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    Azrael got a reaction from TannhainRP in German speaking Members around? :-)   
    Oh I am impressed. So much guys from Austria.
    Greetings from Styria.
    Ein freundliches griaß eich aus der Steiermark
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    Azrael reacted to UniversalG in German speaking Members around? :-)   
    o boy, Germans banding to create a club. This is never good
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    Azrael reacted to norab7 in How to colonize Planets ?   
    I don't know 100% but i'm sure Terraforming has been confirmed as a no, but might be available in a kickstarter goal (maybe, might be confusing myself here).
    As for the harsh environment, I don't think anything has been said about the different types of biomes and planet types yet. Can't think of anything that's been said at least. However there is a thread somewhere about planets and tentacle planets, or planets that would try to eat you and such.
    I like the idea that there could be planets that you would have to build 'differently' on if you wanted to build there, like a water planet that you need to build floating buildings on, or attach it to the sea bed to be able to build. Or lava planets where you need to build supports of <rare material> into the lava before you can build normally. Or oxygen less planets where you would have to build inside domes or airtight buildings to be able to breath/replenish oxygen ect.
    I hope there is something like them, I like having the extra challenge of where i'm going to build my base and ships. But I think a lot of this has been confirmed to be only if certain stretch goals for kickstarter are met. I think.
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    Azrael reacted to Hylios in Macroscopic Events   
    When I say macroscopic events, I mean things that take place across the universe. Big events that impact the overall direction that the universe evolves. 
    I know that players will eventually form their own factions and duke things out, influencing borders and such, but what if something comes from outside the galaxy? Some sort of alien menace that forces enemies to work together to repel, lest inhabited planets get destroyed.
    Basically, an event that players have to participate in to get a certain outcome. The best example I can think of is probably a poor one, but one arc from the second season of the anime Sword Art Online. In said arc, Ice Giants being attempting to take over the land of Alfheim (if I remember right) and if they succeed, the entire world would be all cold and icy. Fortunately, the protagonists stopped it.
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    Azrael got a reaction from KlatuSatori in Programming Gameplay and Continuity   
    Sorry but no, definitively no.
    Everybody want to get a reward or appreciation for his/her work and there is nothing wrong with it.
    Like I already said they should be able to sell there scripts InGame.
    And with our new knownledge we can say that they dont whould have an to big Advantage.
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    Azrael reacted to norab7 in Water World   
    I couldn't help thinking about 'Starbound' there and tentacle planets, where the vegetation attacks you. That would be an interesting planet i think, you land there and the PLANTS come after you, growing at a exponential rate covering everything unless you burn them away with fire or some forcefield.
    I'm thinking of two things that are like that, the 'growth' in C&C Tiberian Wars, where it had the mouth at the center and if tanks when through the 'growth' (not sure of it's name) they would take damage and die, same as if it grow towards buildings.
    The other one is Creeper world, constantly flooding planets that if it gets to you, you die and you need to fend it off.
    Either way, I would love a planet that attacks you and tried to stop you from colonizing it.
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    Azrael reacted to KlatuSatori in Thoughts on Stargates and FTL   
    Travel time is a very important factor and one that should not be leapt into without thinking.  In an arena/area of control style game, quick travel by large numbers of players and hardware is game breaking, or at least game changing.  It also devalues or completely removes true exploration and scouting as professions.  NQ have only touched on these issues in the past but you can get an idea of where their heads are by reading the devblogs and some of the threads.
    While some form of the standard/warp/jump system seems probable, check out this thread for some other ideas (including my own ).
    If I recall correctly, I don't think there will be any pre-made stargates.  Only player-made stargates.  I believe the idea is that FTL will be the only form of interstellar travel to begin with, but then players who travel to neighbouring systems will be able to settle there and build stargates to link to where they came from.  I think this would be a great system and it is in keeping with progression from starting out on the ground, building settlements, building ships to get into space, etc.  Progressive exploration and improvement.  As a side note, however, I think it is important that stargates are extremely limited in range - depending on the size of the game universe, of course.
    Regarding warp/alcubierre drives being "too big" to fit on small ships, I couldn't disagree more.  These are fictional engines, so the limiting factor is only in your head.  These should scale and balance in the same way that "normal" engines do, i.e. the bigger the drive, the faster you can go, but the heavier the payload/ship, the slower it goes.  Hence great behemoth ships should need massive FTLs and would still be relatively slow.  Light-weight explorers could go much faster with a much smaller FTL.
    Check out this devblog thread to get an idea of the direction NQ are thinking and for an insight into the importance of not making fast travel too easy.  Oh and this one too.
    Forgot about choke points, which is a really important point.  Forced choked points are not necessary.  Simply ensuring that there are exploitable assets in space, in solar systems and on planets is enough to encourage conflict.  However there is also area control, player ambition and politics at work.  That is more than enough to make players fight each other.
    Player-made stargates are actually an example of this at work.  If an organisation of players built a stargate for fast travel to a neighbouring system, they must have had a reason to do that.  Exploiting resources, controlling a region/planet, trading, something.  This is something to fight over.
    However, I think that macroscale terrain in space that affects how ships fly, engines work, and weapons operate in varying ways and degrees is a way to create choke points in space in the way that they are created on the ground by terrain such as hills and rivers that we are more familiar with.
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    Azrael reacted to Zen001 in Greetings from Austria   
    Nice to meet you. I'm also new and a space game enthusiast. Very exciting. 
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    Azrael reacted to Astrophil in Greetings from Austria   
    Welcome to DU, Azrael! 
    @Nora: Top Secret
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    Azrael reacted to norab7 in Greetings from Austria   
    Welcome.... I don't speak any of that language so I'm forced to greet you in good old English
    So yeah. Welcome to DU, hope you enjoy your stay and good luck forming a group of people who speak the same language. I can't promise everyone else will interact if you do speak it though,, but it's not in the rules to speak English so best of luck ...
    Also, 'I do know a little german.. he's over there'... 
    If anyone gets that reference they get a +1...
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    Azrael got a reaction from Zen001 in Greetings from Austria   
    Hey Guys whats up ?
    My real Name doesnt matter  .  I am from Austria and I am 21 years old.
    I love to play two types of Games one is set in the future and the other in the past. I will give you 3 guesses and the first two dont Count, which of them this one is.
    All jokes beside!
    I am here cause I realy enjoy all common Space Games, it doesnt matter if it is EVE, Stellaris, Sins of A solar Empire, Star trek online etc.
    I will enjoy this game, even if it is only half as good as I expect so to the Dev Team give me a BuyButton and go on .
    P.S.: It would be also nice if we are able to build up a small German Community. So to all like-minded people outside don't be shy to say Hallo, Hi, Hey, Moin, Was geht ab? or whatever
    Kind Regards Azrael
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    Azrael got a reaction from Slaxx in Greetings from Austria   
    A okay danke für die schnelle Antwort. Die AFW hört sich ganz interessant an.
    Ist das in deiner Signatur schon das fertige Symbol ?? Ich kenne genug Leute die dir ein schönes Thread Design, Banner, Symbol, Webdesign oder was auch immer machen können, also wenn du noch was ändern willst schreib mir einfach.
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