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  1. The game was supposed to attract a large mass of "players" or did NQ only want Lua specialists to feel addressed here? Who had never dealt with lua or does not even know what it is, would not belong to the target group?
  2. A proper menu for factions is generally missing. Not just an organization (although even for orgs the menu is ridiculous). It also lacks the possibilities of diplomacy among the organizations and the factions, it lacks an election system per faction that is founded. It lacks possibilities to create more ranks. I just don't understand it, there are games that are already much further and have great content, there you can see how it works in terms of content. With NQ and DualUniverse, I have the impression that they have developers who are stuck at the 1999/2000 level. Does NQ even know the current game market, what is offered there? In what form, quality with what content for players and its possibilities?
  3. This is a reverie and you have built the game wrong from the beginning. The players should create everything? Then why the markets? Then why the market bots? Why then missions for an NPC system? We players should do everything? At the moment, the game is far from that, because it simply lacks tools and opportunities for interaction. Actually, it's probably not even worthy of alpha status. NQ should either give up and hope to find a job elsewhere or start the project from scratch. This includes thinking about the basic mechanics and what the game should represent in the end. It just seems totally immature, as if you put children in a sandbox who have no imagination or creativity... (yes, there are such children, they just can't play by themselves or keep themselves busy). Our world is an extremely intricate ecosystem, connected everywhere from tiny to huge. It's almost currently impossible to "recreate" this on this scale, certainly not in the form of a sandbox game. If you want to make a game, you should already know what is possible and what is not. What you want to offer the "customer" then. We have bought a product and expect accordingly that it works. At the moment I think NQ doesn't even know what the product is. Is it a voxel construction kit? Is it an industry building game? Is it a space game with huge spaceship battles? Is it an openworld game or a browser game with animations? So far the game is a huge disappointment, if you think about what it wants to offer and how they market themselves, it's just terrible to witness them trying to somehow bring something failed to life here.
  4. Would this even be necessary if the outer planets were going to be stripped of their shields anyway?
  5. Other options are more reasonable content. Content that players enjoy and want more of. But bad content is 1-5h AFK mission flights or constant commitments like calibrating or making schematics just so you can use your machines. so far there is hardly any content, but only so called timesink. (don't know can you translate it like that?). DualUniverse will never reach 1,000,000 subscriptions, not even if everyone had 5 alt accounts. You have to remember, it's a game and it's supposed to make a player's free time positive and long term. DualUniverse doesn't have much to keep you busy - that is, fun and enjoyable and varied.
  6. Since the employees are in Europe, that can count with 50 employees already, especially since certainly not all get good wages. Let's just calculate very good salaries as an average of 10.000,-€ per month times 50 employees. Are it 500.000,-€/month. With 100.000 subscriptions a 8,50,-€ on average per month it is 850.000,-€. That leaves at least €350,000 for the rest. (Whereby I would rather lower the wages.) So it can definitely pay off.
  7. How would a game like Dualuniverse get that many subscriptions? Even Eve, as a comparison of games, has just about managed this number and probably offers the better product in terms of content. Especially in the long run, I don't think DualUniverse can keep 50,000 players in the game. It offers too little content and lasting motivation.
  8. Here many always write about NQ and DualUniverse as a game, but probably forget that not necessarily the game is the important product, but the technology behind it, when it comes to the one server. The game including content seems to be irrelevant. The technology behind it, if it works and becomes financially viable, is the key to success. The problem at the moment is that the technology behind it cannot be sold at the moment due to the energy crises worldwide, as this apparently causes high costs financially. This would also be confirmed by the savings and tests with the performance. I estimate that a player would have to pay a monthly subscription for more than 20, - €, depending on how many players are permanently available, even more. At the same time, the game itself is not even filled with content. Means, if the game would be really alive, with cities, trade, many players, quests and occupations, PvP and more these costs would jump up to >30,-€. The bad thing is, if there are less players than in the best times, the subscription fees would have to be raised every time or game content would have to be deleted to save costs. Especially now, when many energy prices such as coal, gas, electricity are becoming increasingly expensive, this technology is not interesting, at least in the current state of development of price-performance. At the same time, it is also a very expensive game on the part of the players, the power consumption by DualUniverse with the "game content" is 4-6 times of, for example, World of Warcraft, which offers much more content and employment. And yes, in the next few years, gamers will also have to pay attention to whether they spend 500,-€ a year on PC power consumption or >1500,-€.
