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  1. This is effectively the same as unlootable DACs with a twist that the DAC cannot be resold.
  2. When you die in DU you lose your inventory (half disappears and half is lootable) but keep your quanta and your master blueprints. (At least that was the original plan from NQ) Lootablilty of DACs is a sticky topic. Originally NQ said they would *not* be lootable and there was a loud disproportional stink about it. So this has been discussed before...at length. You can wade though that topic here: A point that was raised is that someone paid real money for the DAC and then it got stolen. Let's repeat that: A player paid for something and got no return for it. NQ is eth
  3. Never too old to game Welcome and have fun
  4. This is growing into a bit of a series. Maybe another topic could be used to list them all so that newcomers don't miss one
  5. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/04/06/new-build-preview/ Big features like scanning, mining, markets and money are coming along with some changes for engines (vboosters may have been a tad overwhelming). This tells me NQ have been very busy behind the scenes this year What are your thoughts on the next build?
  6. What founders generously received when the supporter packs were announced are mostly cosmetic in-game items and not entire "packs". What those cosmetics are, are listed in the post where that image comes from: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/ Besides cosmetic in-game goodies: Silver Founders now get access to Alpha 2 (not beta like the would have previously) Gold Founders gets a name reservation (Sapphire Founders and up get a few more cosmetics.) NQ have stated that they are looking into al
  7. Founders cannot upgrade/change to supporter packs with the same account. This may change in the future, but for now, it is not possible. There are a few founders that want to upgrade, so you are not alone. Edit: ninja'd by the sky xD
  8. Besides the small detail that there would be very little to go back to, it should take about as long as it did to travel there. While the lore states it took ten thousand years to reach Alioth while travelling near (but below) light speed, there could be a further explanation...
  9. Thanks to all that took the time to read through the marvelous creations. I know I enjoyed my fellow writers stories as much as I enjoyed writing my own.
  10. Can't recommend this enough. Go read it.
  11. Imagine: A system where the community polices itself. Griefers? No problem. Put a bounty on their heads and they will see the error of their ways... Or will they? Some believe that a bounty system is a deterrent to prevent criminals from performing their nefarious deeds. But in some cases it has the opposite effect: it creates super-criminals. It may indeed lessen the number of minor criminals, but there are those that see their bounty as their degree of infamy, and by extension, how much they are "winning". The bigger the bounty the bigger the pirates ..erm... respect
  12. If by "mod shop" you mean a place you take your ship so that other players can modify it, then yes that is required first before "delta-prints (DPs)" aka schematics can even be created. The delta-prints are just a way of easily selling mods en-mass and not required for the mods themselves. (Ignore for now whether it uses factory units or whatever) If by "mod shop" you mean a prebuilt modding element that handles like GTA vehicle upgrading then forget about it.
  13. The following clip got me thinking: What do you think are the pros and cons of sandbox and themepark MMOs? Do you agree?
  14. Modprints, I thought, what a nice idea. It gives an answer to those that keep asking to modify already made ships. But then a question occured to me: "When does a modification stop being a modification and instead become a brand new ship?" It is a variant of the Theseus Paradox. This would be an issue if the whole ship could be blueprinted again, mods and all and then sold as a brand new ship. The OP suggests the mod is coupled to the original on a 1-to-1 basis: the original ship is required before a mod can be applied. I would go further and say the orig
  15. A hearty welcome to all the new DU supporters. Hovercraft racing in DU will be very different to its wheeled racing counterparts in the real world. Prepare for the experience. Expect an announcement soon... DICE is still looking for sponsors, judges, but most of all, Noveans that passionate about in-game games in DU. Join the community site to show your support I and come chat in our discord.
  16. What do you call an A.I. that had their backdoor removed? Unhinged? xD Keep 'em coming
  17. Underground bases are not a problem. Magical TU semi-safe-zone ground would be a problem. And I consider someone digging up my lawn quite offensive. (Do you know how long it too kind of grow that imported lawn?) Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that tunneling in to murder a lone gopher is not offensive and instead, by TU law, is covered by RDMS. Would it not make more sense to make rule breakers "red" for breaking a TU law instead of saying "no magical brainwashing doomajiggy says you can't dig here. But shooting? That's completely fine." Let's assume even furthe
  18. Not sure what is meant by "allowing free placement of safe-zones". Players can never create or place safe zones. Outside the arkship safezone(s) and the sanctuary moon(s) that are both placed by NQ, players can only place "timer shields" (mechanic pending) which can be brought down. A TU is not a magical "now you can't touch me" device. I would argue that a player without a TU can hide their underground base better since it's not marked on the map as claimed. Also digging cannot be prevented by a TU. Only actually gaining the resources from digging.
  19. More convoluted rules: static constructs cannot be placed in the safezone in an unclaimed territory when its build area overlaps any other build area you can't build in. Course if none of these things are implemented you have the following recourse: Also it should be noted that anyone can see who owns a construct. Then the solution is call a GM. NQ can decide if they approve of trollish behavior by deleting the offending construct and/or banning the troll. Really though: park your ship in a designated parking area.
  20. 1) I understand the situation but fail to see the problem. If it's hard for enemies to get in, it's hard for the people that live there too. If the base must have ship access, well those are massive doors that can be shot down. Also (outside of the safezone) you can still destroy claimed land. No mining just means you cannot *collect* the resources from the ground. If you are worried about people defacing your grounds, you should have put up some shields. Also, most importantly, we need proper tools to flatten/restore terrain. 2) Automated Avatar Syndrome is a disease. Anyone caugh
  21. I thought we called it "storytelling" (same thing) xD
  22. According to current lore, the arkship reaches near light speeds but does not actually surpass it.
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