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  1. Totally agree people making the game don't understand economics, resource scarcity. But especially the fact that time is money. They say you have unlimited ore. But 100 - 400L/hr is nowhere near unlimited; because time is not unlimited. My group's resources have not dried up YET. Would you be interested in joining me? See if we can get you and us through this?
  2. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  3. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  4. @bacabab Thanks for the input. I use Sketchup and gimp for my design work. What you see here is not a design drawing but an artistic representation of a ship I have built in pre-alpha. Because of NDA reasons I can't share screenshots of this ship. That is one of the reasons for the art style I chose. But yea - you should see it in game - it is sweet.
  5. Artist's impression of the F-22 prototype - now in DU Order yours today.
  6. An artist impression of the air and space F-15 - Now flying in DU
  7. Congratulations to France on winning the World Cup. Vive la France!
  8. Image: Flight of six Wraith's over Alioth, Courtesy of NovaQuark
  9. Artist rendering of a Dawn Class Multi Role Freighter in GLSU colors. Flying now in the Pre Alpha.
  10. Hilts Tower - Come see the tallest tower in NQ City. Find out what epic buildings we can design and build for you.
  11. Little red birds - shot killed - confusion - chaos - death happening before life - despair - this,,, this feeling; giving up on something before it begins - laughter - tears - voices - darkness - fog - disturbing images Continuous swirling - trapped -- Now I’m consciously aware of it - I’m trapped - a thought comes from somewhere distant - someone hacking my dreams?.....
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