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  1. $20 is nothing. Go out to eat recently? Order food in? Even fast food.... *insert other forms of entertainment here. We should be paying $50 a month. But that's not happening anytime soon. And realistically I see du moving to a ftp model. Where micro transactions for skin's, skill boosts, core slots, territory tax tokens come into play.
  2. Now a cyno, and player built gate system would compliment the current warp mechanics without negating the risk/reward.
  3. Warp cells actually add allot. People have their entire game play based off the production of warpcells. It's one of the few game play things that actually removes resources from the game. And it makes people choose between risky/slow/free and safe/fast/not free. And if you took the cost out of it why would anyone ever choose risky/slow over safe/fast. I mean even with the current cost of warpcells I would be hard pressed to find a reason to slow boat instead of warp. Although one of the things we do is have a warp beacon just inside the alioth safe zone. Warp from our station at outer planet with a super light ship (has 30 medium containers worth of space and only weighs 400t) warp it to the beacon station. Then use a proper ship to showboat it to planet.
  4. Warp cells are already cheap. You can warp t1 around and still make a profit. We regularly warped 20kt of cargo around multiple times. If you want to do it cheaper, slow boat it.
  5. How can it be campy if no one goes there? Anyways, I think that is kinda the point. They want more interaction, and having them spawn at the same time leads to that.
  6. Just furthers the argument for non voxel builds.
  7. I actually hate road maps. Used to love them. But players have taken them and held devs to them. To the detriment of the game. Instead of grabbing some low hanging fruit they are forced to develop something that turned impractical to complete.
  8. Ohh and it's over 2 billion not million quanta for those schematics. And that's a fairly big investment to have shut down all of a sudden.
  9. Well hopefully they can get enough money from selling our personal information to further develop the game. And hopefully they will also be able to narrow down a target audience for future advertising.
  10. I have hauled millions of L of ore out of pvp zone asteriods without ever getting into an engagement. Just gotta choose the right asteriods at the right time. And this can all be done in a ship that's valued at less then 50m. And I am sure some do it on much much cheaper ships. Considering the value of the ore you get out of these asteroids the reward is there for the risk.
  11. Because all of the pvp things can be avoided by the majority of the players. And you can do 99% of the game without doing pvp.
  12. It's practically too easy to avoid pvp. Warp safe zone to safe zone. Want to do asteriods? Bring a cheap ship or do safe zone asteriods. Doing alien cores? You should have a pvp ship for this. Doing missions? Well yea mission runners are pvp targets that's what they are out thier for, and why the reward is so great. So you say make pirates work for the loot. I say the work is just trying to find the loot.
  13. I logged on this weekend and paid taxes. Also updated my skills as I was leaving room for maybe aphealia skills. But refuse to play till they decide if we are wiping or not. Couple other guys feel the same way and we have been playing space engineers. Man I love mining in that game. Something about building cool machines to do the mining for you. And the weather on the planets, npcs you can fight and raid, several types of missions. If it only had an mmo aspect....
  14. Is this an NQ plan to lower server population to reduce costs?
  15. No but I have invested hundreds of dollars, thousands of hours, and I do want to continue playing if I get to keep those investments as I do see long term promise in the game.
  16. If they turn taxes off and they wipe I loose no time as I don't have to login and pay taxes. If they leave taxes on and I have to login to pay and then wipe they have wasted even more of my time. So as a courtesy they should turn off taxes until they decide
  17. Until you guys finish your internal discussion on whether there should be a wipe or not you guys should stop taxing us.
  18. Asteroids respawn every week that 6ou can dig for ore. Each territory has a set amount of ore and the mining unit will mine that amount forever, no digging needed. Granted you do need to calibrate it every 4 or 5 days.
  19. The only issue here is the need to fix the description. When the game originally released in beta that's the way it worked. The skill decreased the time. However one of the larger stresses on the server was factories, they where ticking so fast it had the potential to lag the game. So increasing the time between actions, and thus increasing the quantity for each action was done it was not just honeycombs, but also also parts. For the most part it is a non issue, anyone producing quantity is not affected. At the end of the day it's not the end of the world for honeycombs either. You can make small batches in your nanosuit. You can buy small batches (shops are setup where you can buy everytype of honeycombs.) Or store it, you will find other projects for it.
  20. A year to get into pvp? Only takes 7 days to skill ammo, radar, 1 m weapon type. Up to lvl 3 on everything. Now all things equal yea that max skilled player is going to Beat the lvl 3 guy everytime. But if you spend several more weeks to months training up specific skills you can become competitive with max skilled players. Pay2win is buying premium ammo that you spend rl money that is bet5er than can be gotten ingame. Pay2win is buying the best loadout with real money without having to play tge game to get it. Multi accounts is dual boxing. And if you said DU is so dual boxy. I would have said yes, yes it is.
  21. Don't distort the pay2win tag. While I don't disagree that having multiple accounts has some big advantages. It's a far cry froming being able to buy premium ammo that's better then you get in game.
  22. i would say we should go on strike and not log into the game until they figure it out. But that would only help NQ out as it would reduce server load which would reduce server cost.
  23. One second while I get 100 alt accounts created so I can bring 5,000 items with me. Bringing SP would negate the main reason for a wipe, which would be to attract new players to a fresh even world. However I dont think there should be a wipe in the first place. No reason for it. Economy is not so broken that a wipe will make everything great again. New players are not going to flock to the game because its a fresh wipe. If players only joined fresh games eve would have died out long ago.
  24. Also should add. I feel two things should be added to the game before launch from that list. 1 is PVE. It does not need to be a complex system. I am talking about something similar to the alien cores. Except they are one time events. IE you dont place mining platforms. You go there and blow the auto turrets up and collect the 1 unit of plasma, or maybe a schematic, or maybe you get just fuel, or some honeycomb. And this sites should be found via the deep space tracker. Talking about a medium core with 5 turrets on each side that shoot anything that comes in range. and a player has to destroy the shield, which then destroys all the turrets and then they can collect the item out of a container. 2. Farming. And as I said above. its not for the survival aspect as I think to many people would hate having to eat and drink every so often. But it would be a thing to do. Crops could be sold to aphelia markets. Boosters could be made with these crop items, IE enriched fuels, that consume less, or allow you to fly faster. Injectors to make you shoot faster.... Maybe a light weight fuel. Dyes for a paint gun that lets you change the color of a block. And its not that I think these things should be added to the game for the current player base. I think these are two major activities that will bring whole new demographics into the game, which means higher player base. The PVE demographic will be just as large as the rest of the player base by itself. And there are entire games dedicated to farming which brings in whole new demographics into the game. Basically I fell these two things are needed to support the player base that NQ needs for the game to survive.
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