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  1. ??? Why do you think that ? At this time im work on it and add new functions. - > Org Registery and some stuff.... So acually it is not available. THis project will updated in a week, if i have the next working version updated.
  2. Chugy

    Atlon Kolonie

    If you think it's best for your organization, then DU it.^^ For our internal community and for a perfect fluent communication we only use the German language, that is in our opinion the most important requirement. Everyone has their own opinion and that's ok.^^ And so by the way...we are not the first and only ones who build the organization in this style.^^ I don't understand why so many people talk about this topic when it's nothing special in the end. It would be something special to talk about democracy instead of talking about language. ­čśĽ
  3. Chugy

    Atlon Kolonie

    Aaron Cain... You say the english language is dominating ? Yeah, thats right. BUT.... If a battle comes in.....then it is a big different between english writing and english speaking. Not EVERY player have enough freetime for learning english. And to write or understand english texts....ist not so hard. For this we have many translators, so there is no problem. But speaking is a completly other league, for speaking english without some translators and stuff, you need high skills for this. Because if you can speak it fluently....then you DONT need any translators. There are many people who want only play a chilling game after the work without any stressing out input like to learn english. I think it is absolutle normal that people build a group, when they have the same interessts and languages. I dont see any problem for the future.
  4. Chugy

    Atlon Kolonie

    There is no nationalism in our organization. It's all about language. Not everyone can speak English fluently. So you have already answered your own question. It's all about effective internal communication. You only have to be able to speak German, that doesn't mean that you have to be a German citizen.
  5. Thanks. If you have any questions, write it down here.
  6. This is not a general news bot for some DU News like "mee6" for example. Here you can post and publish "community news" like news on this site https://community.dualthegame.com/ . And community member, who make her own content like "videos" and some stuff, can ez publish her informations with all, without run from server to server. You know ? : )
  7. Welcome to my project for the global Dual Universe community. Introduction These project is future orientated and with the time the bot will get more functions. For any wishes for the bot, pls write it here down below. The first main function is to send global news to all registered Discord servers who installed the "du-com-news"-bot. Bring the news directly to the community! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO INSTALL THE BOT ADD THE BOT TO YOUR DISCORD SERVER CREATE A CHANNEL WITH THE NAME "du-com-news" FINISH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO PUBLISH ANY NEWS SEND THE BOT THIS COMMAND "!ducn send news" MODERATOR VERIFICATION PUBLISHED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A seperate and manual news verification is safety and deff us in front of spammer! For moderate the news, we are looking for community members, who wants to support the news system. If you are interested in the project come on our Discord server. - o7 Chugy -
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  9. The Universe of Confusion It is not a soooo good idea to look the video in fullscreen, because the source video isnt HD. I hope you like it.
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    Haupteintrag wurde angepasst.
  11. Hehe, thx for this input guys.
  12. Okay....and what do you say about this. Can a organization get ALL places in the Arkship zone ? When they are the fastest organization ? Yeah, i see it. Its the wrong box sry.
  13. Can you say me.... Can a organization control a complete planet ? With all places ? Or say Novaquark....STOP this is NOT FAIR ?! Or for the example that a organization is dominating a complete planet ?
  14. Chugy


    Hier ein kleines Info Video zu den aktuellen Ver├Ąnderungen.