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  1. I just don't see it being integral to the game - especially since Mechas don't really have something to offer tactcailly over MBTs, especially if NQ doesn't go for collision damage. 


    because it allows variety and options, having only belts and grey blocks would be boring. getting options to do legs, wheels, belts and so on will create a larger more diverse world.

    if they will be better or more effective is a mute point as we just don't know how the game will handle it yet, if at all.

  2. I would love to see realistic physicals in-game whether  its materials science, orbital mechanics, or physics, as long as it doesn't stress the server and the client. On the other hand, I feel like that would drive away the players. I mean, just look at Star Wars vs Star Trek. The general public doesn't like sciency things. If you look at the popularity ratings of KSP here, https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=%2Fm%2F0h68f9g, the game reaches 100 interest when Pewdiepie played it. There is a reason why you see all those "Math sucks" posts on the internet. Face it, we are going to have to dumb down(though not so much that people will treat this like Minecraft and Roblox) to reach out to a wider playerbase.



    Just saying, China has actually put a wooden (ablative) heat shield on its spacecraft which has worked. 




    KSP is a good example of a game where you have a lot of sci and phy going on but also retaining a fun atmosphere, if only it had more content, better snapon when building and multiplayer it would reach the mun

  3. Well, not everyone plays EVE. Also, a wealthy enough force may use T2 as base-level equipment, like how many modern militeries don't use AK-47s even though they are cheap and widespread. 


    back when i played eve T2 equipment was standard  and so was T2 ships, not really sure what has changed or if that is still so.

    But it seems to me from reading the forums that 0.0 alliances have more money then ever and everyone out there has several options to print ISK.


    I find it hard to believe that they are not using T2 equipment all round, if some one was actually interested a look on their kill boards would tell.

  4. No, it's not. The universe is procedurally generated = infinite planets = infinite resources. But they don't regenerate, so you have to move to other planets to get them.


    Yes, but as time progresses in a system where planet resources are finite it will become depleted, forcing people to move out wards from spawn.


    how ever i think NQ has though about that in some way, perhaps there are asteroids belts that respawn

  5. The point is we have to be careful and not create a system where people are afraid to lose there junk while at the same time have some consequence.

    While consequence must be there it must not overshadow fun.


    T2 Niche?, like the niche where everyone is using it?

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