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  1. Hammerwing

    Mech Suits

    I think we will be able to make hovercrafts though, such as tanks for example.
  2. I don't mean to sound like an ass but I rather have any form of conflict come up from in-game interactions then because of a backstory, roleplaying characters pre-launch is also an option.
  3. I have forgotten if I posted here before but I definitely prefer subscription over F2P, I wouldn't mind B2P but I do prefer the "oldschool" model.
  4. For me roleplay is more connected to the overall gameplay then a story or scenario, for example when I am actively patrolling a system I will do so from an in-character perspective, whatever it'll be simple exploring or PvP, yeah it means that everything that happens within the game is part of the my character's "life" so to say. I have been thinking about my character, what she was before the great exodus (if I got it right) and as a RP-PvPer she will definitely lean towards military and PvP stuff.
  5. I don't have any problems with subscription based models, I do prefer B2P but I take everything over F2P.
  6. Yup! Clothing is something I'd like to see!
  7. I would definitely love seeing character customization beyond helmets and space suits! (such as the character's body and all!)
  8. I promise to shot you back if you shot at me. Anyway if you want to talk about a possibile alliance, you might make out the arrangement with Wright on the PM system.
  9. I would definitely love something like this.
  10. Hammerwing


    I wouldn't say no to somekind of an active PvE presence within the game. ;o
  11. Greetings! I thought to say that this is something I'd be interested about being a part off, I love RPing, absolutely adore it, I think it gives more purpose to play a game overall. The thing is that, I'm always in-character when I am in-game, it does not really matter what it is PvP or PvE or simply exploring or something completely game-related.
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