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  1. Edit: Maybe in the far future there will be more server connections, so that people on distant continents will have a better connection, but everyone will play in the same universe.
  2. IIRC NQ recommends a minimum Internet connection of 6.000 kb/s but 2.000 should work too. As has already been mentioned, a good connection is only a nice to have ☺
  3. Welcome back to life! Now die again and let me win
  4. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Use this page to write a request to the NQ Support. DU's board isn't the right place ? alternative you can write an email to support@novaquark.com
  5. Schließt euch jetzt einer der aktivsten Alpha Organisationen an! Wir bieten Anfängerkurse für Neulinge bis hin zu große Projekte für Begeisterte. Egal ob Miner, Scanner, Shuttlepilot oder kreativer Baumeister - wir sind die richtige Organisation für euch! Zur Zeit haben wir 170 Alpha-1-Mitglieder (Tendenz steigend) und arbeiten i. d. R. in Teams aus 3 bis 10 Leuten. https://hyperion-corporation.de/
  6. Nah, we have mods that can end this thread. maybe they end it now! (do it, let me win :D)
  7. Stop posting here! Better look some awesome videos https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame
  8. discordauth:ORdr1u6VsVN8aoQkIMyOvSsjB9DXcL9NEYrWaMJ1vHo=

  9. Welcome to Dual Universe! =D
  10. No rewards? You're getting Alpha and Beta access for free! isn't that enough? I understand that you are frustrated cuz the missing upgrade function (I want that DU-T-Shirt xD). But the upgrade function will be added later - just wait a bit longer
  11. Do you know neutral orgs like Alpha Academy etc. ? Why would you deny your members the membership. Membership in neutral organizations has only advantages and no disadvantages for them and for you.
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