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  1. In my humble opinion we will need to have pharmaceutical industry in this DU game the benefits will be huge mostly becose of the PvP-ers will be in a constant need for mediPens and other medicines. This is just a rushly made example what I made (sorry its nothing cool or fancy but is a representation in a simple form the benefits of the pharmaceutical Industry in DU game). Edit/ And whit all this we will need also Hydroponic systems on a large scale to back up the Pharmaceutical Industry so huge benefits from this branches in the game. I know that out there will be lots of players who will enjoy in the farming aspect of the game and that they will be able to earn a great amount of Quantas from all this! ! (To all triggered persons out there Yes, I know my english grammar is far from good but Iam here becose I game not grammar)
  2. Again, I am not promoting "other games' here I sertanly Not promoting the form over function! Function is the moust important thing here, I am just traing to promote more diferent /diverse power-tools (for diferent jobs/ profetions different tools). For mining, mining tools, for salvaging a special tool for that etc, etc! And I am not one of those "badass self-image" type of players , simply I still think that "magical-nano-glow" used for ewriting in game is a boring concept here! And btw , for a game who is promoted to have P-to-P, monthly subscription model I expect a lot more stuff/ content in game! And a little of-topic, I look upon griffers whit disgust! They are nothing alse but anti-social retarderos who dont know what to do whit theyr lives!
  3. I voted Yes we need auto-defence systems for balance in the game! People cant be online all day awriday and also will keep that pesky raiders at bay ,at least for a time! But I think that auto-deffence systems of buildings will need to be somewhat balanced on powergrid and balistic auto-turrets will need also to depend of amount of ammo!
  4. Just a reminder that we really need some more mining power-tools in the game, something like this : And also something like this (lets say that is a Mining Laser Mk-2) Again, waiving that "magical glow" for evrething (mining/building other stuff) is boring thats whay I am pushing this suggestions / ideas!
  5. Plz, no just No! I hated cloaked ganker ships in EVE Online , it was cancer and we really not need that here! If anyone want to be a badass pirate then they will need to work hard for my hard earned cargo!
  6. Simply put ,I am against ragdoll logout system becouse is already proven in other games that all kinds of griffers and trolls will mess up whit your body/ragdoll when you are offline even kill the sleeper and stole the stuff/equipment from it! So the good old vanishing log-out is the best option.
  7. Salvaging , yes it can be lucrative bussines but only if done right by Devs ofcourse. And again I propose a hand maned laser cuter or other energy based power-tool for salvaging purposes! I agree that biger the risk biger the reward.
  8. If this game will have the old Tab-targeting system for combat (space but also planetside) then many potential players will be disapointed including me! Thil we get more new info on combat (especialy planetside) I give 2/10 for tab-targeting. This is 2018 I hoped that we will have more realistic combat system so thil I get new info I give a big dislike for an old ( and lame) combat system! Give to us realistic FPS combat and many people will be happy!
  9. I truly want that this DU game project to succeed but I fear that if we get only that magical glow what I see from youtube videos the game will be boring! Thats whay I propose diferent tools for diferent purposes , for mining a proper mining powertool, for building small equipment specialized multy-tool, for salvaging , laser cuter etc, etc! Crafting will need to be interesting but also balanced mechanic in game for the majority of players to enjoy in game. Also, when I sed diferent tiers i mean diferent workstations whit upgreadable options and recuarement of diferent higher tier of tools for crafting etc. (again sorry my english is not so good)
  10. I am all for complexe (but not to much overcomplicated) crafting system in game! It will be realy nice to have more than one tier of furnaces / rafinerys to be able to obtain higher /better allois etc. And again, for all that we will need diferent types of power tools and diferent equipment to craft from smallest items to largest ship components.
  11. My major atenttion will be on mining and reprocessing and make sure that in that way help my Org to prosper!
  12. Just holding your hand and suposedly calling that mining for me personaly is totaly non-imaginative ,we really need some more diverse mining power tools and such! And also if that is true that there will not be any ship mining equipment then this game for me is already doomed to be boring! Again , plz Devs reconsider and work on some diverse mining , building and even healing injection tools sets!
  13. I searched but I cant find on this forum ,so are we gona have some sci-fi mining tools ,something like this for example! Personaly I think that will be great to have warious tools from manual mining for samples to high grade mining equipment etc!
  14. Hm, the idea to be able to build a repair droids is really awesome and personaly I would like to have my repair shop filed whit all kinds of repair droids!
  15. I am all for customisable weapons, in this case a good old bolter size , becouse lets be honest we will always need more dakka on harsh unforgiving planets of DU!
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