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  1. Déjà vue. Same here + set of Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals.
  2. I see many faces around from EvE. Have to tell, that I was part of that game quite a while. Long time helping n00bs in High Sec to get a headstart and not being always wardeced by folks hunting them because they were not able to defend, defended long time in several alliances Providence, were conquering parts of Insmother, claiming Wormholes and hunting in Incursions. Yeah, I think rebuilding a Drake ingame will be possible, but I would say, it is far less effective as it is in EvE. I liked that piece of junk in EvE. When others cryed about being killed by NPCs the Drake did her job. So why not giving that design a chance in DU.
  3. Aye, the game looks awesome and the idea incredible. But like all sandboxes it won't be easy to get it fair for the n00bs and the veterans. It's important for both factions to have fun in each phase of the game. I'm excited about in which direction DU is sailing. I cannot await Kickstarter campaign!
  4. Well, I will round up, what was able to see in the media available on the www: * You will be able to craft your bases, ships and so on like it was possible in Space Engineers * You will be able to land on planets and travel between them * You will be able to do PvP and PvP in space * You will be able to explore space My question would be, how the whole concept is planned. Will all players have to start up economy by their own or will in the early game stages npc merchants seed items to the universe? Is there any idea how production and trading will work? Are there plans for mining, salvaging, etc.? Will the planets, systems, ... be able to claim by players? Or will players only be able to keep others out of their space while having active militia online? Will there be space for n00bs who want to get the basics of the game, where they are not easy victims for the hunters? Will there be any kind of PvE? How could that look like? Is a strong community and options of an game API usage for fan projects wanted or do you want to keep most tools by your own? I know, you are currently in pre-alpha phase. So most of these won't be final concepts. But I would be interested in the direction DU is pointing? This would maybe help for us to discuss ideas of better or worse solutions you could get as feedback...
  5. Hope, there will be money for supporting HOTAS and pedal systems. Would be great feeling to stear using controls feeling right, instead of keyboard, mouse or gamepad.
  6. Moin! Erst einmal viele Grüße an die Interessenten, Alphatester und Macher von Dual Universe. Als langjähriger MMO-Veteran bin ich sehr gespannt, wie sich hier DU entwickeln wird. Was ich auf der Seite bisher sehen konnte, lässt mich in spannender Vorfreude. Aktuell war ich am überlegen über ein Comeback in EvE. Aber inzwischen könnte es auch ein Abstecher nach DU werden. Ich bin mal gespannt... Zu mir, ich heiße Christian oder "The_Gentleman" und komme aus dem Zentrum Deutschlands. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja auf dem virtuellen Feld der Ehre... Grüße Christian / Gentle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi! First many greetings to the fans, alpha testers and makers of Dual Universe. I play MMOs for many years, and DU did flash me. It looks like a magnificent concept. Currently I was thinking about a comeback in EvE Online, but after seeing some parts of DU I think I would prefer exploring DU! I'm very excited.... To my person: My name is Christian or "The_Gentleman" in the online business. I live almost in the geographical center of Germany. I hope to see you guys and girls on the virtual fields of honor... Best wishes Christian / Gentle
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