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  1. I contracted Covid from someone who tested positive but I recovered. My symptom was just a small rash and a little bit of weakness. The sh*t didn't do anything to me man, it's nothing! (I'm not old and I'm very healthy) And I lost my nails (not Covid-related) and it will take 6 months (or longer. it can take a year) for it to grow back. How am I gonna work without any nails? I've been having problems and I'm sinking to the ground! This isn't good! I'm desperate for nails man! I don't have f*cking 6 months to wait for it to grow back! Covid problem, nail problem, business
  2. We all want DU to succeed. Why did I backed it in the first place? My stake is to see it succeed and be developed as a good game for me to spend my time on. You asked for suggestion, I gave you my suggestion. It is up to them.
  3. I am not a software specialist, so feel free to correct the technicalities (if I did got them wrong): Minecraft is a voxel-based game but the vertices cannot move (unless you edit the source-code itself). Minecraft offers limited geometry of only a cube that snaps perfectly with each other, and variety of textures. This is the game without modding it. And then you have Boundless Online, it offers the same thing that Minecraft offers but more option for static shapes. These games have what you call "static vertices" (vertices that do not move). Excuse my vocabulary, alright, I am not a software
  4. And by the way, the subscription model of this game is nothing! $7/month is nothing! Even $20/month is nothing! If you have a job, you can pay that! It is not a factor why most people are quitting or aren't attracted to the game! I don't understand why they ask this on the survey! People who don't intend to pay for sub ofcourse will be unattracted by the model. There are plenty of people who are willing to pay for sub if they can call the game their permanent MMO, especially if it is only $20/month. This is about their time man! Even at the cost of free, I will not be playing this game at this
  5. Well, let's go watch this building trailer: I've been testing this game since Pre-alpha. I know the current state of the building editor and terraforming (mining) tool and how it changed from back then. This trailer is just too good to be true! I do acknowledge and I know that you can produce such extensive results as shown in this trailer but you don't have good tools to do that. How is it achieved? By workarounds such as voxelmancy and spending way too much time (as for terraforming for example) because there is no easier way (which there should be! You want us to buil
  6. I was thinking of angling the wings as well. If you don't angle it, how are you gonna get relative wind? In real-life, wings are angled for more A.O.A (enough that you can take-off with it). I don't know what will happen unless I test it in the game. Does it really increase your A.O.A? (more lift coefficient?) I don't know! Things like this has to be tested. It's not about the comparison to real-life but the lack of info. This is the problem: lack of info. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't program in
  7. this is an attitude indicator. There is a limit to pitch angle before you stall and crash. This is how it works in this game: you will crash test experimental planes to figure out this critical pitch angle and you will put this information on the aircraft's operations manual. The "stall angle" information on elements means nothing to me since I cannot use that information.
  8. Then they give me "stall angle". what is the significance of this to me?
  9. Angle of Incidence is fixed by design (so this number does not change and it is given by design). Angle of Incidence is the chord line of the wing and the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Longitudinal axis of aircraft can change as aircraft changes pitch, but the wing will move with it because the wing is fixed to the aircraft and the chord line does not change relative to this axis. It is a fixed number because the wing is fixed (it doesn't tilt and no Wing Element in this game can tilt). There are few aircrafts (rare) in real-life which can tilt their wings (variable wings).
  10. The man has a point! Personally I am qualified to do the maintenance logbook (sign for the maintenance work) of specific models of aircraft, I have real life experience with aircrafts, and there are people that I mentor, and my god, I could not fly in this game! I build a ship according to the game's mechanics and applying what I know in real-life, I right click the cockpit and choose "auto config flying construct", and from there without touching anything, it already crashed! How is this accessible if someone like me with real-life aircraft experience, training, and education cannot even make
  11. We know very well what game that is! I don't wanna advertise anything here. I can afford to play as a robot, even C-3PO, if things are working better in that game.
  12. Years ago, there were more of us. Right now, there is less of us and the game is dying as days go by. Population isn't increasing and it has been decreasing dramatically and this will continue should the game is to "continue with it's course" until there isn't enough left to support the game. If you have a school with COVID outbreak and you let it "run the course", by tomorrow, all those kids will be dead. You solve the problem, you don't run the course! You don't see the problem? In order for emergent gameplay to take place in this game, they are looking to reach a "critical mass
  13. I totally agree! I just watched another recent dev interview just before writing this and I don't think they see how important addressing this issue is. Most people who are not into PVP are builders. This is a civilization-building and PVP MMO! They have a priority in addressing the lack of PVP contents but what about what is lacking in civilization-building? The biggest problem is the building editor itself. Those builders would be more likely to stay, join this game, or continue playing for the long-term if the editor improve to be more intuitive (easy to use), robust, and productive, and th
  14. I'm the one here with the least varied sentence structure and limited word choice to the point that people have accused me of being a chat bot as they see the same rhythm on my writing. To be honest, I find it very difficult to write in English (ironically I'm from Canada); it takes me a lot of time than what it normally should take and I rely on Google Dictionary to compose my writing. I'm running out of words or perhaps I've already ran out of words but I will repeat my points once again: Dual Universe is a space MMO building game. I bolded "building game" because I want to emphasize this pa
  15. I am not a fan of complicated voxelmancy and in my honest opinion, it has to be simplified. Display the vertices and give us the control to be able to move them. Instead of wasting the time creating shapes in such a complicated process, we can allocate that time in the technical design of the construct instead. That's what matters in construct-design! A complicated voxel editor is an unnecessary burden.
