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  1. Edit: when I talk about light, I talk about the whole electromagnetic spectrum, not visible light, that's how I was taught in school, idk if it's wrong or not... but undestand my post like that Well still on the pysics sides of thing (kinda off topic but whatever)... I thought you could use any wavelength of light to create a laser? I mean not that we acheived to make xray lasers, but in principle if a material reflects xrays the we should be able to make a laser with it... because the basic principle of a laser is to bounce photons wich "duplicate" themselves because of exited atoms.. blablabla.. between 2 mirrors, and have one mirror letting 1% of the light which hits it through... Am I correct? So from a sci-fi perspective, we have access to more materials and for some reason one of the reflects Xrays... Also (I am not a scientist, neither a light engineer, but from what i know, true or not...) I think that the lead is just a material that block idk 80% of the Xrays through 1mm, letting 20% of the original Xrays through, beeing a transparent material... (completely random values btw, but you know the point isn't about values here) But acting like a opaque one... so a shielding for visible light is just a normal material, or is it more like a transparent but really opaque material? I know there is a really black material that absorb 99.idk percent of visible light, it's quite impressive to look how deep the dark is... isn't it a shielding material? It doesn't reflect light, only absorb... I'm getting kinda lost because I don't really understand were I was wrong about materials, yes I didn't talked about the absorbtiion coeficient thing, neither did I properly talked about refraction, but It was somewhat on purpose... And I don't know what makes visible light so special to you, it's not because we can see it that we can make lasers out of it, but I think you know that... So the comment I just made is quite messy, I can really put my mind... please clarify a bit what you really meant and where exactly I'm wrong...
  2. This topic is NOT about player 3rd person, I didn't know how to put the title in a way that people understand it, and it looks like some didn't... So I repeat it, and I completely HATE 3rd person shooters, so don't think i'm trying to add something that allow me to peek around corners without exposing myself or whatever crap you can come with... I'll add ship manouver to the title to be sure...
  3. So I'm aware that in one topic laser protection has already been discussed (by the form of heat resistant armor) but I wanted to take it a step further... also the content I'm about to propose is definitly for advanced gameplay that definitly won't be in the game at release ( well if NQ want to do it they can, but I don't think it should be a goal for release..) Also I won't be using really scientific terms here and i'm omitting some properties of light because they aren't that intersting in gameplay purposes ( at least i dont find them interesting)... So if you didn't know laser emit only in a specific wavelength, different wavelengths have different properties when hitting materials, ( common example is uv don't always go through glass but visible light does) and ( for simplification purpose) light can either be reflected/ absorbed/ ignored by the material it hits... ( visible light is reflected by a mirror but gamma rays pass through (not sure about that, i'm not a scientist, but you get my point)) so the idea is different wavelength of light are produced in different ways, needing different materials... and laser protection is made by stacking layers of reflecting materials in specific ways, maybe as a paint job with many layers of paint, keeping in mind that if you want to reflect Xrays you want to have the reflecting layer behing layers that ignores x rays and don't absorb them... this way if the whole thing is properly balenced you could make it in a way that you can't get the best OP armor, you'll always have downsides... however since there will be different laser types, you could make one that needs to buildup before releasing the light, and thus needing a more complex crew to maintain, restraining the use to advanced military fleets... this way a hauler don't need the protection against this weapon if he follows the "law", since pirates won't probably have the same tactics ( more run and gun like) and thus would be using a different type of laser... so balancing would be a mess I admit it, BUT once it's up and running, it adds a huge amount of gameplay / building mechanics... tell me your thoughts on that
  4. Well usualy a really good part of those players are new players and won't leave with a lot of money in their wallet... the older players that leave the game will or league their money or leave with their money, overhaul, it won't be a huge amount leaving... We'll have to see in the long run
  5. or the builder's corner one
  6. maybe we could see the pressurization system as still a buble, but wich would act as a shell around the ship following the aproximate contours of the ship, if a ship is "pressurized" all voxel damage is severly increased, and if not, then regular damage would apply... That's the simplest way to incorpore your idea, however I can't really consider the amount of complexity involved in drawing the contours of a 3D shape... So unless there is a magical solution to that... i don't see a way pressurization could be better than plain oxygen bubbles....
  7. Celivalg

    Tree harvesting

    What would you even use wood for? Fuel? We are not running steam engines on spaceships xD the only use i see is decoration wich Wouldn't bring it to a really high consumption...
  8. ? Nooo just return the x,y coordinates of wich pixel the player was pointing at when he pressed "use" not that hard, the coordinates could be easly obtained and it won't cost anything in ressources
  9. well I wont say they are the worst, Because It's true that they have a much better UI and user friendly features, however, once you try to do something else than working on a mac, things get crazy hard compared to windows, I mean not hard but more like they are actively trying to prevent you to do this... And the price you have to pay for a mac... I mean you really have to hate windows to buy one x)
  10. I know way more about space manouvers than you think I do... however I wanted to point out that there won't be a "dedicated drone prefab", there will probably be a drone core/ drone transmitter... blablabla, but you have to remember that everything is scriptable, and the load of the scripts wich are generated (or created by you) should be your cpu usage, not a "i cost x CPU to run...", that's not really in depth, in fact it's a simplification of how the thing would behave.... I get that you all think about DU as a clone of Eve but you have to rememeber that it's way more than that, the way constructions are made allow for more complex gestion of your ship... the fitting system from eve should look simple compared to the DU building system... and when I was speaking of 3rd person, no I don't want a 3rd person on my character, even if this game can't do everything with immersion due to server ressources, I definitely don't want them to implement things that don't makes sense in a RP perspective
  11. We are not talking about an item in itself, it's a ship just a really small one and controlled remotely ( small compared to the main ship ), decreasing the stats of the main ship just because you have a drone flying around doesn't make sense in this way, I mean the drone will need manpower, a special installation on the main ship... but It shouldn't be just a " I turned on my drone, I have now 20% less shield efficiency because my drone is a low tier one..."
