to code. I do. I just don't want to see, if we CAN fine-tune code by using text, being outclassed by this easier format. Effort In->Result Out I suppose. PM required for my understanding.
  5. You and me both, my friend. I suggest reading some of the Devblogs, as they have a LOT more information in them. Find all of them here https://devblog.dualthegame.com/
  6. Silvligh

    Hi All

    Welcome, say anything on your mind. It will be okay.
  7. Uh, uh, uh. Do we have marquee and flashing rainbow fonts? No? Okay. I found this in my quest to find an mmorpg for me like vylqun, but was looking for a sense of community and, I hadn't known it when I joined, emergent gameplay. I then read the devblogs and I think my reaction is well documented. I think I'll just blush over those old posts and leave them lie. Hides Face
  8. So, I watched it. (Cue ZOMGS if you've seen my previous posts) I have to say, I'm very impressed (Cue saying I'm not only impressed I'm just amazed that NQ can sit on something like this quietly!) So yeah. Still love that hand though.
  9. Current Role: Mason Leader

  10. Low and welcome Tombstone, you're... a little high for a tombstone, aren't you?
  11. Its... logical for Indigenous to be on habitable planets. However I believe that that sort of scope of NPC size doesn't really fit in with the Dual Universe that's being created. I've just seen people asking for NPC's for various things, markets among other things, and those are already pushing it a little for a game thats primarily about Social Interaction. Logical. But also difficult. and will require a lot of Maintenance. I think, the Devs are trying to make this a player-made universe. As in player-everything. Ugh, I don't like shooting ideas.
  12. I can see this comes from the heart, and you mean goodness in this suggestion. But this just gives me a really sour taste in my mouth. I just, shudder, to see the outrage that forms, when some pay more than others just due to the times/timezone they play in. A lot of people can't help this, and it kind of punishes players for playing the game. And again, what happens if the load shifts to other times? Will this "Sub" be fixed time-cost or floating? If its floating, what happens if more people join than a specified limit? Does that mean everyone starts having to pay more? Again, Idea seems innocent. But I don't think it would create good relations.
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