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  1. I don't want realism. No one wants realism. We want a video game. People didn't pay into kickstarter for realism, they did for a game. Carebears have no problem with warp, don't complain about realism there do they? Or space breaks? Or AGG, or invisible linked range, or any of that. No we need these speed changes and caps because NQ is making a game, and they need People to play and pay for that game, not to appease a couple nerds.
  2. Ok Carebear. It always starts like above with people calling other people who are PLAYING THE GAME AS LITERALLY INTENDED....griefers. Its the pvp zone, its meant for.....pvp. Shocking I know.
  3. Other people in this forum say in the current state of the game a hauler can never get away, haha. Funny how that is.
  4. Thats exactly what I said. Give a [filtered]ing rest. You are repeating exactly what I said. You came in and then said CvC was planned first, in a video 2 years ago, and then I showed you a video proving AvA was the PLAN. Also, maybe English isn't your first language, if so ill give it a pass, but design can be a synonym for plan.
  5. 2su is pathetic. But you are right about force protection. If people actually start really pvping and NQ keeps developing pvp and allows for people to control valuable things, or land beyond Alien cores we gonna have real issues. When the whole server can at the push of a button warp to any location this will lead to huge problems. And right now make no mistake, anywhere inside the ring of planets, along with beacons you can create warp vectors to land on or close to any way point. We just don't really see the problems now because there is nothing to hold or fight over. Nobody cares if someone bunches up on an asteroid, there is too many and they respawn.
  6. You seem to lack severe reading comprehension. Ya Avatar combat is fantasy, thats why every other MMO has it....lol ok. And I never said either was better, in my original post I just pondered if things would been different if they chose that development process over switching, in no way I said it would be better. ' ' That also sounds exactly like JC. Incompetent, and eventually removed for chasing a dream with no reality. The "no red flags guy". JC lived in more fantasy then that guy or anyone else. When asked how big ships could be, he was quoted as say "no technical limit" Yet we are bound by the size of a Dynamic L core because.....of technical limits. Shocking. But as I already proved to you, AvA was the original design. That is fact. Glad I could educate you.
  7. Bro that is during ALPHA 3. LOOOOOOOOL. Around the 7:30 mark, he literally days AvA is to start and CvC is a stretch goal. When I talk, you should listen.
  8. Watch the older videos during pre alpha. They literally stated plain as day "we will be developing AvA first and then later will do CvC" this obv changed but there are videos still on YouTube that say this if you want to look. Obviously they changed plans, but the reasoning I don't remember them saying.
  9. That's basically what I meant Tho I would rebalnce them. M have 15mil, S 10mil, xs 5mil.
  10. Yes there can be a place if NQ balances right and L cores get more CCS, more shields and more resist pool. They will be for holding grid, or sieging, perfect for those alien cores where there is a fixed point to fight over that hopefully has lots of value.
  11. im more interested in the how than the why of this patch (when combat starts, not why it starts) but I do agree with part of that as I said the DSAT is stupid. It gives no incentives for non-pvpers to go to asteroids, and in turn also hurts the pvpers. If they made a 10su range long range radar that "pinged" a general direction of stuff in space (wreck,roid,ship) would greatly increase exploration. And that radar would take time as to not be spammed. And then you add the mystery of finding an exotic roid that isnt easy to do, now it becomes more valulable. And if you are 120 su from Jago in a random direction, no one knows you are there if u the first to find it. No one may ever rind you, or maybe they do, but it takes time and exploration, which in turn would lead more people to go out because they would have some success rate, but still possible for pvp people to find other people for pew pew content. And its good active gameplay.
  12. Agreed, anytime I go out to pvp or "try to" im always needing to to market at some point to buy cells, and kergon. So it really is all connected.
