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  1. Im back! Sorry for being away from the forums for a long time. Im back now, with an updated post for ITF. We hope you decide to partner with us! See you all in DU ^.^
  2. ABOUT THE INTERGALACTIC TRADE FEDERATION The Intergalactic Trade Federation (ITF) was founded by KittyKhatt and MinerMax555 (no longer with us), with the idea of creating a safe and peaceful trade federation for any org that wants to be a part of it. We provide our member orgs with trading posts/stations, Stargates, safezones, and possibly other things that will be decided after Alpha/Beta releases. ITF also offers protection/defense services, if you opt to pay the defense taxes (which will be tailored to your org depending on many factors). KHATT'S GOAL My goal for ITF in Dual Universe is to be a safe and peaceful place for anyone interested in trade to go to, without having to worry about wars or defense. I wont be happy until i can create such a place in DU, and so I created ITF just for that purpose. We plan on offering many services in ITF, and they are all designed to make everything safer and easier to trade between member orgs. OUR FOREIGN POLICY We will accept any org in ITF, except a few, like TVR, we even accept and encourage military-based orgs to join. The benefits of joining as a military org are free and open trading to get your supplies, along with all of the benefits of a normal trade-based org, such as access to trade posts, stargates, safezones, ect... But you are required to help with the defense and protection of other member orgs. HIRING EMPLOYEES/MEMBERS ITf is hiring! we need independent members to do stuff like deliveries, organisational work, management, and help in protection/defense. (An independent members means a member that works only for ITF directly, and not through a member org.) The requirements are the same as the ones listed below, as well as the reasons for joining. The only difference is we expect all independent members to be active regularly and work hard on whatever we need done, because we are in charge of protecting our members as best as we possibly can. REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCEPTANCE AS AN ORG/COMPANY - You must comply with all ITF rules and are expected to report to ITF officials when needed, if needed. - You must not dehumanize or humiliate any other ITF member, no matter what happens. - You must treat everyone else equally and with respect, regardless of member status. - Please listen to ITF officials and adhere to our advice. We do everything we do to protect our member orgs and reduce their risk and danger as much as possible. - Lastly, if you wish to join the ITF please join our discord, and send KittyKhatt an application for your org to join. *** (its not a requirement, but asking your own org's members to also join ITF's community page will greatly help us broaden your trade opportunities by allowing ITF to expand on the community site.) *** REASONS FOR JOINING ITF - All member orgs will be offered protection/defense services and item delivery services. - You and your org will be granted access to all of ITF's trade posts, stargates, safezones, outposts, ect... - By joining, you will greatly broaden your trading possibilities, from selling common wares, to buying that rare part you need. - You will join a semi-democratic federation, we vote on everything we see fit, from an outpost's name, to important financial deals and even taxes. CURRENT MEMBER ORGS IN ITF - Khatt Mining Co. - The Axius Empire - Tania Prospecting and Exploration Company - Unity of Ignis - Vanguard Industries - Hexix ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS CAN BE ASKED VIA OUR DISCORD, CONTACT KITTYKHATT FOR QUESTIONS. Intergalactic Trade Federation's Discord ; https://discord.gg/Dyx9TGx We hope you decide to choose to send us your org's application, and if you do we hope you enjoy your stay with the ITF. - KITTYKHATT, OWNER OF THE INTERGALACTIC TRADE FEDERATION
  3. I already like this person. Can we keep them?
  4. Glad to see another donator ^.^ Hopefully we'll see more new people as the game progresses. Cant wait to play with everyone
  5. Can I come too? I love doctor who >.<
  6. I know for a fact one person in that org is also in the Furry Association so idk. I can ask him about it.
  7. What I heard my name hi im here im awake now ._.
  8. I could say lots of things but im just going to emphasize the fact I told you to get off this topic and not reply
  9. I hope to hell you are not serious. If you are then i better not see your name in my posts again, and i better not hear anything from you directed towards me or anyone i know again. Of course there is more than 2 genders, why do you think we have transgender people, and nonbinary people, and agender people, ect... Because i am personally a transgender girl myself and i can tell you for a fact that there are definitely more than 2. its a spectrum not just 1's and 0's, or this and that. There's a million possibilities, but like every other ignorant person I've come across in my time of being on this Earth, nothing is going to change your thoughts, so please see yourself off of this topic and don't reply.
  10. Awh come on its an important question. The furries must unite! ^.^
  11. I would definitely upgrade if i had the money :c. If i somehow win the lottery in the next few months before alpha release then you can expect half of it to go towards Dual Universe just to make it even better ^.^
  12. Welcome! Always good to see and meet new people ^.^
  13. Okay okay i'm sorry for the regular updates, but i am genuinely excited about this one! We have merged with The Cinderfall Syndicate as of 3/17/17. Khatt Mining Co. is now the official mining division for CSYN, while allowed to participate in our own foreign affairs to a degree as well. I completely re-wrote everything so ill keep this short so you don't have to read another wall of text. Read the new description to learn more, or PM me for more questions. Cant wait to see you all in the final game! ^.^ -Khatt
  14. Already made a slideshow of these on mine. Been looking for a new lock screen wallpaper but i like these ^.^
  15. I think i saw in a video somewhere the range will probably be a few hundred metres plus or minus some because we dont know how the servers will respond yet.
  16. DUDE! this should be a thing! Some way to tie my phone number to a sensor or to the territory unit so i get a text me when its under attack. I would pay for this! Take my money ;-;
  17. I like how this post has nearly double the replies as my post in The Arkship Pub xD
  18. New ideas!!! Do away with the "prisoner" program and change up the whole org a bit so that it looks more like a job or career. It is a company afterall. Anyway, id like to add in a "part time" job service, where if you are currently in another org you can still join this one to mine, but only on select days. For example someone in CSYN wants in so they work Friday - Sunday and then go back to their orgs HQ to do whatever. Transportation would be offered and is free. I understand people wouldn't like this idea but i have reasons for them to do it. 1.) I can pay much higher wages because we do not focus on building unlike other orgs that need the resources for building. 2.) Transportation is free so why not? 3.) It could create friendly ties between the 2 orgs, and possibly alliances in case of war. I planned on anywhere from 50-60% of the money they earned in ore as payment. This is almost certainly going to change but i like to pay my members/workers a good wage, it's how I'd like to get treated if i was in that position. I do not post this kind of stuff to put my post at the top. (realised that's what it looks like) i post this because this is a mostly direct democracy run company and i would absolutely love to hear what you people have to say about my ideas. My one goal is to grow big enough to be a major supplier of raw materials, because i really do not want a monopoly run by a d!@k selling for stupid prices and paying their employees/members crappy wages.
  19. Maybe the furries of DU should team up and build an org
  20. Sounds pretty good but also similar to the CSYN. I like the idea of helping orgs build up members and gain a reputation though. I'll have to follow this to see if it works out, im pretty interested.
  21. Thinking about changing up the government to a direct democracy instead of indirect like it is. Possibly put up a 24 or 48 hour poll on whenever theres a political issue. Might be better with the low member count, at least for now. Also considering a "prisoner" or punishment system. It would basically mean that other organisations could send their members to our mines as punishment for a crime. They would have a quota to reach for the time they were sentenced. If implemented we could offer half the ores they mined or something. Might solve some of the crime punishment debates for the orgs that decide to do this.
  22. Awh thanks ^.^ and yeah it sucks there wont be any other species or anything but i guess it makes sense because we all come off the same ship which comes from the same place :/ i don't mind much though, i just want to get in and start mining ;-;
  23. Well... I'll be the first transgender furry in space
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