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  1. 7 hours ago, blundertwink said:

    Okay, but why? What game design purpose does that really serve? How would you handle water in this game, just make it out of bounds or make it more complex where you need special gear to survive underwater? But...why? Nothing special underwater, so why handle it in a special way?



    A whole weather system is a fairly big deal, what design purpose does it serve? Making it so you can survive harsher environments with better equipment? Adding diversity to different worlds? Forcing people to build actual roofs? How do you implement this system without making it a pain to build things outside?


    This does seem like a simple change -- not really a big deal to me personally as I don't see death in these situations as especially necessary.


    Survival mechanics are so popular with building games because things like food tie together very cleanly with building. Food is used for adventuring, where you gather more materials, which is used to grow more food; that's a simple and engaging loop. Of course, DU has no adventuring....so the loop wouldn't be complete. That's arguably my biggest criticism of survival-type mechanics: the game can't support them without more depth in the core gameplay.


    For example, I don't see any buffs gained from eating etc. as being relevant without things like Territory War or Avatar vs. Avatar combat (which is just a myth and likely will never be implemented). The reason these mechanics work well in survival games is exactly why they'd be of limited use in DU: there needs to be some adventure/combat element for these loops to be complete.


    People also tend to roll their eyes when survival mechanics are suggested not because you're wrong or because they are bad ideas, but because it isn't realistic for a studio like NQ to implement.


    For example, designing a weather system or farming system would take them literally years. Even changing how water works would take a lot of time. We know this because it's been almost 8 years now and they still are tweaking how mining.


    So I don't really disagree with these ideas at their core, but also don't think they would be the best use of NQ's glacial. They need to think very very carefully about design elements that are low impact for development but high impact for engagement, and all the typical survival loops don't seem to fit into that very cleanly.

    This is right on point, in my opinion :)

    "For example, designing a weather system or farming system would take them literally years. Even changing how water works would take a lot of time. We know this because it's been almost 8 years now and they still are tweaking how mining."

    this is the main reason why many, simple things have not yet been introduced. That is, God bless him complex, but there are really simple things like filters \ pointers \ transitions, etc. which are solved literally in 1-2 working days by 5 developers. And it will give more convenience and mechanics than what they do large and for half a year ..

  2. 6 hours ago, Deleted said:

    Are they claimable? I know that static constructs are... although the req. process takes 2 weeks.
    There are some clearly abandoned dynamic constructs on our turf that would be annoying to have to escort to the border 100m at a time due to manoeuvre tool limitations.
    So can't we just requisition them and destroy them?

    Specifically, at the moment, you cannot do anything except "push" them out of your territory.

    But look at the announcements and read carefully, soon you will have a mechanic to parse these ships


  3. 12 hours ago, Verliezer said:

    A wipe is necesary to reset the economy but also to reduce the unbalanced number of schematics in game.
    A wipe will reset the economy but does not fix it. Still a good balance needs to be implemented by NQ in the future updates.


    But what is overlooked is the number of schematics that have being bought in the few months where Ore prices went rogue. It was I think somewhere after the 0.23 update when the bots where removed and Ore prices went so high that all it took was mine one megaNode and you gained 100-200 million quanta. The income increased by 10x but the schematic prices stayed the same. This caused that a lot of players became a billionaire and could affort ALL schematics. My opnion is that there are way to many schematics amongst us. There should be lower rate by which schematics are getting spread amongst the players (schematic prices tightly coupled to the ore prices). Therefor schematics needs to be part of the wipe as well.


    Are you serious now? Are you suggesting to clear the server every time, just because the economy is alive? and reacts to the world? Does that mean the price went up or down?

    Sir, please forgive me.. This is an absolutely normal situation when market prices either rise or fall depending on demand/updates, etc. So it was and will be in all MMOs before the release and after the release - it doesn't matter, and everyone falls into this zone of such prices - all under the same conditions. And if you didn’t find it, don’t worry, you will find it in the future, but no one will ever wipe it just because someone missed the last part of the game’s history. It's funny in this case.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Wilner said:

    Anyone know how to get these cords into the game map, or find them on the planet?