  12. Though I dpn't know if the remote control they showed would be enough for controlling a drone around a capital ship, maybe we need something like antennas to increase the range of the fly zone.... we'll know more about it when alpha will come out
  13. So if i correctly understood what has been said about 3rd person is that there won't be any... But what about being creative? For example, I am flying on a big ship, having some complex maniuver to coordinate between my ship mates, I need to juge the space I have left between a wall/ other ship qnd my ship... It would help if we could have 3rd person, not from a gameplay pov but more from a technical one, what I mean by that is that we could have a drone operator ON the big ship wich could control a small, really tiny and reactive drone with a camera strapped on it, and the video feed could be transfered to a screen onboard... the question is: will we be able to control a ship remotely? I mean I don't see an obstacle in scripting exept transmitting instruction from a ship to another one and more importantly transmitting data... i don't know how practical it would be but it seems feasible and usefull for those who miss 3rd person on ships
  14. I don't know if it's off topic but I didn't felt like oppening a new weather topic would be a great idea... what about cataclysmic events? By cataclysmic I mean asteriods, huge solar flares, maybe supernova ( even if I don't have a clue of what the consequences would be... ) but with a really rare probability, by rare I mean that a cataclysmic event should only have an impact on the economy at most once or twice a year, they could happend more often but not have an impact on the economy/ players interactions.... Imagine a war completely reversed after one of the sides has been touched by one of these events... It would seem unbalenced but after all life is life, and maybe it would encorage corporations to extend to more than one planet/ solar sytems in therms of structures... ( I mean main structures, not outposts) but again seeing how "hard" it would be for the touched players to make a comeback in the game, I need someone else to tell me the things I haven't thought about...
  15. though It has been said that the limit would be a game within a game, so far I don't think anyone made a game within a game within a game... BUT we might be able to break it here
  16. where Vellnn had a fair point is the fact that people seem to overconsider the load of features on the server, Still I don't consider the shifting voxel as a good addiion, but people are often like "no infinite processing power..." and I think that they should at least have a deeper explanation on how and why it would cost a lot to the server rather than just saying no because it looks complicated... there are always different way to make the same thing, some are optimized, some aren't. Everyone who know a bit to program knows it...
  17. mmh I dont know about durabitlity (in terms of weather dammage), It's quite annoying to manage and don't add a whole lot in gameplay Edit: I take it back, it might be a great idea to have planet where you can't establish long term bases and force you to use them as ressource only
  18. a permanent weather is a good idea however It shouldn't be like random, there should be causes of the permanent weather (low orbiting planet could have a really high temperature). If there aren't, this could end up in a kinda boring state
  19. well If someone need you to stay away, and they are ready to pay a lot for it, you might already be well known and you should have a big alliance to cover you up, you could declare war/ bring a fleet and destroy these guys... again it's a sandbox, there isn't one and only senario for bounty nor for any other aspect of the game... not allowing bounty hunting just for one way it could be abused to make one player's life hard isn't a good descision...
  20. I don't think NPCs would be a good adition because we "already" have scripting that would allow us to do pretty much the same thing and in a more efficient and cleaner way... Also I think that performance-wise, NPC ai would be pretty heavy on the server, and they can't affroad to spend that precious power inside this sort of additions... at least for now. Maybe in a few years when the game will already be pushed a bit further, why not.... but not anywhere soon, at least I don't think.
  21. QuantumTunneling Speaking here (new account for a new name...) I have to say that i love Factorio and i really like the way they model efficiency with the different ratios, and that is what i call complexity (and a good one) I get your point about complexity don't need to be there just because people want it to be hard, but you have to accept that when you start the game, you'll still be able to play, but you wont nail your fuel efficiency straight away... Again if there is no complexity where do you need to pay someone for a service if it's cheaper to do it yourself... especially when it leads to the same result... we are talking about a game wich will be about hundreds of players within a corporation... do you really want to have 5 different jobs? I mean realize that jobs will be set by players and only players... There needs to be variety, yes but variety without complexity? pointless Also an engine design that would save 5% fuel at the expense of complexity wouldn't have a place on a small beginner ship, but for large ships where we talk about hundreds to tousands of tons of fuel.... that could end up being quite usefull... Also what about black hole engines? This was already a thought with real physics and they could make sense, I'll make it simple... Basically you have a small black hole enclosed into a chamber with an exit, black holes produce hawkings radiations wich can be used as a source for thrust... However there is a catch, when you create your black hole you can't destroy it, so you have to put in the right amount of fuel for the right distance and hope that nothing goes wrong... here is the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_starship Again I don't expect to see it anywhere near the release date of the game but it's still an option to consider...
  22. I thought the same thing too, they said planets would be proceduraly generated but only when they decide to add a new system, not like minecraft where the world generate as you progress... Sadly i don't think DU will be a game where you explore new systems... There will still be planets to explore, i mean their surface, for example if a corporation is looking for a ressource deposit, they'll probably charge an explorer to go and find a good source of this ressource... EDIT: I can't find where I saw this, I am probably wrong, Exploration will probably be a thing
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