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  1. I was talking storage, as in storing currency or materials in what is referred to in nearly all MMO's as banks which is an item storage depot that in some cases allows the players to store in game currency. In video games which do not function by the laws of real life, banks mean item storage depots so that is what I meant and I thought I was being clear on but apparently not. Novaquark has already stated that they plan to make it so that players can have their stuff taken if they are killed, how far they implement that is up to them and is ,like I said, a balancing act.
  2. Buuuuut, as I stated earlier, such a thing would make any resource transportation system meaningless and make the very Idea of in game piracy and such utterly pointless which would really hurt the game by removing a massive amount of Emergent Game-play and would make our player decisions be barely capable of affecting the games economics. A strong economic system capable of wild fluctuation would be the driving force behind larger organisations, the ability to have in game currency or other resources lost or stolen by pirates would be a massive force driving Emergent Game-play and
  3. I do believe the majority of you seem to be failing to understand that wealth is not just an accumulation of currency. The big haulers that Dual Universe has shown off would become purely decorative and pointless without some kind of storage system similar to banking in most MMO's. One does not need to store money externally in order to store wealth and personally I would find the game a lot less fun to play if a single player could hold an entire planet of resources in their inventory. The banking system we are talking about does not really need to exist for new players or solo player in gene
  4. There are a lot of personal reasons to use a shared account not the least of which being something like the guild storage in many other MMO's. Given that this game has large organizations in it, one would assume that at least some of those organizations might want to offer some kind of free stuff to new members or some kind of group storage between members in certain fields without having to personally transfer the money or items which could get very inconvenient very quickly. There are also more suspicious reasons that one might want to make a transaction indirect in order to keep secrets and
  5. Awesome, I will put a strong consideration to joining you although I do plan on creating my own organization for other purposes I am really glad to see someone else who understands the necessity of item storage/transfer systems and banking which is honestly all I am really proposing.
  6. You make a really valid point I had not considered. Even though the gambling would not be real it would still be a suggestive theme that could have complications in availability. This does raise the question though about how Dual Universe will approach gambling done independently between players within the game. So long as it is possible for players to trade and share items, gambling will be able to and probably will exist. I personally really like the idea of a rich veteran of the game losing months of in game currency in a day or a brand new player suddenly becoming e
  7. We definitely need some kind of dispensing system to help automate trading and free up players time to do what they want to do although I worry about how much something like that might tax the servers. It would also be really helpful if their were a way to link multiple containers together and automate storage and storage transference but I also worry about that being a big weight on the servers. What I was thinking when it came to credit was that it was exactly what you said but I was suggesting that it could be turned into a physical object as a security measure. It would no
  8. I think we should have the ability to create interactive elements that make it possible to gamble such as slot machines or some kind of roulette wheel. I think we also need to have some kind of lightly automated localized transfer system that can automatically move something from one container to another, maybe using LUA scripts. I had this idea when I was thinking about how I want to play the game. I plan to build a bank for new players to store their goods in a single heavily protected area and having a side business would make that goal all the more feasible, specifically a
  9. The idea of narcotics might seem like a cool idea initially but it would have a negative impact on the games publicity and player accessibility. I feel that their should be alcohol and other items that mess with the camera perspective and such but that these items should not have any feature that is not purely cosmetic. I don't think it would be good for dual universe to appear that it is promoting some kind of illegal drug. I know it seems like a fun idea but I would rather DU didn't give the media any kind of big weapon to use against it.
  10. A straight up lock preventing any kind of construction would be a really useful feature for a lot of reasons. Additionally, if they made a multi-tiered permission system where you could for example build an apartment complex and draw an outline around one of the housing segments internal area and set it to be completely editable by the tenant but not anyone else other than the owner would be awesome. Having a permission based construction system like that would also make much larger city constructs far more feasible and practical from a game play perspective.
  11. This is my first comment so please be forgiving if it is not the most useful. I believe that the game should have a logout mechanic involving a bed or cryopod chamber. Their should probably be a 15/30/60 minute reuse timer and I lean more toward it being 15 or 30 minutes. If a player logs out just anywhere their body should be left in game indefinitely or until killed. If killed while away the player should not re-spawn until the player logs back on. The same if a player is just away from their keyboard for too long. The ark ships should serve as a free unlimited logout i
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