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  1. I agree that it is unavoidable. And it would be an interesting thing to consider. I'm sorry if I sounded really against it, I just have concerns as well as ambitions with that kind of game mechanic in mind.
  2. That sounds great! I was thinking that someone ought to be thinking/planning/working on an idea like this by now. Do you by chance know how it would work though? Has NovaQuark stated whether or not they are planning/working on a radar or similar system? Just curious if you knew, I haven't heard of anything like that.
  3. I would agree that a notifications would be a good feature however controlling and operating ingame constructs or parts would not be a good addition. As far as mining drones: Mining Drones are not a thing in Dual Universe and are not planned. The idea is basically boycotted by NovaQuark at this point. They have reiterated many times that mining all has to be done by hand by players. This is so that bigger organizations or ingame companies couldn't steal the entire mining economy away from other players among many other reasons. And as stated by other users features like this could be easily exploited.
  4. Having gone through pilot training in real life, and having toured and been involved in multiple airports, I have a decent background in avionics. Recently an idea for Dual Universe came to mind as I was considering flight in real life. The idea I thought of was implementing an Air Traffic Control (ATC) concept into the game. However, I do not know if this is possible with just LUA or if it would need extra help and features from the game developers. My idea was that a player could have a computer screen and it would show a similar layout to real life ATC windows (the stereotypical screen of multiple circles on the display with dots and callsigns symbolizing the various aircraft in that airspace [e.g. : pictured below]). One major issue with the concept is that, in space, one would have to consider 3 dimensions of movement/approach of air/space vessels. This led me to the dea that maybe instead of a computer screen, a hologram would be more efficient. The hologram would project a center marked at the projector's position and other constructs would be marked relative to the center mark depending on where they are in space. However the latter implementation of the idea would require LUA editable holograms (which would be really cool).
  5. PSA: This is the Flat Alioth Society talking. We are now recruiting for players to join our organization, The Flat Alioth Society. Our goal is to spread the word that Alioth is indeed flat. We have the evidence, but the question is do you have the time and the commitment to join us on our mission to spread the word of the Flat Alioth? Join us now to spread the word and make novaquark finally admit that Alioth has been flat all along. NovaQuark doesn't want us to know this information because they believe that we would not want to continue or voyage on the Ark Ship. They believe that we would want to change our destination to a better more suitable location if we all knew the truth that our new planet is actually flat. Thank you for your time everyone. Let's spread the word and get more members and to stay strong and succeed in our mission. Applications to our organization are open at this time.
  6. Is this still going?! Well... Since no one is probably going to read this anyway and this going to get lost in a spam of posts anyway, Join the Flat Alioth Society! Spread the word that Alioth is actually flat!
  7. Solus Venturis Solus can me lonely and single but also has the root "sol" like you mentioned Venturis can mean future So I think it would be fitting to name it "Solus Venturis" with my interpretation being "The Solar System of Our Future" Given the backstory is that our home planet was destroyed and this is our new hope for the future.
  8. This sounds like a great idea that could be a really fun addition on the game to play! However, I do believe there are restrictions to gambling in games that are distributed in the US (such as not being able to buy in-game gambling money/being able to pay to use gambling features) to people under 18. I know that this isn't a US based company but I believe it would have to follow certain guidelines not to be blocked by US gaming companies and systems. At least that is what I have heard. Regardless I believe that this would be a great addition to the game! Who wouldn't want to fly their million dollar space ship to an orbiting, space station like, casino and leave completely broke and your spaceship belonging to someone else. (not complete sarcasm, I would like that feature)
  9. I believe that this idea could have potential. The way I would see it though is that you could go to a builder's area that is really big and have it give you the option to go into "Test" or "Envision" mode where you could construct a design (possibly have it be transparent or grayed out) and when you finish you could save it as a "Template" or "Guide" which then could be like a blueprint but what would happen is you have to activate it and then you could put voxels into the positions inside and build the ship with this "Template" as a kind of transparent sketch that you would have to fill in with real resources to actually make.
  10. As many people have already stated that doesn't really fit the backstory. And I am having a hard time understanding what good that would do along with the character customization I've heard about in general. Aren't the characters in space-ish suits?
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