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  1. Quote

    Could this game eventually "kill" Star Citizen?


    Having bought into SC due to the way DU killed mining and implemented taxes in a game that I already pay for access; BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, um, no.  Hell no.  


    Pulling everything to Sanctuary and mothballing the whole thing.  SC is infinitely better in every conceivable way than DU.  Bye!

  2. On 12/4/2021 at 2:31 AM, Jake Arver said:


    Without a territory scanner it is impossible to know if a tile is worth investing in and paying 1.5 million to find out is really the only option if you do not (yet) fly around with one.


    Mining requires a static construct, which in turn requires a claimed tile. To claim a tile and start mining you need to pay 1.5 million. Money which you may find is a waste as the tile does not have the resources to pay for taxes.


    Unless I am mistakes, a new tile must have it's cost of 500K and the taxes for the week at 1M quanta paid in advance before you can even place a mining unit.

    So add a ship capable of carrying a territory scanner to the list of prerequisites to find a tile worth paying for.. 


    Also, good luck selling ore for any kind of measurable profit.  I'm sitting on 2m units of Chromite that I mined right before the MU's dropped, and I've watch the price per unit tank by over 75% since then.  Right about to dip below 100/unit.  Can't pay taxes if nobody is buying ore. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Mordiaky said:



    well. I am quitting again for the second time, and YES I will leave m y construct on that starting city with all the others as that is the thing to do. But I am sure some people will build around that to recruit more members with their flashy signs and the next ship dealership will move in next to it... its chaos and very dirty feeling. I have to go, this game is NOT what I was expecting and hoping for..


    that is my rant and if you made it this far. thank you for allowing me to vent.. I was wanting a better game and that is why I am angry.


    So you plan to add to the thing you hate..... which is probably how most of that crap got there in the first place.  Making it worse in an effort to make it better.... do you work for the Government?  

  4. 3 minutes ago, Gottchar said:

    Nope, that is not a bug, it is just their server not being able to handle the amount of re-writes per second, to save the "map" again and again with the changes made.

    You dig, your client sends info to server like "hey, this piece of dirt is missing now", server says "wait little client, the moment I have written this down you are allowed to continue". And there is a queue to wait for that.

    I understand the process, but what I don't understand is how the game is supposed to function under those circumstances.  The last time I logged in, it took me nearly an hour to dig 100m - 150m down; target depth was around 1000m which would have taken me all day.  I counted 20+ "Pending Operations" just to pull one scoop of useless soil out of my way in one instance.  This isn't the norm, nor can it be. 


    It's absurd..... and it only ever started two patches ago for me so it isn't like this is an issue that has plagued me from the start, this is a recent development for me.  2-3 months of smooth sailing before this crap.  

  5. 23 hours ago, Gottchar said:

    biggest patch bug wise today, sweet!

    Did they fix "Pending Operation" nightmare?  I'm at the end of my rope on that one, breaks the game for me if I can't mine for materials to build or space-bucks to buy....

  6. I was ready to quit after 5 minutes/5 meters, but kept going out of a masochistic curiosity to see how long it would take to punch a 100m hole in the ground.  Yes, it took me an hour.  Wife is out of town, so thought I would attempt to play a game I really wanted to enjoy. 


    I'm bitching about it because 1. it's worth bitching about a game I paid for being broken AF and 2. It's so slow at work today, I'm almost convinced Novaquark designed my workday and don't have much better to do.  How about you?  Do you enjoy paying for shit that doesn't work and throwing your money into the void?  That's just weird.

  7. 100 meters in an hour today.  I counted 22 "PENDING OPERATION" messages at one point to get 1 cycle of dirt out of my way.  At this rate, it will take me 10 hours to hit my target at 1000 meters.  This is unplayable broken hot garbage.  






    Super PENDING OPERATION fun.  

  9. Neat update yesterday.  Fixed the problem of sometimes NOT getting "Pending Operation" while I'm digging out this meganode.  Pretty sweet.  I'll be enjoying this process for much much longer now, which will obviously save me the hassle of finding more ore to mine.  So...... hooray.....


    @GraXXoR, I must apologize for previously scoffing at the bitterness;  I've got it all trained up now to lv5.  So, a rare thing here, an internet apology.  I was wrong.  You were right.  Womp womp

  10. On 5/28/2021 at 10:03 AM, BORIS1THE1BLADE said:



    Is there any trial available for this game ? 


    Thank you

    There is currently a free trail, no install needed; go into your backyard with a shovel, stick it in the dirt, repeat the words "PENDING OPERATION" about 20 times before scooping the dirt out.  Repeat endlessly.  Enjoy your new Spaceship game!  

  11. I realize this is an old problem, and one that was apparently fixed after the last patch.  Glad everyone got it sorted..... except I never had that problem UNTIL the last patch.  It took me 20 minutes to dig a 100m hole the last time I logged on.  Cleared cache, no change.  I have looked about on forums and Reddit, and only see reference to this issue from waaaaay back, nothing current.  I have my graphics settings dumbed way down, cache cleared.  Nothing seems to change the painful "Pending Operation" mining Hell. 


    Any tricks I'm missing to sort this out or am I S.O.L. ?  

  12. On 12/29/2020 at 7:16 PM, GarbageKnight said:

    1 mine rocks, use crappy hover to sell rock to bots.

    2. use money to buy ship parts - to build ship that can carry more rocks - while traing up mining only skills

    3. mine more, train more, sell more.

    4. Make bigger ship to haul more rocks to sell to bots.

    5. mine more train more sell more rocks to bots.

