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  1. Well it makes it that more sad we are still using fossil fuels with no real clean energy, plasma, fusion, or anything sci-fi other than AGG, lazers, and some rudimentary teleportation.
  2. Conclusion: This type of system is pretty much already able to be adapted and everythign except the NPCs, Parts lines, and Industrial versions of industry or mining operations already exists. Missions as well. But whatever NQ was making is pretty much probably going to not do so hot in how they think it is going to play out with the caliber of systems they have built going forward. Most of this stuff could be added in little to no time other than deciding what to put in PvP cores and anyone who wants to PvP could freely do so if they want to make T4-5 items or just want to blow stuff up. Either way factions make more sense but even still it works both ways relatively well with having the option to declare war for about 1 billion if you are really sure someone needs to go and have all their territory wiped from the face of the game. So if NQ is going to just make an IRS Slave Colony Mining Sim at least do it right and embrace it as it could make some really good gameply in a Red Faction sort of way.
  3. They dont need any of that you just need drill bits to get more ore automatically if they just replaced the whole mini game with drill bits that bypassed the whole thing and just gave you more in general. Anything else is a waste of code and there needs to be some kind of resource sink added to the system to give more and offset the monotony by having drill bits in the box the miner is connected to and keeping the tsunami of ore entering the market for taxes rolling. This whole system is pointless when you can skip it all with missions to cut straight to the point of making quanta rather than the strange money laundering mechanic they made.
  4. Door #5: Optimization As stated in the Simplification portion of this thread parts are underpowered by far and many recipes need adjusting and removing talents from the game and buffing the parts instead of having talents with better base baked in stats would be much better than what we have now if we had more freedom to play the game as a whole without all the punishments, monotony, and just were able to play the game as we wanted to rather than how NQ thinks you should play with trapping players into gameplay they might not otherwise enjoy. Optimization begins with acknowledging that the parts provided are now way out of sync with the needs of the game. All parts seem to be made for having XS-XL fighter class ship parts rather than corvette, frigate, capital, or carrier class type cores as the designation of the parts needed for those cores when we only have inefficient fight class items conformed to L cores. NQ needs to create class parts of: Fighter class XS-XL parts for small medium, or heavy fighters with what we have now. Corvette Class XS-XL parts that are pretty much double the size and power of what we have now. Capital class XS-XL parts that are double the size of the parts we have now for whenever the XL cores come out. Even if NQ were to give the missing parts of the parts lines it would still be inefficient for what the game currently requires without needing 400+ wings, 50+ engines, etc and even if they had XL versions you would likely still need like 200 wings, 25 engines etc so it needs different classifications for missing part lines. Possibly giving other parts military, freight, maneuvering tags along with Basic-Rare would help some but it would still fall short in a lot of ways without having bigger class parts lines so you only need 1-2 engines, 2 wings and some stabilizers that actually do what their actual intention of doing with stafing and helping to roll. But also that the industry units and now the MUs need adjusting and optimization along with crafting recipe tweaks if the ore is to stay the way it is for rarer ores or ores being flooded. But if we had the faction based warfare you could littereally use the infinite ore system and beefit up to actually be able to progress, build a base, or a fleet, get into PvP, and join a side in the larger space battle going on constantly despite the bubbles if you can opt in whenever since you are already in a faction and even alioth and its moons are the homeworld of NQ's faction as a springboard to progression.
