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  3. I understand if this is too early to ask but what kind of Quality of Life, cosmetic and editor items are you considering for a game store? Will we be buying or creating our own avatar cosmetics and object livery? Will there be editor object/tool packs for creators to purchase? What type of official store is NQ looking to provide?
  4. I've been lurking for a few weeks but haven't had a lot of time to formally introduce myself. Thanks for having me
  5. Hello everyone! I've been posting here and there but figured I'd intro myself and welcome you to check out the Reddit sub for Dual Universe. We're still in the middle of establishing the theme and content format of the sub but it's going well! We're excited to get all the news, content, creativity and discussion we can for this great game. If you ever see anything that you think other players should be aware of here on the forums, post it and let us know so we can get as many people involved on these forums and excited for the game, as we can. Thanks for having us! Regards, Zander (Godnaz)
  6. I agree with many in the thread. Having a subscription base assures that only the most dedicated players will want to keep playing. It will also cover the costs for server up time, maintenance and further development. Had this been published instead of crowd funded, I'd be more inclined to say B2P but since it's more than likely going to made with our contributions, eventually that money will cease and they need to keep a steady flow of development going. I wouldn't be surprised to see things like voxel objects (shapes), flair and avatar customization fall into a game store where we can purchase cosmetic and quality of life items. Star Citizen is going to be sub through it's ship insurance even though it's billed as a B2P game. How much of a difference that will make, I'm not sure but selling items alone on a B2P game is going to be enough.. or will it? It depends on the level of commitment to said store. F2P is definitely not the way to keep continuity in a community.
  7. Thanks for this bud. This is awesome! Was a bit curious where we could find all of the content this far in development.
  8. They don't need to be rushed to do it this summer. If we're looking at a kick starter in the winter, they have time to generate more content/game mechanic examples to show off before that gets going. Something that most of those others you've mentioned didn't have when they launched a kick starter and people still bought into the concept and pledged.
  9. High fidelity space game where there can be as much creativity as there is death? Count me in. Check out the new Subreddit if you got a chance!
  10. Really looking forward to see how robust, not only the object creation system is but how the actual physics will work with those objects. Will a car have suspension, turn and momentum physics? Will it be able to be mounted with weapons and how are those weapon look, size and damage assets be chosen? Will ship speeds be governed by weight and size or will it only matter how many engines are attached to the hull? How the assets are managed, governed and compatible with the physics of the game are what I'm looking forward to.
  11. One of the main challenges facing another space MMO is balancing fidelity with allowing many players, ships (objects) within the same area with everything functioning smoothly with great frame rates. I really hope this pans out and we can have epic battles and situations go well.
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