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  1. I 100% agree with you- I was very interested in NMS myself, and was eager for it too come out- but all we have seen from a game supposedly releasing next month is bland gameplay. It seems like Spore, one of my favourite game, without any... fun. A charming set of graphics and exploration that would go stale quickly, add that to a game where they tout it as "so big you will never see someone else"... then why the hell is it an MMO? Such a wasted concept (first person space MMO with environment manipulation), hopefully DU picks it up and runs with it after the inevitable low playtime of NMS.
  2. I understand that the game itself will have a market place, which I assume is like an auction house, and what I am wondering is how it will be done. There are three ways I am thinking it could be done, and I am sure I am missing some; One way, a region based auction house that has different goods up for sale depending on what area / region you are currently at in the gameworld. Second way, similar to ESO, where the auction house is based off of what guilds and factions you are in. I personally think this is the worst type, as it can be hard to get a large market and it is generally not very competitive. Thirdly, a fully open and free market, where the goods you list in one side of the universe are simultaneously listed on the other end, and when you don't need to join or be a part of a guild to get in. Let's get a conversation going on everyones thoughts!
  3. Hello there, the names Alphinon (not actually, obviously), and I was scouring the deep of the internet tech websites looking at the new graphics card releases when I saw a post about this game- and may I say, I am excited to say the least. Sounds too me what No Man's Sky should have been, and seems like it has the more enjoyable parts of EVE in gameplay that is actually playable. Looking forward to what's to come, and would love to chat with some of you guys in the future!
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