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  1. I vant to suck your blood......it ok i dont need to bite your neck anymore...we're in the future now....get with the program. i simply suck it at a distance.......sucks for you though......
  2. And thats not going to be good for your blood sugar levels......diabeties kills people man.....unless it refulates blood sugar
  3. Ouch, ok whilst it is plugged into your arm.....it could still fuel its power requirements by breaking down organic things.....rather than pulling resources from your body. Otherwise you'd need to be a fat bastard to do anything in the game.....then binge eat to use it again.l
  4. As a nano former it could gain energy by breaking down some kind of object or things that will provids it with the energy it needs to continue. With the energy stores being upgradable so you can mine longer or something
  5. Whilst i do not belive we are full cybernetic, the nano former is a part of our suit not our bodies. The mining initially will have to be done with nano formers and well will have refineries to process the stuff. I do not think we'll get mining equipment though....maybe it will be a mining upgrade to nanoformer itself, this is more likely, as well and support equipment to assist with the mining.
  6. agreed it was good. At least now the more DU gets out and people start with the pre-alpha game play..the response should get better.
  7. I was almost not going to get a founders pack....glad i made that jump Regarding 3 years from now......a dark corner of DU web hosting.....buried amoungst the lost no longer used threads.....with not many more people than this probably...
  8. discordauth:UX35FnRC8wtGHxBUxpnRgNLKZLUliu97_XZp25ngibo=

  9. The attempted response was weak....however i will give you cudos for the attempt. ?? the information was useful if you are prepared to accept that its your and your brothers action that have lead to this occuring.... I wish you well in your journey.
  10. God i sound old....just like my father and his father before him.
  11. We all make poor choices from time to time, some of these are caused by environmental some by ourselves amd others are caused...by others. Your decisions and choices have lead you and your brother to this point.....how you choose to proceed, is up to you....just because one door closes...does not mean that other doors will be.... Find others who you find amicable get to know them first...before throwing insults. Let them know and accept that not everyone will understand your situation....and this may require you to give more than you get.....but that in itself if a trail of character. We can only live by the actions and words each of us said or done till this point to create the situaitions we now live in.....accept it and grow...adapt and overcome......(cue gif)
  12. And Yamamushi's supposed to know this.......how? We're supposed to know this how.l? As this is not face to face....and we don't know you or your brother.....then you should have expected somthing like this to occur and tried to smooth things over.... We can only act on the tone of the conversation directed to us and the words used in the conversation..... To arrive at an opinion....whether it be correct or not....as it was conveyed....so before you start to shoot your mouth off try to think about the people that dont know about your family history and how they would react.....before you jump on the crusade to defend your brother and accuse other of being belligerant.
  13. But none of this is really relevant....posting a forum topic of how your brother was banned from a chat for insulting the admin and calling into question his work......is not a good way to build friends. NQ do not control the discord channels and no amount of complaining will bring back the dead ....rip....however you can still repair bridges private messages still work...unless your brother's ego is inflated he need to make the first move.....the balls in your court. Peace and love ✌ ..
  14. Oh and for the record.....the account name i was referring to was LUNA.... And for the second point, it is fallacy.....if its an id10t error, not the program.....itself. Slander is a defamation of character saying his stuff is broken insinuating he produces shit stuff ...is indirect (as not said directly) however calling him a prick on top of that is slander.... Albeit direct now. This is because your brother is saying his work is shit and he wont help him when he is irritated with Yamamushi and eventaully call Yamamushi a prick.....what part of that is not slander....... i myself had not used the command before and wanted to see if your brothers point was valid......so i typed ~forumauth ....and low and behold........it worked. It is alway important to check the information you are being provided first
  15. Its the way in which it was said that was the issue ? its not so much what you say(though it does play a part)....but how you say it. ? better luck next time
  16. As i was present whilst this happend....i can safely say that Yamamushi was well within his right's to do so.... If you insult him directly calling him a prick cause your "brother" could not type ~forumauth properly and get his accout passed for alpha..... ( ever wonder if maybe he did not have rights to access that.....maybe he typed it wrong?). When everyone else who had the rights to and were able to type ~forumauth and was able to get access, maybe...is not Yamamushi's fault..... but your brothers. Also for insulting the Admin of his own chat slandering his creation ( in case your wondering, he created that auth script himself). Anyway.....there is no smoke without fire....he should be mindful of who he decides picks fights with...or tries to insult......
  17. Who knows maybe the AI are the secret and that they have been doing things......naughty things.....and we will at somepoint sumble across an ai colony. And so starteth the machine war.....pve
  18. @Dekhur - You can think of the server that Dual universe runs on, as a massive computer (made from lots of little computers all connected together to perform tasks and calculations that a small single pc could never hope to run. Dual universe the software is designed to provide a single persistant universe where we 1000s of people all play at the same time....with out instancing. This means if i do something you can see the effect without delay because the world is affected not the intance and does not require you to update your client in order to perceive this change. The game is also designed to improve the performace from the hardware by increase or decreasing its requirements from the provided hardware (as is necessary), in order to make sure the system resources are not wasted and its capable of load balancing to make sure the game is running efficiently.
  19. Place your DACs, place your DACs
  20. Watching the Videos and other associated clips of JC Dev, blogs and independent videos, JC has himself mentioned that the Blueprints will be physical objects that they intend for it to be possible to be stolen in game and that they will be tied to your character not downloadable. JC also mentioned that they will be in your inventory or something to that effect. The Blueprints will have a master BP that you can make copies of and sell off to others, as a once off build or editable build depending on what you set....again they are still working on the finer points but the idea is there and will be available at some point for us to "explore possibilities". As the Master BP and other BP's can be stolen so keep them safe :-) All your BP are belong to us... make you time.
  21. wow still on this topic eh......I am pretty sure I posted NQ position on the matter.....Never mind though, I won't reiterate myself. By the way....all your bases are belong to us.....make your time
  22. A quote from NQ regarding this In conclusion: Yes, having a creative mode inside the game, just for designing purpose (without giving any free resources in the "real" in-game universe) is something we are considering. However, this is a huge feature to develop, and while we would like to add it to the game, there is a high chance it won't be implemented before the official game release. If it's implemented at some point, it will be probably after, in an expansion. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
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