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  1. Hi! Welcome to DU! What kind of Engineer? May I ask?
  2. Exactly, and definitely not myself! If I'm not PVP, then it's PVE. What is PVE in this game? It's personal-progress, not just Organization-progress. Most Organizations in this game are so PVP-based, including their policies and implementations. Very few to none have I seen any Organization lay-out a system(a good developed system) for private-economy that is beneficial for PVE-progress. A Republic-system that you will work on building yourself and contribute to society for the sake of working together to achieve common-goals. EVE is to blame for this! F*** that game that it carrie
  3. The point of spinning is for turning, isn't it?(you will turn, but you will not do more than 360-degrees. it will be pointless to keep spinning endlessly.) A Gunship like Apache and even armed-scout-helicopters has do this maneuver. Point is to look for enemies and gun them down, while ofcourse, not losing your platform. You also have to turn to change direction of Heading. The tail-rotor of a real-life-helicopter is not only for countering the Torque-Effect, it is also needed to turn the helicopter, otherwise, it won't be able to change Heading. That is what you need; You don't need
  4. I chose Designer (Mechanical + Systems-Engineer to be precise). Gonna do what you're good at! I'm also interested in Entrepreneurship, but it is bleeding-hard to look for a country that has this ideal of Private-sector-economy and public(tax)-fundings of public-infrastructure(such as Ports and logistics like roads) that will make doing businesses cheaper and easier in the country. It will put the country in competitiveness-chart and may even attract FDI(foreign-direct-investment. 100% owned or partially-foreign-owned with local-partner). No Organization I've seen has that ideal, which makes En
  5. It has the functions you need, and less to program here.
  6. @Vellnn The thing is, it has to be capable of moving forward and yawing(spinning/turning). To do that, just put 2 engines on both ends. If you get the same output-Thrust from both the engines, your UAV will move forward, if there is a difference, you will turn it. To make a faster-rate-of-turn, then that difference have to be big(one is outputting a lot of thrust, while the other is so less to nothing = faster-rate-of-turn). You will program these engines to have their own throttle-lever-control(macro them to keys in your keyboard). You can do a starboard/port-turn by differential-thrust(you c
  7. A Trades-Seal then? In other words, an "apprenticeship to a journeyman"-program. Well, that's the point of Certification. Certification is acknowledgement of completion of training, if we are talking about Trades, then it's practical-training. You said "recognition of competence", that is Trades-Seal, in Canada(only in Canada), we call it Red-Seal. Point of it, is recognition of competence in the field(meaning you are no longer an Apprentice). Ofcourse, things like this, it can only be recognized in and within your Guild-Structure(aka your Country), unless we will have our own Inte
  8. On his diagram, there is only 1 rocket on 1 outboard per side. That means 1 outboard will be propelled, and the other outboard will stay in one-place. Due to it being a quad, it will rotate. If the UAV rotates, how can it ever accelerate? You cannot have velocity without a vector. Something have to remain fixed in order for it to move and have velocity. No matter how much thrust-output you put in it, it will only be caught in the Centrifugal-Force. It's not the thrust-output or "boosts", it's the way you configured the diagram. Whilst, you fill both outboards as in the video, then it migh
  9. Then you need 2 of these Engines facing the same-direction on each sides of your quadrilateral (both near the perpendicular-line, the outboards of each sides), as shown in the video. If you put just 1 engine in only 1 outboard per side, ofcourse, you will yaw it, causing it to spin. If you can program these engines, then you can do a rate-of-turn. Engines and Liquid-Fuel-Rockets are not the same. While you can control the injector-valves of a liquid-fuel-rocket, they are not the same. Typically, we use rockets for disposable-guidance, like for missiles and rocket-battery. For non-dis
  10. given that output-thrust remains the same for all rockets, your "invention" will just stay in one-position horizontally with no acceleration. Explain to me how it can accelerate? No matter what you do, it cannot, because of Centrifugal-Force, there will be the Torque-Effect, meaning nothing will remain fixed, so no acceleration. Unless you plan to use Kinetic-Force to launch and throw it like a boomerang.
