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  1. Yeah I'm thinking they are gonna need to do an auto clean up every 24 hours type thing or it's gonna look like a junk yard. Object collision makes it hard to move around and some objects you can't jetpack over. No way this game will be able to support all tiles on a planet being full.
  2. Same problem. Today has been pretty bad for me. I've got some Chillhop streaming in the background just to stay calm about it. Seems like it picks people at random to kick. This is only my second day and already I'm wondering if I need to wait a few weeks till they have this sorted out lol.
  3. This happened to me. First mining tutorial I did the platform was floating, walked forward and fell into water. The ground was underwater, but the waypoint was high up. I ended up just exiting the game and starting over.
  4. Well it probably depends on when the mainstream MMO gamers get on board and begin to dump their suggestions, and yeah maybe it could be a stretch goal. As of now the game isn't widely known yet and people are just now hearing about it. I made a thread about it before the MMORPG.com article and a few said they would avoid it due to it being 3rd person.
  5. MMORPG.com article up http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1414/feature/10930/How-the-Games-Single-Shard-Server-Works.html
  6. Yeah but a lot of those games are Indie niche games. Like Pantheon, not sure how successful that will be. Buy to play works best imho. Nothing like BDO but more like GW2; though people have dropped thousands on costumes in BDO like it's nothing.
  7. I'm kinda thinking the P2P trend is has somewhat ended. A few developers are trying to bring it back, but the success of this move is questionable at best. WoW, EVE, FFR and and few older titles remain p2p titles, but they have due to their dedicated long term playerbase. The problem is there are so many crap f2p games out there for all the gamers with no dedication to one game, they won't even give a new unproven p2p title a chance. So with that said you either go p2p and remain niche, or f2p or b2p and gain a constant playerbase flow in and out of the game. It really depends on the type of community you are trying to build and how much revenue you seek to acquire from your service. Look at SWTOR, it started as a b2p title, died within 6 months. They went f2p and the gained a huge amount of players.
  8. My question was going to be "will there be 3rd person view?" Found the answer in the faq. I gotta say that already the first person only view has alienated some MMO players who only prefer to play in third person view, sometimes due to motion sickness. My only suggestion would be that maybe they should consider launching with third person view.
  9. I've played MMOs since the late 90's (UO/EQ/SWG and beyond) and at this point I prefer B2P. I've been burned on so many sub based games I stopped playing most of them. I kind of wonder if they could do like Second Life hybrid type system which would allow creators to create items and sell with purchasable in game currency and yet players can sub for added bonuses; but somewhat like gw2 where it's just cosmetics. Lets not forget Black Desert and their high priced store items. People brag about spending thousands, I've only spent maybe $30. I'm sure there would be whales who would keep the game profitable,
  10. Yeah they are pretty skeptical, and bring up some good points in the video. I hope Novaquark can pull this off cause it sounds like a dream come true xD.
  11. I have never supported a kickstarter ever, but if this game can deliver I might have to. Been looking for a game to take the place of Star Wars Galaxies and so far no game has been able to deliver on the depth that game had, but this looks like it may come close.
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