  5. Door #4: Intergration The Mission System needs to be adapted if it goes faction based to a full mining, industry, logistics, and supply line loop of keeping the war effort going with taxes collected to keep the battle constantly going and made actually useful as a gameplay loop tied to the taxes collected to make it all happen by moon/planet of the faction and missions between faction based planets/moons tokeep excesses moving to depleted markets and keeping the war going. If you actually have at least a two faction government with the possibility of players making sepperate factions own their own as pirate factions. Regardless the taxes need to be used in faction bank accounts to bankroll the war efforts of building, maintaining, and keeping a fleet active to where any pilot who wants to fight can have a ship to actually fight with. Missions themselves should be a string of various quest lines from start to finish to getting ships, military instalations, and everything needed to logistically wage war instead of being treated how it is no with pointless cargo that has no bearing on the flow of the game. Missions need to consist of: Ore aquisition and transport to refineries and crafters to meake real parts. Transporting those parts to a government facility to then spawn faction ships via blueprints once the drop has been made. Logistics missions to then keep the ore/work orders going and restocking markets under faction control since opposing faction markets would be restricted to players who join one faction or another and those progressing who can make a buck until they are ready to join a side or are born into NQ's faction automatically. Scouting, patrols, intercepts, and assault missions to locate, police any activity, and assault hostile opposing faction instalations that spring up. And of course keeping player built missions going as is as well as adding options to deliveries for those willing to drop off sold items and being paid from the sales of items and generating player logistics missions right from the market in an auto generated player mission
  6. Door #3: Confrontation PvP is easy to impliment in a meaningful way if NQ just added PvP cores and bound specific Elements to PvP Static and Dynamic cores by Tier and size by core = size of shields and weapons. If you want to make T4-5 items you should have to put those parts into a PvP Static core and add defenses in order to keep other people from blowing up your industry. While it gives people a handicap to help support PvP by selling up to T3 items PvP Dynamic Cores will need as it still protects up to T3 industries in normal Static Cores or allows Freighters to opt out of PvP unless you are at top tier progression in game. They could do that tomorrow and it would be more fun then what is happening now and with PvP having Destrucitble Elements it would clear out a lot of parts if you had to put your neck on the line to sell top tier parts and other industrialists and PvPers could litterally stop their competition and vice versa if they use PvP Dynamic Cores to fight in orbit and Atmo. Deep Space would still be FFA Even if your industry gets destroyed and looted by other players you still have something to fall back on and it allows you to prepare to do it again when you are ready instead of Territory Warfare wiping tiles. I still think there should still be Territory Warfare but it should cost 1 billion Quanta to justify going to war with whoever and destroying all their tiles on all planets it better be worth the cost rather than turning it into a grief based mechanic for all players that wont allow people to progress, build up, and fight when they are ready to keep PvP optional, fun, and viable for long term gameplay. I do think that there needs to be at the very least a two faction system of NQ as its own solar system type government as the Empire in Star Wars that is looking to sieze control over the solar system and an opposing Faction fighting against NQ as revolting colonists from their slave mining colonies as a Red Faction type system fighting against NQ is a game government entity. The faction planetary landord is not as important as the people who live there who live under their rule with different ways of imposing tax, securing resources, maintaining combat ready fleets as a massive group of people no matter what planet or moon they are on with the bubble still in place so that you just need PvP Cores to get involved and fight the power or crush the rebellion that can spring out of anywhere while still allowing for FFA space PvP to create a more cohesive PvP experience that players can stock up for and enguage in without losing everything and also protect each other at the same time unless you want to go space pirate which might affect your faction or access to markets on certain planets depending on who you kill in PvP.
  7. Door #2: Automation This game pretty much almost plays itself and really there is no reason not to embrace automation through NPCs. We dont need space goblins constantly trashing your progress as much as utility based NPCs out of Republic Commando that you can give orders to in order to automated and make things easier over all to cut down on monotony or teduous things like repairing, gathering, combat, and also adding in versions that transport things, act as police, or military units that are capable of flying in formation or manning gunner seats and firing on enemies. At this point there is no reason to actually do anything with anyone else so at least you should be able to spend quanta for a generic industrialist to keep your machines running, a pilot to fly, a gunner to shoot, a miner to mine for you, and just streamlining the whole thing with limits of what a traditional grou is at 5-10 players worth of hechmen since there are not enough players to do anything meaningful in game. Even if players have no use for the talent system it still could be used for NPCs to calculated their progression to simulate what a player can do. NPCs could also seed salvaging, add more space PvP with massive fleets, create traffic on planets or in travel lanes and at least look like this game has people in it vs the ruins of the desolate solar system it will become when taxes wipe like 50% of what has been made. They could even drop random golden blueprints if NQ decided. With the autopilot scripts out there NQ could easily make NPCs viable since with voxels the NAv Mesh is terrible for npcs they just need to spawn or use a ship and go to where they need to go or just have a built in auto follow for players to follow you around until you give them orders or send them to do something, move ships for you, or cut down on the tedious aspects of the game to free up players to do better things.