    You have two options,

    copy this including "::" 
    And open local chat and paste it there and send to chat. After that, the coordinates will become a yellow active link, then RMB and set the route.

    The second option is simpler and more adequate. Copy this include "::"
    And in the game just press ALT + P the route will be set automatically (the main thing is dont use at this time commander's seat)

  5. 9 hours ago, blundertwink said:


    This is good news, but also far, far too slow to roll out. These are tiny, few-minute balance tweaks that should have been done before Demeter dropped or shortly after deployment. Of course people will quit in the interim, do you expect them to keep paying a sub?


    Again, NQ needs more practice on how to support their game as a real product...seeing as how they are charging real money for it and aiming to market and grow the game soon.


    They're still running it as a closed alpha where there's no sense of urgency at all...where players "need to understand" that their process is trial and error instead of plan and execute, so "be patient"...and pay them their sub money in the meantime.


    These tiny changes in calibration charges and tax rate didn't need almost 2 months in development. They should have been pushed a week or two after the deployment (or far more logically, before Demeter rolled out at all!)


    My take on this change is that it's a massive failure in leadership and timing -- another instance where NQ wants to run this game like it's 7 years ago in closed alpha where prototyping a major feature for a couple of months is more understandable.


    Again, if NQ thinks we complain too much, they don't understand what it means to support an MMO at release...even if NQ can attract a million people tomorrow, their company currently isn't capable of supporting the product in a professional way and 95% of those customers would churn.

    With this I wholeheartedly agree.

    Regarding the timing, the point is not that they have been doing and working on these changes for a long time, they collect statistics before making changes, and statistics require sampling by time, at least 1-2 months, which is why the update does not come as quickly as we would like . That is, the question is not even that they react for a long time, this is normal in this case (collecting statistics takes time), but that they have no experience, and they initially make many mistakes and do most by trial and error .. as you above and they said.

    And with the plan of trial and error, and they take money for it - I completely agree. You are 100% right here.

    But alas .. what to do, we all came here and understood that the plans are huge, and the company is small and with a small budget, and even without experience in the gaming industry .. so what was happening was obvious from the very beginning, it just didn’t need to be built magic locks in the head of the players and take a sober look at the situation, so as not to be surprised later .. But what we have is what we have. Sometimes I don’t understand at all how they stay afloat .. but God bless them and I hope they still gain experience and get out of this situation.

  6. 2 hours ago, Bazzy_505 said:

    Numbers wise, i would say the population has been rather flat. I've been bumping into new players quite frequently in the last 2 months. But most of them tend to go silent after first 2 or 3 weeks. I have feeling that once they build their first base/factory, get the first workable S and M core ( which we often give them for free because we treat them as unicorns) they tend to run out of things to do, unless they have the Landmark bug. Can't really blame them, there isn't much to do beyond that.


    After demeter i've noticed quite a few pre 0.23 players peeking their heads back in, mostly to come back to check on their old stuff and see if anyone from their old orgs is still playing. But like new players i would say only about 1/3 of them stick around beyond the move my stuff from surface to space/sact tile.


    All in all i'd say DU doesn't bleed any more than it gains back, but it's certainly not growing, and quite frankly why would it? Even if we get wrecks and salvage in next major pach it isn't quite some novel or excitiong new game loop. Builders will build, rest will loiter around for a while than shake their heads and move on. It's the way it was, and apparently that's way it will be for forseeable future.


    happy voxeling and trolling general lads and lasses

    for most closer future.. i think you are  right mate.. thats something around what you say.

  7. 3 hours ago, Underhook said:

    Well maybe your very fast. All I know is this. Since Demeter all I have done is set up and calibrate Mu's, collect ore, take it to market and sell it. At this point I have about 35 million ( I went down to about 5 million). I had 52 million before Demeter.

    Perhaps you just chose bad tiles (poor) or something else.. unfortunately I find it difficult to answer what is going wrong with you.. but if this is how you say on your side, then this is really bad. Even though I don't understand.