  9. If NQ would take the game purely as a voxel sandbox, they could already publish. It is slowed down by additional features such as PvP, economic cycle,... would be the question, what would NQ like to achieve with the game at all? To me it looks more like a permanent test environment, not a game that should really be ready once.
  10. What exactly is real PvP for you? What exactly are you missing in DualUniverse to be able to "PvP"?
  11. What you mean is not an mmo where just many real players can see each other in the same game and interact with each other if they want (but don't have to) but rather a sandbox. Whereas even in sandbox games there is already overlap if there are goals there or the players can do what they want per se.
  12. Schematics should be introduced into an occupation menu as a talent tree. Also T1. In the menu you can then unlock levels. the first level is Basic and costs 10.000 Quanta. Let's take as an example: You can "skill" Basic to exotic, and after this, you can skill unlock levels A, B, C,....for more individual Continuing education /specialissation. You could then add points that each player has available to distribute alongside the quanta costs. These are limited, so you have to decide whether you would put them all in steel or in an alloy to become a "master" there. You could also choose to put only a few points in both, but then you don't take the best bonuses. Here it would also be important to decide for each production branch without having to specialize in previous products. (So you can specialize in advanced steel, but you don't need to specialize in basic or uncommon. This way there can be more diversity among the players who specializes in what. You could integrate the schematic system into the normal talent system through skill costs and unlocking, without having to bring countless schematics into the game. You should concentrate on the talent system and make it more individual, so that you can better decide for your play style deeper. but this also includes that you remove some current skill dependencies. to skill advanced producte you should not need basic and uncommon skills, but you should be able to specialize through significantly higher costs for unlocking right there. then not only basic to exotic, but deeper possibilities, so that the deeper you skill, it is worthwhile. then there are also greater differences for players whether someone specializes in basic-uncommon or advanced...., because for the market all are important, not only the final game products T5.
  13. I would have liked to see the industrial schematic system made quite simple: A kind of skills system where you have to unlock the "Schematics" in the menu. Once learned, these are valid forever. accordingly, these then cost quanta to unlock, the higher you skill, the more expensive. so you no longer need a schematic for each machine, but have the one plan in the skill menu. Additionally, if you absolutely want to limit industries, you could improve these plans in this menu by upgrading them. level 1: you can use a maximum of 5 machines from this circuit diagram level2: maximum 10 level3: max 25 level4: max 50 level5: max 100 At the same time you could integrate the skill system of the schematics with the achievements system. Achievements for "Unlock all T1/T2/3...Schematics: or unlock all blueprints for glass industry/fusion furnaces/... free. No buying of schematics. simply unlock once in the skillsystem against quanta, done. Those who earn the achievements can then use them to unlock access to new designs for their machines. New design or new colors, you have to see what makes more sense.
  14. I don't want to say that it would never be feasible. I rather think that the next 10-30years could be the time to create some kind of small "metaverse". In 30-100years I can imagine that there could be a very good metaverse. Provided that we are not in a downward spiral of development as currently indicated.
  15. Has anyone ever considered that the original vision isn't viable at all and NQ is somehow trying to pull together something playable so it's not a complete bust? That vision at the beginning - it's gone. Now another DualUniverse comes on the market, you either get along with it or you don't. Still, we should stay with reality and not chase a dead dream. Maybe the game should be seen as an attempt that didn't work out as expected. I hope, however, that the developers could profit and learn something from it, in order to develop better products from it. Even if Dualuniverse would remain only a voxel construction game, some surely have fun with it...maybe in 10-30 years then comes a new DualMetaVerse, which then rather fulfills the direction of the visions.
  16. A broad system of government is lacking. Starting from small settlements with mayors, to committees representing and administering large cities, to country or planet representatives or presidents of space regions. There elections and citizen concerns, up to possibilities of the elected to vote out, should these abuse their offices.
  17. It is interesting that we have been able to save a few million people of the earth by lottery. Flying across space to save humanity, wanting to build a new civilization. Apparently, we have not controlled in the lottery process, which people, with what skills and expertise we take with us. So it seems also very unreal, if the first "humans", which are none, but actually only data sets in avatars,...do not work together on a first small settlement, but each player goes solo and thinks of it, he wants to be then the best player with power and influence. Instead of collecting raw materials together for a settlement and a new civilization, we think again only about profit, profit maximization and how to bring other players around their quantum. Our own wealth comes before everything. But for what? Most of humanity are frozen and is uploaded in avatars. So what would be the next steps? The avatars will not save humanity in the long run, only the real people including reproduction would. So in the long run we also need a basic supply, food, drink, housing, medical care, garbage systems, recycling, energy supply, water-wastewater and much more.
