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  1. The GDPR has taken over the wording of the TMG, accordingly it is only decisive to whom the provider addresses as a customer. The customers are therefore not only located in America, but also in Europe and Germany. Accordingly, the imprint obligations are given for these customers. A judgement of the OLD Hamm is already linked above as an example. Of course, he can also ignore everything and hope that the bureaucracy does not work...but it is still not legally safe. Edit: Just as a tip: He could point out on his website that his offers apply exclusively to non-European customers. Then he could avoid it from a purely legal point of view.
  2. Even if an imprint is not necessary in the USA or in many other countries of the world. As soon as you want to work with customers in Europe or even just provide information for EU citizens, you run a massive risk without an imprint. So, as these DualUniverse subscriptions are offered in Europe and by NQ based in Europe, customers are bound by European law. As a result, the EU can at least make it more difficult or prohibit trading or operating a trade within the EU. Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: DSGVO als ├╝bersichtliche Seite (dsgvo-gesetz.de) TMG - nichtamtliches Inhaltsverzeichnis (gesetze-im-internet.de) OLG Hamm, 17.12.2013 - I-4 U 100/13 - dejure.org
  3. He has to display this mandatory information on his website. As a customer, I don't have to search for this information on the internet, which is not difficult to understand, is it? They are missing on his website.
  4. The conversation here is solely about the release of the game in relation to a wipe, where some players want to keep the BPs and other players also want to keep the skill points. BP I understand, it was also confirmed by NQ that they are considering this. Skill points for the wipe and the release is not possible. This has nothing to do with "veterans", but simply with an enormous game advantage.
  5. He is obliged to state them. Also the legal seat of his business and the business owner.
  6. I would not spend money on a dubious site without company registration!
  7. Dreamer! At the start where a regular player already has 5/5 points in a skill tree, a new player has 0/5. Later, when the player finally gets to 4/5, the old player also has these 4/5 points in another skill tree. New player: 4/5 and 0/5 Old player: 5/5 and 4/5 New player: 4x5% more ore and 0 Old player: 5x5% more ore and 4x5% less consumption. But actually it looks more like this at the moment: new player at the start: 0/5 everywhere old player: 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 5/5 and 3/5 and 4/5 and 2/5 and 5/5 and 4/5 and...at least there are 90.000.000 points. A new player can only catch up in real terms if the old player has fully skilled everything and can therefore no longer distribute points. Only then and only then can he catch up!
  8. Thank you. However, not all of them have 5/5, many players have 4/5. At least with the talents that require over 2,000,000 points. However, it does not change an enormous imbalance and advantage that you can never recover, especially at the beginning. If we then play for months, this gap will certainly feel smaller, and mathematically in many cases only make the difference from 4/ to 5/5 seem small, but it doesn't help the new players if old players have already taken everything on the market or in PvP and could thus gain even more advantages without the danger of competitors.
  9. There is a catch-up mechanism in the points? Until now I assumed that you get 60 points or 90 points if you are learning something. Accordingly, a new player can never catch up if he should not get more than these 60/90 points. Every player has his talents in the list to keep these points running at 90. So you can't catch up with 80%. So if we reset everything at release the following will happen: - new players will get these 60 points, once they have played the tutorial with the talents, they will consequently get 90 points. - new players will certainly collect stones, start the first MiningUnit, etc. What does an old player do? Immediately starts the talents so that the 90 points come. Will distribute his 90,000,000 points - or part of them. Especially at the beginning, you can collect a lot more ores with points when picking up ores. With points you can set up much stronger MiningUnits, which also grant more ores during calibration (immediately) and collect more ores every hour. But it goes even further, the player can immediately unlock skills to need less fuel, at the same time produce more and faster. so he gets to everything faster, has to collect less ores and produces more and faster. This means that the old players not only have a considerable advantage due to experience, but a game advantage that cannot be caught up with. (Unless you give new players a catch-up mechanic and allow 600/900 points instead of 60/90. You want to sell me 2,000,000 points here? No. Every player can get the security points, so 1,000,000 points are omitted. That leaves a maximum of 1,000,000 points for a new player, but only if he lets himself be recruited and doesn't just create an account and play immediately. The mass of new players (if there are any at all) will simply take out a subscription and start playing. So they do without the 1,000,000 points, whether consciously or unconsciously. But it doesn't matter, because there is no way to catch up in any way. Even 1,000,000 is ridiculous compared to 90,000,000 points.
  10. BPs I can understand if they are their own without drm. Talent points themselves will have to be deleted, purely out of fairness to all new players, as the advantage is simply far too enormous. If the skill points would stay, you could also leave everything else, makes no difference in the long run.
  11. That's right, I can see it well with me, the rare Space engines XL or Warpbeacon run well and with a tidy profit. anything that can be produced quickly or easily is not worthwhile. And even then the demand is very player-dependent. you make the most with engines or weapons when NQ changes the values again in a patch and everyone wants to upgrade their ships quickly. I don't just see the time involved in these elements, but also the high schematic costs in Quanta. Not everyone produces the warp beacon, simply because of the 2,000,000,000 quanta in investment costs. In the meantime, however, so many lines have been built that the suppliers are undercutting each other there.