    6 BUILD BIG SHIP to scan for large underground rocks to mine, then sell to bots, while more mining skills train.

    7. mine more, train more, sell more. 





    Can I have your stuff?  I'm only on Step 7....

  13. On 4/24/2021 at 8:08 AM, GraXXoR said:


    You're familiar with what you sound like when you're choking and gargling the stuff? Excellent! next time you're in Tokyo I'll hook you up with one of my local pals to show you around 2-chome, apparently he's into that sort of thing, too. ?



    .....meh, $20 is $20

  14. 6 hours ago, GraXXoR said:

    I’m in the same boat but for different reasons. Bought a Zotac RTX3080 in October. The fan went haywire in February. Sent it for repair. Two months has passed and still no response.

     I reckon they resold my card for $2500 to a Bitcoin miner. I paid for a the one year warranty as part of the price but they say it’s going to be the end of may before I get my card back. That’s well over three months they will have had my card. A quarter of my warranty period wasted, basically. 


    consumers are getting ripped off all the time.


    IMO They should pause your subscription until the ticket is fixed and you can get back in. 

    better yet, they could just make it a day based subscription. Every day you log in, you use a day of your sub. If you don’t log in, no sub used. But also no skill points acquired. 

    that would be fairest. But unlikely. 

    also, why the heck did you choose such an off putting user name? Seriously, why?


    At least we can thank the gods you don’t have a matching avatar. 

    Good points, all of them.


    My user name is the title of an old Faith No More song.  If you are offended or 'put off' then it is having it's desired effect.  But hey, at least I didn't pick a name that sounds like I'm choking and gargling the stuff or I would have went with GraXXor...

  15. 14 minutes ago, CoyoteNZ said:


    They ask you to DM them the ticket number for three  reasons...


    1. They can’t go into specific details of your ticket on the public thread as it is a private ticket

    2. If you DM them, they know you understand how the private message system on this software works and that you are expecting a message from them and less likely to miss or ignore it.

    3. They are helping a lot of different people with different issues and different tickets. Having the ticket number as the first comment in a DM thread, preferably in the title makes it easier to jump back into a correspondence when more replies come in. 


    hope they can help you ?

    Right.  I thought about that after I responded, and sent a DM.  Cheers!

  16. 7 minutes ago, NQ-Naerais said:


    Have you had a windows update recently? We are seeing some issues from that, otherwise please DM me your ticket number please. 

    Haven't updated Windows on my side for a couple weeks.  Ticket number is in my comments above, no need for me to DM it.


    Your request (49935) has been received

  17. Well at least I am not alone.  I've uploaded all the requested files to the ticket, fingers crossed but am 100% not hopeful.  I looked at a previous ticket that I submitted as was/am having voxel placement issues (can't see what I am placing until it is done, no ghost box, and I have a map marker issue) both are listed as "SOLVED."  Ain't nothing solved, FFS.  It's still f&%$ing broken, I still can't build, and map markers were still placing themselves at the polar opposite of the desired location.  But hey, at least now I can't even get the launcher to pop up, so I don't have to fret over that anymore....




    NOW I get it.  NOW I understand the angst.  Been playing for maybe two months, and that's all it takes for the bitter disappointment to set in.....

  18. 23 minutes ago, CoyoteNZ said:

    Darn, can you keep leaving it when it says not responding to see if it ever catches up? Or is it not one of those ones that gives you the option to continue waiting? If so how long have you given it? What do your cpu, network and memory stats look like under task manager while it’s doing it? Completely static or changing?


    Imdo t get home from work for about seven hours so I am following your thread very closely in case I have issues as by the time I get to my game most support will be finished for the day ?

    I literally can do nothing.  I click the launch icon, white box the size of the launcher comes up, the pop up occurs that says DU is not responding, then shuts itself down 2 seconds later.  That's it.  That's all I get.  I uninstalled, sluthed all the remaining files that the uninstall missed, reinstalled fresh, same results.  I did this 5 times before I had to get ready for work.  I got nothing.  Even if DU responds with, "hey, log in and do..." 100% nope, cannot even get the launcher up.  Sure glad I subbed for a year.  Only 11 months to go.  Skills go dry in 20 days......

  19. 14 minutes ago, NQ-Naerais said:

    Access to the game has a higher ticket priority than some bug issues.  You shouldn't be waiting too long. 

    My point is, how would I implement any fix?  I cannot even get the launcher up to receive and install an update after this latch patch.... it could get fixed on DU's side of things, and I'll never know because *click launch icon* followed by *crash,* and that's after a fresh install after a thorough scrapping of any and all DU files not wiped by the uninstall.

  20. 12 minutes ago, NQ-Naerais said:

    https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us ticket is probably best. Though a non working fresh install is an issue :( Sorry you're having it. 

    ........k.  Done.  Now what?  Assuming this is far behind the first ticket I put out with a still unresolved issue that is still persisting, how likely am I to get an actual fix?  As it sits, I am now paying (yes, I AM paying) for a game I cannot play, even after a fresh install.  Fantastic.  I can't even update my game, if a fix becomes available because I can't even get the M&^F%$$#^&ing  launcher to launch to implement an update or fix of any kind.  




    Your request (49935) has been received.

  21. Yeah, so this mornings patch broke my launcher, will not open and just pops a giant white square and I get a popup that says DU not responding.  Uninstalled everything, and cleared out all files that lingered, fresh install and it's still borked.  If I missed someone posting this or addressing this, sorry, but couldn't find mention in recent posts. 


    Anyone else having this issue and is there a working fix?

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