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  1. There actually aren't any games at all that do specifically what I mentioned, plus why are you necro-posting
  2. In this video at 7:30 he shows off a drone he made, so I guess if you added some more features then you could have a "kamikaze" drone that rams its self into enemies and explode. But you can't have them shoot people on sight
  3. I think for many companies, they would fight and after the battle they would do repairs. But if it were a battle or war between nations or huge orgs, then they might have repair men that have to act fast enough to dodge shots in order to fix up the ship.
  4. You can survive as a lone wolf if you build underground, live on a less populated planet, or live deep in a cave system. These are some of my ideas for what I might do at some point in the game.
  5. So I just wanted to ask everyone what are the major projects your org has planned for DU, and what are their purposes.
  6. I haven't seen or heard of any talk about having a variety of a certain elements to choose from. Like you can craft 7 different designs of thrusters that all are equal in performance, because their look is just purely Aesthetic Im asking this because I wanted to build a ship thats a sphere on the outside, but has a hollow cube in the inside for you to sit in it and pilot it. Similar to a Saiyan spacepod
  7. I think you can have multiple weapons, but I dont think you can fire them all at once
  8. I'd like to live in these places in this order 1. my own base 2. space station 3. join a nation's military (so where ever they have us stay) 4. underground facility 5. starship 6. city
  9. Nope you will have to pay a monthly fee or buy time from other players
  10. Everyone has been saying that DACs can be turned into Quanta, so by chance does anyone know how many DACs equals 1 Quanta
  11. I'd like to see a mesa like planet, but I still like the other planet types too
  12. But what about the parasites, do you think that they would ever include those
  13. I was wondering, if group-A stumbled upon group-B's base and B banned A from building/mining on their land. So would group-A only be able to destroy/take over group-B's land claimer or will they not be able to do anything about it
  14. 1. you have to gather resources 2. no 3. yes 4. large ships will only be drawn to planets/moons only if they are too close to the atmosphere 5. I dont think so
  15. you dont have to pay 7k to play the game, you can just wait like most of us until its fully released
  16. For me, the immediate breaking of minerals/ores when you mine them brakes the immersion and makes mining way too easy. It takes away the sense of earning you would get for mining something; and example is minecraft where each mineral and ore has a different durrability and hardness. So if mining dirt is just as easy and simple as mining tungsten, then theres no reward or sense of acomplishment for collecting a valuble ore, because any new player can go to it and mine it without any upgraded tools or skills.
  17. So I know that there won't be any npc's, but I've been wondering to what depth will the scripting be. EX: I build a drone and program it to search for and kill players basically will we be able to create simple AI using the in-game LUA scripting tool
  18. I'd like to be a lone traveler for a while, having some mercenary contracts and being a merchant from time to time. Eventually I want to start an organization or nation, but if I can't then I'll be just as happy with being apart of an pre-existing group or something
  19. I was just thinking about aliens and different kinds there could be, like Flood-like or Predator-like or even ones like the Na'vi from the movie Avatar. The idea of a nearly catastrophic parasitic alien filled my brain with al sorts of ideas of their life cycles, emergent behaviors, and viralness. A flood-like organism could decimate entire planets, eventually causing a organization to form that would quarntine that sector. Also a company could weaponize the parasite and conquer worlds. There'd have to be vaccines that have to be researched and discovered too, so that the disease/parasite isn't unstoppable. Then I thought about races like the Ood and Vortigaunts, which are both slave races. So that got me thinking would DU give you the option to travel to some planet with primitive aliens and using your superior technology you could conquer them and then enslave them. Now of course there would have to be different types of slavery; such as chattel, servant, war drudges, work serfs, and livestock. All of these would have different buffs, but you could just have general slaves that follow your commands. Those buffs would be like, for example: you are attacked by a band of raiders, so you would use war drudges because the other slave types do less damage and are slower fighters than the war drudges. Also you could face rebellions, uprisings, and slave runaways. I believe all of these would add more emersion, plus some really cool scenarios could arise from it.
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