  8. 3 hours ago, CptLoRes said:

    I don't care about how many cores or quanta the other players have.

    All I care about is the ability to build my stuff when and how I want, and be creative and free to experiment.

    And for this simple reason Demeter fails at all counts, since grind and forced menial tasks is and has always been the antithesis of creativity.


    That's why I stopped mining (old way), and that's why I am now in the process of burning out the same way I did back then with MU's. And collecting surface ore has never ever even been a consideration (did my share of that type of game play like 15 years ago, and there are countless games that does this MUCH better for those into it). And so with regard to creativity the tax/MU system is even worse (more grind for less resources, and constant pressure to do certain tasks) then the old mining ever was. And so the end effect is that I stop playing DU for long periods, just waiting around looking for any glimmer of hope that here will be a game worth playing in the future.


    And if the silent majority of players where fine with Demeter, why is it then that we are now getting an unscheduled and immediate emergency update to tax and MU's after NQ looked at logs and player patterns? And looking at the changes we are not talking about minor adjustments here, since those are clear 'ohh shit, let's try and fix this' amounts of change..

    maybe you are right, I can’t, for example, check all the players’ logs, for example, as above, who for some reason lose money .. But the fact that just a lot of ore appeared on the market makes it clear about something. That there is TOO much ore .. And this is not clear to me.

    But with the current update, yes, IMHO it is now more convenient than even burrowing was. Now it is quite possible to support and calibrate 42 miners only once a week. For me, this is more than acceptable, to do nothing for a week, to engage in creativity and my own questions, and recalibrate once a week and get my ore in essence in afk. After the current changes.

  9. 27 minutes ago, CptLoRes said:

    And if you add another 2-3 years on top of that for those of use that has been here since the very beginning, this is EXACTLY why we are so frustrated with the NQ dev process and this 'game' that could have been so great but is going nowhere.

    Well, we have what we have .. and maybe in a couple of years ..hehe

  10. When we put constructions according to the drawing, the construction seems to be "built" by elements in front of our eyes, why not do the same process only in reverse, and add all your voxels and elements to the connected container. By pressing one button. Esstesvenno doing a preliminary check on whether there is enough space to put it all in the active current container .. I think this is not a technically difficult task, but for some unknown reason, it still does not exist years later. And sometimes people just can't find 1 voxel, wasting hours of their time.

  11. In any case, to be honest, I still don’t understand what the problem is with taxes, what is 1 million and what is 500k .. this is just ridiculous in my opinion? 500k is even collected by stones under your feet in 20-30 minutes .. even without upcoming skills to collect. That is, in general, with a bare ass, without having anything behind you, you can pay a week of tax in 20-30 minutes .. I still don’t understand :)

    That is, usually if there is a tile, it gives something, but when you sell goods on the market, you pay % for the transaction, and this % sometimes reaches much larger amounts. Many times large sums. And then 500k which, well, I don’t understand you, gentlemen, I can’t understand, it’s just a ridiculous amount even for a beginner

    Just for entering the game, even without doing anything at all, it’s 3 days to enter, that is, you don’t even need to play, you don’t need to do anything .. just come in and get 2 tiles for a week for a week just by entering the game.

    Also, don't forget that there are headquarters tiles that do not require payment, if the sanctuary tile does not require payment either. in sum, this is an opportunity to have 6 tiles without payment, is it really not enough? .. And if you mine it’s so funny, the tiles pay for themselves without any problems 2-3 times than taxes .. and now it’s 3-4 times .. because taxes are 2 times less done.

    That mean.. you can get 1 sanct + 5 HQ tile + 2 from enter the game tile.. so total 8 tiles.. guys.. EIGHT!!! and no need to do anything.. just enter to game.. so what is problem? why ppl still crying.. 