  13. PVP and destruction helps the whole game. Look at EvE. There is a ship dying almost every couple seconds in that game. And that ship will need to be replaced. Industry guys are always busy as [filtered] in EvE. We had a group who made our caps back when i lived in lowsec, and they were over-worked. (we liked to yolo dreads, lol) but it gave them great purpose and they were non-agressive and didnt really like to pvp, but they LOVED being important, and knew we needed them for steady supply of caps. Sad NQ doesnt realize this
  14. Yes i but i feel like thats never happened ever, and if happens once i dont care. But it comes down to lack of funds for NQ we all know it, they tell us all the time they are a small indie studio. In a more perfect scenario if you left it there 7 days, it would then be "held in virtual jail" for another 2 days (for possible exploits idk) then you could retrieve it to be re-deployed but a significant fine. If your ship is crap you can choose to let it die in there, or pay the fine. But NQ would have to develop all that shit. This was their easy way and not caring about fringe problems of someone leaving a ship at market.
  15. This is the funniest part, people talk like you said of no counters, but willing enter a pvp zone with no scout, no weapons, no friends, just a ship that is filled to the brim as to weigh the ship down making it accelerate slower. All those were personal choices. But i guess we do live in an age where people forgo personal responsibility for their actions and blame outward, instead of inward. One thing that stuck with me in early days in EvE was corp mates telling me (if you die, its your fault, and to get better is try to learn what you did wrong, and keep trying to impove)
  16. They buy another blueprint easy. If that person isnt playing, then dont fly what you cant afford to lose in the pvp zone.
  17. to reiterate. you absolutely can. Ive lost a ship in pvp, that I personally spent time on making. I had a new one deployed about 5minutes after. Thats quicker than any capital ship ive had to replace in EvE. So infact its easier in DU. imagine that.
  18. Blue prints. Once its built, you can deploy it instantly. That then goes back to EvE, dont fly what you cant afford to replace. Pretty simple. YOU DO NOT REBUILD YOUR SHIP FROM SCRATCH EACH TIME YOU LOSE IT. you either deploy a BP or buy another token or BP from the vendor you got it. HOW IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I swear the IQ on these forums is in the double digits.
  19. Thats your problem tho, this game doesnt mimic a typical MMO. And its not a even too much like EvE, but does have similarities and was inspired by EvE and JC even if he isnt around anymore. Thats at least how it started. You have freedom to build your ships in this game. If you build them to haul mass amounts of goods, that puts you at a disadvantage against a pvp ship. Your counter is not to be caught, or have pvp ships with you. Or at the very least a set of guns to fight off 1 ship. But if a group of pvp ships start to engage you, in what [filtered]in' world would it be fair for that 1 NON pvp ship to win against pvp ships?
  20. You arent your ship, and never should be. Thats why EvE is successful. Sometimes i lose 5 or more ships a day when I play. If you forget your ship and or you are an [filtered] and leave it at a market, you lose it. So what its one of MANY, if not thousands, you will own over time. Move on.
  21. Looking back with hindsight, i wonder if it would of been better to stick with their original development plans, and do AvA first. Or did they see AvA as some hurdle too big and would hinder progress thats why the switched. Not sure, but I wonder if it would of been better, that way TW and tiles would of been fleshed out better, and you could shoot people that come onto your property trying to spy and stuff.
  22. im not reading any of that, you just ramble for the sake of it. You arent a pvper. all you guys say the same thing "counters" but in the end, you will still die because you arent pvpers. All haulers die in eve when caught, its the way it has always been. The counters are in not getting caught in the first place. Deal with it, this is the pvp zone.
  23. Once again, Proof carebears want an ON/OFF pvp I win button. Once people engage in the pvp zone, it makes sense the VAST majority of a time there is a winner and a loser. Just a lot of people seem to be sore losers. You say GF and move on, and get better.
  24. Its hilarious seeing the carebears in this thread. Anytime NQ tries to put anything in the PvP zone are start on development its just complete whining. Then making strawman arguments about "losing player base" and then just random assumptions about haulers having no counters. You do have a counter, build a PVP ship with some cargo hold. The game is about choices. If you chose to build a defenseless hauler, that carries 40kt of weight. You are gonna be always at a disadvantage if a pvp ship finds you. ALWAYS. That was your choice. Remeber there are safe zone missions if you cant handle this.
  25. You dont even know whats going on in the game. You are literally crazy if you think we already have people to shoot at. We don't. Hauler success rate is 99.9%. The rest is a few encounters at pvp asteroids, that you can completely side step and do safe zone ones.
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