  12. We live in a new solar system that was completely devoid of humans before we came here. And now there are suddenly laboratories everywhere? Who built them? Sorry: Research is great - but not when I'm afk in the game and have to wait. The missions are already a horror. I can imagine that there are research labs that we players collectively find on the planets (as ruins) and then have to supply them with ores and rebuild them in order to get the knowledge there. Only when the laboratory is complete can schematics be extracted from there to copy them into one's own database. In this way, laboratories and research stations could be distributed and researched everywhere in the solar system.
  13. I assume that NQ is very aware of what is possible and what is not. Their problem will be that at the beginning they may have been convinced or ambitious to create something that they cannot currently create. So what is left? Give up or try to bring something to the table after all? One must not forget that NQ needs a positive reputation, especially among players, in order to be noticed. If they make major mistakes right at the beginning, no one will take the company seriously. As a rule, you can only afford to make mistakes if you have already built up a large, profitable company. At the moment, however, it seems to be a very shaky business. It may also be that NQ is already working on other projects in secret but cannot make them public. Considering how many employees there are and the pace at which things are happening in DualUniverse....I really hope there is something else.
  14. It would be nice if one could sell one's things above the ore value. A lot of things in the last few months were below their actual value. Those who pulled their ores out of the market sold at a loss so that they could get something sold at all.
  15. There are always those who give a great and exemplary performance. Then there are those who can't do anything but shout loudly about what they can do. In Germany there is a saying: "Big mouth, nothing behind it."
  16. Then you know approximately how long it took me to build/copy my base with 160 L-cores....
  17. Well, let's assume that Sanctuary will also be completely erased, although a few days ago NQ was still saying that everything is safe there, including ships that are located directly on their own territory. Then the moon Haven would also have to be "punished" with a wipe, although it wouldn't be necessary there because of the planetary structure, but it is necessary because of the fairness of the players? What does NQ want to achieve with the Recruit a Friend programme? Come on, get your friend into the game, pay the subscription and have fun until we delete everything again? What about space stations then - could they stay because they are not linked to the revision of the planets? Or does everything just have to be taken away? (So everything except skill points? or BPs? or Quanta? or....?) What exactly is the point of logging into this test version and paying for it? I am very curious to see what else NQ is working on besides DualUniverse.
  18. Ridiculous! It makes no difference whether a solo player builds a huge factory or whether 5 players build a big factory together. The 5 players manage it much faster and more effectively. Especially since you also have to supply the industry permanently so that it remains in continuous operation. That's exactly why players pay, so that you can play. If the subscription costs do not generally cover this, then the price of the subscription is not right or the game is too cost-intensive. It's scary how much freedom NQ takes and every time just to get these costs under control, even though they supposedly don't have a financial problem. So the game itself is becoming smaller and smaller and more limited in what a player can do and how he can develop. What's next in terms of reduction? Will the planets all lose 20% of their mass? Are you only allowed to have a maximum of 10 dynamic cores? Will L-cores be abolished? Will there be an element limit for cores?
  19. What's stopping you from taking the game idea and implementing it better yourself? If the game were filled with meaningful content, it would definitely be a huge success.
  20. Everything that counts? You can't just go and say you're selling a Ferrari and then offer the buyer a Volkswagen (VW) when you hand it over.
  21. Please, introduce a talent system for Schematics. A menu with all schematics that you have to unlock. unlock once in the talent tree and the machine works.
  22. In the meantime, however, they are fully on the Metaverse vision. Likewise, they perform "our games," plural, not just "our game." Novaquark - The metaverse company
  23. DualUniverse has nothing in common with an actual metaverse. So far I don't see any provider who is building or developing an approach of a metaverse. The market seems to use this word simply as bait for fishing to land as many fish as possible. If you were to view a metaverse as a dead space where you can build empty buildings to walk around in, then yes. Whereas, there are enough empty and crumbling building ruins in real life too. There will definitely NOT be a reasonable metaverse in the next 20-30years.
  24. I'm not sure if these questions or the answers are really what players are currently concerned about. I often have the impression with all the Lua questions that you didn't want to create a game, but a playground for Lua writers, whether professional or as a hobby. The question about Sanctuary and Haven was unfortunately uninteresting for me. It would be much more important how a game release looks like with these two moons and the players. In the event of a "wipe" for all players, will there only be Haven or do you "have" to keep your Sanctuary tile? If we were to lose everything, does the new system with the base and launch plane also come to Sanctuary with landing and choosing what to build? When will there finally be information for us players on how DualUniverse will continue? Fewer and fewer are playing because hardly anyone is motivated to play or even log in anymore due to the wipe idea. It's a terrible state of affairs at the moment - why are you delaying such information?
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