    I make base for total 1 tile.. 80+ L core.. for over 1 year.. but is 1.. you can have 8 without anyyyyy..  sorry guys but i think who talk about taxes.. just dont wanna do any.. and wanna moer and more casual game.. cose thats really strange.. devs give to every one 8 tiles.. free.. and ppl still crying and LEFT game becouse of this.. omg

    Maybe i cannot understand some thing in this game? :)

  12. 2 hours ago, Zireaa said:

    I don’t think pvp will ever be good in this game just a gank fest is all it will ever be but that’s my opinion who knows we’ll see

    most time eve the same %) but is not make eve bad game

    and on my opinion i think is correct if large fleet can kill on ship.. gank is okey at this situation i think.. cannot be 1 fighter destroy all fleet with 10 ships for example.
    or i not correct understand what you try to say about gank and problem with that.

  13. On 1/18/2022 at 4:19 AM, ReconDo17 said:

    So in the announcement of the "Panacea" update which its of note to know the meaning of that word as a start to what I am about to say. Panacea means a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases, so to that end and based on what was said and I quote, " We recognized that we fell short in the aftermath of the Demeter release." This is an understatement at best, NQ killed the economy in a matter of hours upon this release for some they were happy or elated as prices of goods and ships fell in the days after Demeter. Also what NQ managed to do was drive a good number of builders, industry makers, ship creators, content creators away from the game just after the release and then slowly over the last few months more and more have left for other titles. Some may have come back here and there but the amount of time they now spend in DU has diminished greatly. One great ship builder and extremely talented voxel mancers Damphousse have left the game for good as of now and closed their ship showroom on Alioth for the foreseeable future and incase your wondering they have also removed their ships from the DU creator site as well.


    Indeed there were a few good things that came from the Demeter update for some people that still play this game, many were happy that megas and ground mining were removed but then soon found out that things said by NQ about auto mining were not true like being able to recalibrate in VR. Yes you can do it but at what cost your talents no longer work in VR so your wasting time doing it this way as you are not getting the full benefit of the miner. In the year that I have been playing this game although not as long as most but I have watched NQ very close in the correspondence they put out or update announcements released. In doing this I have learned to read between the lines and dig deeper into what they are really intending to do in whatever update they are releasing at the time. More often than not most people only read and believe what they want and argue to the death to defend it which is laughable most of the time and quite hilarious to both watch and read. In looking at the wording of this new looming update its a play on words really, its like that favorite jacket you wear in the winter all warm and cozy that makes you feel all warm toasty but really your sneaky roommate stripped the liner out of it and now your out in the cold. I will admit when I read the announcement I was like hey they are going to listen this time but again reading between the lines it seems once again that NQ is going to dribble a few things here and there like what seems to be case to keep most players interested. Like the ability to requisition ships or dynamic constructs good right or miner API, camera LUA API changes to name a few. However, there is much more bad that is looming if this goes forward and I am afraid it may drive the reaming few 5 same people I see in chat away (being facetious) ok maybe the same10 people in chat. What do I mean by this well for starters the element stacking and NO I am NOT talking about the old crap that was pulled by stupid PVPers and some ship builders. I mean get in your favorite ship and pay attention to the screen a red warning box will appear and tell you that your favorite ship will soon be rendered inoperable due to elements being too close to one another i.e. brakes, engines, etc, etc. If implemented as it reads and NQ once again despite them saying they basically failed at the last update and once again fail to listen to the community this could be the end of this game except for those 10 players mentioned before.


    I am not trying to be negative here, I always try to see the positive but after the last few quite dismal updates it really is what I have come to expect from NQ and the reading between the lines almost always turns out to be true as they didn't listen to the community that actually plays the game. What is the bottom line that I am trying to convey to NQ, well if you go forward and once again don't listen to the community and just oil that loudest squeaky wheel again, you are just driving the point home that you don't care what the community has to say. Element stacking is bad yes but placing elements close to or even in the case of Atmo brakes on top of or stacked together like crackers is not bad and indeed serves a purpose. Looking at this looming update on face value which all we can do at the moment it seems this is going to break most ships currently in the game, you will not be able to deploy BPs that have these issues i.e. elements too close or voxel complexity too high etc. If Nq doesn't listen I am afraid this is going to drive the few builders we have left away and that will spell the end of the title until NQ truly listens to its payer base.