  18. It does not matter if we die, because we are immortal. When an avatar is broken (it doesn't die, it just breaks down like a machine), you are simply loaded into a new avatar. That is then also with my point of criticism with pirates or system-unfaithful players. You could just prevent them from being re-uploaded from the library so we can build a peaceful society. But well, the main story is so fatally designed anyway...there makes such a thing hardly a difference.
  19. Great that some players still participated there, at least there is probably still a spark of hope with some. The "photos" are a bit strange, but they seem a bit childish, like teenagers who have their "stars" photographed at a trade fair. Whether someone prints out the photo and hangs at home in a picture frame on the wall? In the end, it reminds me more of Game of Thrones and the battle for the throne. Why do you want to sit on the throne?
  20. In your example with the L-Engine and the 50 hours, how is that meant? Do you want this engine to be repaired after 50 hours or after 50 hours of use? If it is a general 50 hours, you would have to repair the ship after 3 days. If it would count only after use, it depends more on how often you fly with your ship.
  21. Which would then, of course, negate the statement that Sanctuary would always be safe.
  22. When the video talks about the starter moon Sanctuary, that values there will be preserved forever, does this also apply to the new starter moon? (I can't think of the name right now) Likewise, I would be very interested to know if this assurance would also apply to the wipe case. So is it worth it if I dismantle my space station in space or my factories on Alioth to build them up on Sanctuary?
  23. Since NQ titles itself as a metaverse company, I would like to know to what extent you can explain metaverse, so what exactly does NQ mean by metaverse? The directions seem to diverge worldwide, if you look at the expectations of Meta/Facebook as an example. Is DualUniverse supposed to be a point in the direction of a Metaverse already there, if so, is this point from the game or just from the technology behind it? If DualUniverse itself wants to be a kind of Metaverse once in many years, aren't many things missing that are already there in "normal games"? Dungeons, quests, main quests, raids, arenas, battlegrounds, achievement systems, mounts, pets, mount fights, pet fights, openworld bosses, treasures, jump&run puzzles, housing, professions, economy, trading systems, guild content, faction fights, castle fights, battles on land and water with machines or ships,... Or will dualUniverse concentrate on the pure voxel construction kit, so that it works with the performance for years, once the planets or the universe are densely built? (How densely can players build planets, is there a vision on the part of NQ?)
  24. The product "DualUniverse" is great and ingenious purely from the voxel mechanics as a sandbox. What is fatal is that you want to integrate other things into the game, which are apparently not (yet?) to be implemented. Especially in the PvP area, the game is far inferior compared to many other games designed for PvP. You can't even call it a "game", more like a test version. Other games may not offer a voxel building kit besides the open PvP content, but a lot of other content: Dungeons, quests, main quests, raids, arenas, battlegrounds, achievement systems, mounts, pets, mount fights, pet fights, openworld bosses, treasures, jump&run puzzles, housing, professions, economy, trading systems, guild content, faction fights, castle fights, battles on land and water with machines or ships, it is in the end the multitude of occupation that many players can actively experience in a game. (active, meaning not afk flying through space for hours to watch a Netflix series). With all due respect, other games don't have to hide, as they offer far more and better content to keep players busy and happy. Even the one server mechanic doesn't help if you can't even play smoothly and together with 50 players. You can do that better in other server-based games. The 40vs40 battlegrounds in World of Warcraft alone are more stable and more fun! And that's the point - what's the point of having the best technology if it doesn't work or is too expensive for the studio to maintain that it has to be run at the minimum all the time? Personally, I want to log into the game in the evening and enjoy 2-3 hours of my free time, have fun and experience something. I certainly don't spend those 3 hours flying through space - because then I can skip the game and watch the series in peace. I would very much like to know from NQ how many players with which subscription price can financially support the game - not with minimum server performance, but with maximum, so that you can really "play". Furthermore, I'm very interested in how you're going to manage to bring the building game in line with PvP in terms of performance. Is this possible at all, also in relation to AvA or planetary wars/territorial wars?
  25. What was or is so bad about Schematics? Basically, they simply serve as a time lock, so that you do not build the factory within a short time with all the possibilities. So it's purely a time cost. From the player's point of view, does it matter if you have everything after a month or a year? In a sandbox game that you play over many years, it doesn't matter, and these schematics stretch that game content. (After all, there is hardly anything else). In the end, the schematics help it to still have the performance after a month of playing. Just think how many mega factories would be standing around if you removed them and how it would eat away at the performance.
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