  16. I prefer to use a yoke system over a side stick or helicopter cyclic stick because you can control the aircraft better with it. It feels more natural. You can steer the yoke to control the ailerons and push and pull it out to control the pitch and both can be done together, while you have to control the roll and the pitch with a stick that has these axes overlapping while using the pedals for the yaw. The stick works great for a helicopter because all it does is tilt the swashplate, while for fix-wing, it's not good. Why not use a control that feels more natural like a yoke for a fix-wing?
  17. We have many Landing Gear Elements in this game of various sizes and they all have the same function: retract and extend, that's it. The variety of sizes and how you pick the most appropriate Landing Gear type for your construct and how many of them to put, are just for the looks. Add a load capacity to these Landing Gear Elements and make them take damage when you land with them extended with the total load capacity of all the Landing Gears exceeded by the construct. This will make construct-designing more function-based.
  18. Here is my opinion: it is a waste of resources. Why would you waste an already limited resources on porting this game to consoles when consoles are just dumbed-down computers. Sure, their specs got better -- it's still far from being on par--in terms of performance and controls--to a budget computer that costs the same to build. A budget computer is a JF-17 or an Su-30 being used as multi-role acquired for a price of $35m/unit. A console is an FA-50 (Korean FA-50) being used as multi-role acquired for the same price of $35m/unit. Do you see what I'm saying? It's not capable as a mu
  19. In order to stimulate economic growth, you need QE to increase consumer spending. Like you said, QE causes rise in prices and drop in purchasing power. The government has an inflation rate target every year for controlled inflation and that is what you want (not hyperinflation). How do you control inflation? Interest rate because whatever the bank profits is a "sink". Increase the interest rate and their reserve grows (they took more money out). But people do not borrow when interest rates are high and in order to incentivize them to borrow, you lower the interest rate (if people do not borrow
  20. When their reserve is low and fails to meet the minimum requirement, they borrow from the central bank. If the central bank bails them out because of default, the same thing happens to the central bank: the liabilities grow while the loan is wiped (government becomes more indebted). They bailed them out because the economic activity will be affected if these banks are to close (they will do a rate cut first; bailout is like a last resort). We have the Coronavirus right now and because of people getting laid off and unable to make loan payments because they lost their livelihood, banks become m
  21. A bank is considered bankrupt (or insolvent) when it cannot meet withdrawal demands of it's customers in terms of liquid asset and fail to raise it. Commercial banks can also issue credits (IOUs) in the form of deposits like a central bank issuing bank notes (currency) out of nothing and loan them to borrowers or acquire physical or financial assets. Commercial banks are the biggest source of credits and next to it is the central bank. Did you know that 90% of the money in the world that we use today are in the form of electronic deposits and only about 10% are cash? If the commercial bank kee
  22. You want collateral, and at the same time, the customer is needed to make a bailment (a deposit) in order for this to work. If the private bank is the one holding the collateral to guarantee your withdrawal demands, would you trust them? That is why you need a third-party involved -- the government. Let them hold the collateral so in the case of default, customers can go to the government for recourse. This collateral is the insurance. I invented this system. And then just practice fractional-reserve banking because the purpose of a bank is to make money and that's what makes the most money. T
  23. The purpose of a private bank is to generate income for the institution for it's stakeholders by providing credits. What are your bank's sources of income (revenue)? For example, do you do net interest income? How about the organization's structure? Do you have a good private structure since this is a private institution? And most importantly, do you have people who know some finance and accounting for the operation to work and sustain it since this is banking?
  24. Here is the problem: when a player barters something for something equivalent, it's like exchanging $100 worth of value for the same value. It is not a deposit but a barter for the same value, or a transaction (if quanta is involved) for the same value, only to literally get the same thing in return. The system doesn't work if there is no deposit process -- "deposit" is a transfer of money or physical asset (if that is what you want) to an institution, get a collateral involved and that is not a "transfer". This is a possible implication of a banking service such as this, thus o
  25. Congratulations Mr. Yamamushi! I hope that you will be able to make significant contributions for the betterment of this game as part of the team now! Quality of this game and it's service have always been--since the start--the interests of the community and I believe that you will represent our interests in your new workplace given the passion you have for this game. Thank you for all your contributions to the community and I hope that you will be able to do more for the community as a new NQ staff now! All we want as a community is a game that truly represents the genre and maintain it as it
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