    Yeah, and precisely because he left, he is posting an advertisement for a new ship in the official discord today. Yeah .. well yes

  14. 3 hours ago, Zireaa said:

    I agree as of the state of the game from last few patches my ore gathering has dropped by so much I can’t even work on my projects much I’m mostly waiting two see if it’s going two be fixed a whipe at this point would probably just push the final nail in the coffin



    Sorry, but if your ore collection has decreased, then it seems to me that you are doing something wrong, since everyone I know claims the opposite, there is a lot of ore and people even have nowhere to put it. Every second person in my organization from t1 to t4 has tens of millions of ore already.

    And yes .. the market is proof of this, the price of ore is ridiculous, it speaks of low demand and high supply .. Think about what you are doing wrong. Here, on the contrary, it is necessary to cut down the production somehow or to make an outflow of elements from the game in a large number, it is necessary to destroy the elements, etc.

  15. On 1/13/2022 at 1:15 PM, Tiberis said:

    So as one of many players who don't play as often as others. I'm pretty pissed off at the state of the game, lack of content, and frankly how taxes are being handled. So now all my buildings can be taken if I am away due to life, and someone else can just blueprint them. Which is bullshit. Just wipe the servers already like should have already been done. Enough is enough. Make a game worth playing or shut it down...ffs.

    I completely disagree with you, and I'm almost sure you are ready to go for it because you play once a week, and not like us. We dedicate ourselves to this game every day, and for example, I do not agree to erasure at all. But I look at those mechanics that the developer introduces with a positive look, since it always works, and will not delay the consequences, as, for example, there were purges with the markets. That is, this mechanic is implemented in many games. And I don’t know where you should go for more than an eternity, if you announce headquarters tiles, no one will disassemble anything and will not be able to take it away, read the patch notes carefully. Surround your tiles with headquarters - and all your problems are solved.

  16. 23 minutes ago, Underhook said:

    I still have a couple of weeks left on my subscription but just cant force myself to log in for even one more time.


    I think its the tax that has ruined the game for me. Probably that and the lowish player numbers.


    Currently all I have time for is calibrating MU, picking up ore and delivering ore to market. I had 52 mil before demeter and now I have 32 mil. Thats a lot of boring work to not even get back to my starting point.


    The DU community has been great and players are very helpful. Some aspects of the game like ship and base building are really good. IMO it just nee3ds to be turned into a game.


    Can you have my stuff? I have made all but 2 territories into HQ. I think one of them will have a container a couple of advanced MU and a bit of ore.


    I might come back if the game ever gets a full release.


    Good luck to a great player base and to the devs. I do hope you can save the game.


    hey mate.. you looks like not read news.. 
    take it.. this is special for you: 

    now you can 1 time in week update your MU

  17. 9 hours ago, Gottchar said:

    Mostly things they had planned anyway, check how much on the top is suggested by "moderator". The site was shitty to navigate through, people just made new suggestions as they didn’t see the suggestion was already made, with so many pages people only voted on the stuff that was on the top already: the stuff added by NQ.
    Proper polling needs some proper moderation.

    This is more than a correct remark, but still they need to bring something like this back to life. Ideally, right in the game at the entrance, or as a separate function through the tab navigation menu. At least at the level, guys, we can do this and that in the near future, vote what is most important now. Or something like that.

  18. In general, not my opinion, they needed to introduce these changes along with changes in the brakes. Otherwise, we will have to "fix" everything on the ships once, and later, in a couple of months, change all the ships again, and redo it because the brakes will start working according to the new mechanics.

    And this is double work, and it turns out that with the new mechanics, more than half of the ships will most likely not work conceptually at all, and we will now lose time to fix them. Duck it would be better to find out and do it all once. And do not waste time and energy on ships that are conceptually unsuitable for the new brake mechanics, they could be "written off" right away.

