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  1. So in the youtube video it is said that 40 million + talent packs will be available for ALL players. On the forum message it is written that they will be available for beta players only. Which one is accurate?
  2. I'm shocked that wiping talent points is even a discussion. Players payed you a subscription for god's sake. Honestly with all the mess that beta has been this is the least that has to be done for people who kept supporting the game. If talent points that have been accumulated through subscription are wiped or some other shady stuff implemented like tripling the amount of skillpoints required for the same skill I will 1) Quit this game 2) Make my mission to create as much bad pr among my friends as I can, so they and their friends know how "well" you guys treat their customers.
  3. On my tile a friend of mine was building a base in the mountain. He made a couple of mistakes braking the mountain and patched the holes with snow using terraforming tools. Today I logged on the PTS to see how the base will look after the demeter update and those snow patches are still there. So as I understand something went wrong and my tile didn't reset fully.
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