  11. So if you wanna run a school-system, you must create a good curriculum and have a Ministry of Education within your Guild that will receive Public-fundings in order to operate and supervise the education-standards up to post-secondary-level. They must ensure that education-system within the country remains globally competent. Ofcourse, you are gonna have Foreign-Students/International-Students, they must be approved and pay more tuition than domestic-students. Diplomas? You will make them online and the ministry himself will actually sign it(via paint-tool). So it's harder to fake! He wi
  12. So you wanna create this Trades-field for this Industry? A "certificate" is for Trades (example; Welding) My ideas; *have a Polytechnical-Institute that will teach students the basic of technicalities. *make a standard-Logbook of tasks graduated-students/apprentices must complete in training/on-job-training that graduated-superior/s must sign in order to validate their completion of training. *make a rank for the Industry that will define experience and also pay; apprentice < journeyman < master *make a red-seal(that's what we call it in Canada) or whatever for
  13. The word you are looking for is "Actuators". (they work mainly Hydraulically. Some can pneumatically or electrically<with motor> work). The attaching-rod is called a piston. But to call this whole-thing a "piston", it sounds like you are talking about otto-engines (the piston is inside that cylinder-bore). Call this thing actuators, it's just easier to understand. Yeah, the idea of Actuators will be great! It extends and retracts. The function is simple, only extending and retracting in linear-form. This kind of thing is basic of mechanical. The fork on a fork-lift,
  14. @blazemonger Then can you explain to me this "risk vs reward"-thing that the EVE-community kept on spatting about? There are risks, but I don't think there are any rewards. You people blew $1Million on B-R5RB, destroyed many Titans that costs $3K each, for what? Exactly, there were no rewards. It's just anarchy. What you said about DU, I can understand fully. You take your construct out of the safezone, it will be persistent there. Point is, I am willing to take the risk and go beyond the planet, for our own expedition-purpose. But I will not risk everything, I'm gonna have my own propert
  15. Know the details before you judge the game completely! Before I even Backed this game up, I did research on the details, and I ended-up choosing this game over Ashes of Creation. Know the details, because your speculations are wrong! If this is indeed "like" EVE completely, then I wouldn't have Backed this game and even paid attention to it. EVE is just garbage, no offence! The *, what is the point of even building or progressing through the game if they can all be destroyed with no protection? Everything is a hostile-zone in EVE, major-reason I didn't even gave a damn about it!
  16. You will trade those gold (the collateral) for Currency through NPC. And vuala, money is printed and it was backed with a collateral. That's my proposal, nothing to do with DAC.
  17. What I propose, is to inject currency through collateral. Not DAC. Where is that collateral gonna come from? Mining ofcourse, like how we mine Gold in real-life and use them as collateral for currency.
  18. There is no mention of DAC here. The gold(or whatever collateral) is a concept I propose and made-up. It's not a DAC. DAC is a consumable, as I already mentioned. Question is; where is the currency (Quanta) gonna come from?
  19. This Gold-to-Quanta-exchange will be fixed in rate and will never ever change. What will dictate the value of Quanta, is supply of Gold in the universe, how long it took to farm, over Item(commodity) availability and rarity, and Supply vs Demand of Item. If they really don't wanna give us NPCs, then make this "Quanta" a material(not paper) and is mineable, so it can be that collateral. It's the same-thing! that's my suggestion. Again, don't stick to gold-material, be creative(I'm using gold as an example only).
  20. You know how we had shells as direct-commodity-exchange during 19th century? I don't know if that existed elsewhere, but I'm from Asia. Even before contact with the West, we were already using Gold as currency(gold was that collateral). With this, we can do trade. There were currency to commodity trade, and there were commodity to commodity trade (item to item). The Qing Dynasty and it's preceding Dynasties traded with it's neighbors. That example of Gold is perfect! (Just give us NPC to exchange them for Quanta) Either we use the currency, or the gold itself as collateral.
  21. DAC is really not a currency because it can be consumed (It's more like a consumable. or perhaps if you don't use it, it becomes a collateral or commodity then). What I'm wondering here, is where will Quanta come from. In other MMORPGs, currency comes from selling junks that you obtained from Drops to NPCs. It comes from the NPC, and what gives that currency it's "value" is how long it took to farm it. Some valuable-items, NPC cannot and will not pay the right value for that, hence, they would rather sell it to players than to NPCs. What gives value to currency (in MMOs, as per my observation)
  22. @CaptainTwerkmotor The idea of LADAR "is" Radiowave-Radar. They are the same-thing, you transmit wavelengths of light to map the surroundings digitally. Radiowaves are just one of frequencies of light (there are many, including x-rays, etc). Yeah, I wanted to see LADARs, and one related to "Sound" as well(I call this "pulse-radar"). Sonars use Sound(it's the same as land-based-Pulse-Radar) but just in different Frequencies. LADAR = advantage: better Range than Pulse-Radar disadvantage: more interference Pulse(Sound)-Radar = advantage: less interfere
  23. Also, soundwaves cannot travel in a vacuum (or space) because there is no medium(air). So there won't be any form of sound-transmission there. They use electromagnetic-radiation(called radio-waves. they are a form of light, not sound) to communicate(or track). Light can travel in vacuum and does not need a medium. If we are to have radars, atleast have it in 2 forms; pulse(sound)-radar and radio(light)-radar, and even AM-transmission(mixture of both to increase range). Speed of Sound and Speed of Light, nobody cares, we wont even notice the difference (when we already have FTL in this gam
  24. Actually, it`s not just the shape, but also the material of the airframe-skin (I don't know what they use because it's military-secret). But I think it's a material that absorbs the oscillation of sound(frequency), meaning they are not that hard of material, to lower the echos that it won't even reach back the transmitting-radar. I don't know what material, but it's also the material of skin. I also like the idea of having a concept of Pulse-Radar for stationary and Pulse-Doppler-Radar for dynamic-moving-constructs (like ships) in this game. Radar-system in general, I like that ide
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