  19. To be honest, in my opinion, what I managed to notice on some hitboxes, when the adjuster is easily put in place of the X of the military engine M. but yes, nothing is blocked and in one case it works, in the second it does not work.

    All this says that the problem is not in the system .. But the fact that earlier, those who made models and hitboxes of models, before the introduction of this system, created low-quality models and their hitboxes, and now we have problems with the introduction of this mechanics. That is, the problem is not in the mechanics, but in the equipment hitboxes themselves. They need to completely fix the hitboxes of ALL the elements in the game. To solve this problem.

  20. On 1/20/2022 at 10:56 PM, m0rrtson said:

    Is it still in use? was it created and is it supported by NQ?

    btw, I don't se how I can create a feature request there.... how to?

    As far as I know, they don’t use and don’t support this service anymore, as I asked them, they said that they will reanimate it, redo it and it will work again, but a YEAR has already passed .. and, apparently, no one is not going to revive this service. Therefore, we can safely say that he is dead and it no longer makes sense to use him.

    So the only place where you can try to convey your thoughts is either here in the forum - but be prepared to be showered with poop from the community and not the fact that NQ will take note of anything .. Or the second option to write them a ticket - this will at least 100% give a guarantee that they will at least read what you offer .. it’s not at all a fact that they will perform or listen.

  21. +1.. so many things can be make it here.. and not all of them so diff or get many time.. many idea have not hard for make it.. 

    Not only here on your post.. but so many ppl talking about it.. 


    For example market and auto-clean system.. over 2 yeart ppl talking about .. and finally we only now have this things in panacea. Serisoly? i dont think so it so difficult make script \ code part for auto delete some core by id after get timer done.. But 2 year. 


    So i dont think so we some day get any of your idea in game.. or maybe after 5-10 year :(


    I hope thay start do something for CONTENT and GAME..  

  22. Survival (food) does not have to be taken in the traditional form of survival. It is quite possible to use it as boosters, for example, a certain temporary stimulant to increase the accuracy / damage of shooting, or piloting speed, or improve production, or the rate of accumulation of talent points, that is, you can not use them, but you will not receive bonuses if they you don't need at the moment. But such a system would give new content to the game and a new industry - agriculture, as well as the release of quanta and certain materials. So yes, it’s rather not quite Survival, but all this can be competently beaten and built into the environment of this game, but instead, alas, we don’t see anything.

    I came into the game from the beginning of the Beta, and this is for a minute, it’s been almost a year and a half since, some bugs have been fixed in the game, etc. there was construction and digging, so it remained, nothing new in general, NOTHING appeared, I'm talking about global things .. and similar things that are discussed above could bring a new branch of content and new activities for players, as well as a new experience in pvp and other aspects games - (food \ boosters = bonuses, optional)

  23. 8 hours ago, CptLoRes said:



    Tools for large scale and more refined terraforming is a part of this game that just got forgotten. It got slightly better after the smooth tool to flatten large areas was added, but still. But right now I guess large scale terraforming is the last thing NQ wants with regard to keeping the server cost down.

    due to the lack of tools for large-scale terraforming, we did this work in the amount of a full 7 hexes of territory before the update "demeter" and after we do it again, since they could not save a huge amount of work in half a year. Now my team and I have been doing the same thing again for the past 2 months, and it will take about 1 month before the end. So, alas, yes.. larger scale terraforming tools would be just super.

  24. 18 hours ago, Zarcata said:

    The same is said about DualUniverse, StarCitizen, NewWorld and the best example of "the game is dead" is probably World of Warcraft, which is supposed to be dead for over 10 years and still has several million players.

    no mate .. not the same Dual Universe.. and not the same WOW.. and etc.. Starbase no any moer ppl there.. atol.. like you can see it. And many million ppl WOW.. and 100 on Starbase is looks like not the same right?

    And you cannot call wow dead game cose there you dont like changes.. same like DU..  If you not like or game not fallow your idea and view.. is not mean game dead.. WOW for example have many million players.. is mean not dead.. only dead for you not for game . 

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