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  1. 1. i did get a chance, i asked questions, and i participated in hotfoots mining ops. i moved along, chatting away, you m' dude brought up all your real world politics, raptor, asario and masak bullied me and i laughed it off, so what? if anything shadow could have kicked you for making me feel unwelcome. im suprised he didnt kick you for putting a bounty on me, which breaks SLI's no pvp rule! XD 2. BOO actually made me welcome, i have received nothing but kindness, SLI was good except for the certain people who had caused me to leave, and the reason you didnt welcome me back is because i joined BOO, knowing SLI has AC connections i probably should have kept my distance. 3. take a breather, do you really like me or what?
  2. we balance risk and fun quite well IMO, never had a problem with that
  3. when i left SLI, i did some research into other orgs, i had remembered seeing @Derpzilas video on fighting spreezy and that turned me on, when i first spoke to sylva, i learned alot about the other orgs, and based on what she told me i knew i was joining BOO, and i have loved it ever since! other orgs i think are cool and good people, i however i will shoot them in game and have fun doing it and i hope they shoot me and have fun doing it! i am a pirate always and forever!
  4. hang with friends, build ships, get involved in org politics
  5. hello, ive been in BOO for 4 months, since November of 2020. i have participated in this community of well known pirates and memers actively and i have had a ton of fun, and i will continue to have fun! feel free to ask me stuff, i will answer in a general manner and keep revealing data/info out, dont expect me to spoil anything ask away! -ELX
  6. Hello all, i present to you a simple to use and very helpful spreadsheet for calculating the ore cost and/or quanta cost of a end item Here is the sheet: **WARNING** DO NOT USE THE EXCEL VERSION, THE SHEET BREAKS IN EXCEL, apologies for that https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtWuuS-21QN9x51zAZXCrClxw79d5fMzVnTHavmsPZ0/edit?usp=sharing Features: -allow user to input base ore cost, ore quanta price, skills, and percentage of product used for intermediate parts -automatically takes all values above entered and calculates them into the final cost in quanta -works for t1-5 and has t1-5 pure, product and intermediate part skills selectable -shows individual ore tier cost Instructions: -make a copy (file > make a copy) -input ore values manually or copy/paste them in (click paste > values only after you paste them in so the formatting doesn't get screwed) -to calculate the part percentage, take the amount of base not used for intermediate parts and subtract that from the total ore cost of that particular ore, then divide that number by the total ore cost of that particular ore, do not use the percentage(%) symbol when entering in the percentage, you should always use decimals (e.g 0.33 for 33%) -if you need help modifying the sheet to your needs, let me know i will try my best to help! Possible features: -time cost -others as they cross my mind thanks for your interest -ELX987
  7. warp is only easy and overpowered for you because you are rich, many players haven't found a mega node yet, either that or cant pass 5m in quanta withought serious time developing skills playing the game. warp cells are 8k a piece at the moment, an avg warp shuttle takes 2-4 warp cells to go from alioth to thades or madis. but start adding weight and it gets more expensive as you go, and based on my statement before most players cant sum up money to even consider getting a warp shuttle that costs 3-6m because it isnt worth their time. warp is, again, not the issue, the problem is we need a system to take the shit out of warp forcefully, AKA interdiction... once interdiction and atmo pvp are out this topic will become valid should a real issue arise, but at this point this problem doesnt exist
  8. here is another thing to consider, when atmo pvp comes, this entire arguement will be invalidated as all of you will be scouring for warp cells to escape pirates. warping is a time trade off not entirely a safety tradeoff think about the future before you contemplate a addition
  9. for once i have to say that a thread is driving away from real problems, this is a prime example and here is why this thread irritates me: 1. warp is fine, is semi balanced, and is a working system as well as an essential one. there is no point to nerfing/buffing the mechanics of warp, period. 2. warp cell costs are not in any way unbalanced and also create a nice sink for the economy, besides no one really warps heavy haulers around unless they get caught, which is a reward for being smart about your hauling. 3. removing the ability to warp withought a player beacon would kill gameplay for many people, as well as make things unnecessarily difficult. its hypocritical that the community pushes for NQ to reverse the scehmatics, which were not needed at all, and then asking for stuff like this. let NQ just fix the exploit that is an issue, and let it be, warp is fine and there is no need to create problems that didnt exist.
  10. bane of anyone who thinks "consentual pvp" is the only appropriate form of pvp in the danger zone, god bless
  11. absolutely needed that NQ start being more transparent, especially with things like being aware of things that can damage the game, as well as they are working to fix the exploit/bug. If NQ looks to model off eve, they should try doing support stuff more like eve, this being an example of that. anyone who does that is in a love-hate relationship with both eve and DU, they cant deny it XD
  12. most of the games stuff is serverside, the clientside stuff enables the client to work with the serverside stuff, there must be something on your end crashing after those 14 minutes, or your game files are corrupted and you might have t reinstall if this problem repeats. i hope you get your problem fixed regardless
  13. thank you for acknowledging my contribution, i complied them from what friends have told me and what ive seen, some like the radar one might be outdated, some were exploits and i apologize for listing them here, the 2nd to last one is for nearby player yes, and i saw the res node thing added as a fix, might not be remote though
  14. i think that org leaders should keep their expectations for their members the same everywhere in game, in BOO we have a Code that gives us general guidelines of how to act and be respectful, we meme and shittalk yes, but we keep it civil and if someone asks to be left alone verbally i and others in BOO will respect that, we have our fun and get borderline with stuff yes, but we never pass those lines and if your org leaders dont watch you, how do they know you are growing as a person?
  15. must be just you then, docking works for me :D, sorry bout that
  16. well fetch was removed for good reason, is the ship bugged in your carrier?
  17. theft mechanics, oh boy! i would love an actual system where i can hack into the core of a construct and steal it, but it would warn the owner of such an event and take a certain amount of time and also cannot be done while a player is offline. maybe they can introduce it with AvA as a wardec mechanic. it works just fine, also no one really was aware of this exploit until OP created the thread, so yea maybe OP should send a ticket instead!
  18. NQ, please close this thread, OP has been on a nonstop brigade of our group and has been throwing unneeded insults, slurs and discriminations at our group and is unwarranted. thank you.
  19. -ore extraction bonus skills and some honeycomb crafting skills are not working -various misspellings for skill descriptions -planet type says planet 2 times unnecessarily -mass reduction exploit still works in the form of putting ore in nanocrafter and player mass not affecting ship weight -pasting coords into a bookmark overwrites the coords to the last set destination, workaround is to clear destination -radar lua function of fetching target world pos returns to 0.0 coords -large amount of ships fighting in one area causes significant gun misses while firing -when departing a ship, any linked containers will disconnect and reconnect in the span of 10 seconds -monthly subs are reported to not end on end date. -sharing constructs sometimes doesnt work -sharing org constructs never works even as a super legate, work around is to put share-ee in said org -res nodes cannot be remote deactivated, i thought this was implemented? will report more as they come up , love this thread idea
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