  8. Door #1: Simplification Talents need to be removed: There is no point in having 10 years of talents if your game is going to last 1 year after launch Everything Talents represent in stats bonuses, putdowns, or gains should just be added straight up into the wholy inefficient parts system that is just there to represent a learning curve that now serves no purpose. Alts and Spec groups have side stepped the system since its inception into the game. NQ has also diminished the Talent system with Decimater 0.27 since now everyone can be a miner and yet you cant just become an industrialist while you can still be a pilot at the start of the game. I know someone is going to say but its the carrot on the stick incase they wipe or specialization and all that but its pointless in the grand scheme of things when in these tier progression game you pretty much progress the ore system or a survival element in the place of this type of system and the time locked content gate has no real purpose anymore with what it was intended to do and it should be removed from the game and added to the parts so you dont need 50 engines, 100 wings etc that is designed for a fighter class ship rather than the giant parts we need for corvette or capital ship class parts so you only need a handful of engines, brakes, adjustors, tanks, wings, links, etc to simplify the game and give freedom back to the game since everyone plays solo or in small groups as is. Travel needs to be simplified: The 30kmph governor needs to be lifted to lower travel time since you should have gotten to wherever you needed to go in like half the time without some kind of arbitrary speed limit without warping to go even faster or Warp 1/2/3/4/5 to get there even faster if not instant. Standardized and optimized autopilot should be a standard feature of a space game like DU. Atmo burn needs to allow oyu to go faster and also more dangerous if you are going faster via some kind of parts line for aerodynamics or heat resistance. We have supersonic planes that go mach 9 going 7kmph and it does not blow up. Its the future after all we can do better. AGG needs to rely on the pulsars acting like hover engines and handle x amount of mass per pulsar or to increase speed traveling or maintaining anti gravity or require some kind of gravity fuel source to power it if that means mercury or some other kind of exotic fuel source to add speed to the ascent to make travel easier. All of this needs to be changed and simplified to allow for faster travel and higher fuel costs to get there faster. Its like we are in the future 600 years and yet we are still relying on fossil, jet, and rocket fuel and somehow we went backwards in some regards. Industry needs limits and simplification: Scematics were a poor bandair intended to limit the scope of how much industry people had that actually compounded the problem since instead of 100 machines to do the same thing you need 1000 now. Industry needs limits wether NQ wants them. Industry Units need to be industrialized and made into the size of cores and take up a core slot per refiner or crafter and made versitile for each tier of refinery/craft so you only need so many and still do what you can now without being helf back except by your core count instead of thousands of machines with no limits to essentially do the same thing with better overall performance. If Industry units were the size of XS-L cores like NQ teraforming units and colored (white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black) for the tiers per industry unit size and allowed to make anything for that tier in refining or crafting it would make for a better system without hundreds of thousands or millions of industry units running all the time. With no talent system it frees up the game via parts or the stats inherant to the machines baked into the machines so new players can actually enjoy the game vs being limited and having nothing but wasteful actions at their disposal. Industry units need to have an upkeep resource sink added now that we have the efficiency system adapted to HP loss over the period of a month or more before they break down but also that the HP loss is essentially efficiency and scap use in maintinence is what will keep the ore market going if it was easy and somewhat cheap to repair with less industry units if they were made to be actually industrial sized and you only had to upkeep 75 if you max your cores as a devoted industrialist. Inudustry core based units need to be allowed to link to a TU to do transfers between the industry cores to other warehouse based cores by linking the core to a TU to another core within a tile to streamline area and what you can do since the machines are massive. NQ has no idea how to fix the industry and this is the best solution that conforms to the system they have now if machines are mare larger to count as cores and the size of the static industrial unit can push larger amounts of ore through processing or be versitile enough to allow for whatever tier or color the Static Industrial unit is can produce any tier item or refine that tier ore depending on what oyu need. Its overboated, performance hogging, and it needs to be simplified, with more freedom, and versitile. Indusrial Grade Mining Units: Mining Units are inefficient, tedious, require too much micromanagement, mini games, and just flat out need a revamp since you essentially get nothing and have to pay taxes on top of it. You should be able to mine anywhere you want and drop any kind of MU for any tier ore anywhere in the game since geolocations dont matter now that finite ore is not infinately finite. Industrial size mining units need to be added that are larger take up a core slot being the size of a core to add more ore with less work with each core pulling 500l/h for XS, 1000l/h for S, 1500l/h for M, and 2000l/h for L core units. Each Tier of ore needs to have a hardness rating added to slow down those numbers by each ore type by how much effort the Industrial Mining Unit can mine by the actual hardness of the ores. Each Industrial Mining Unit should work on efficiency since HP is essentially efficiency by % HP and whatever you are mining should do more damage and either require more repairs to the machine by the torc required to mine. Or drill bits added as a resource sink to speed up mining, get more, and balance efficiency vs profits and how long it takes before the efficiency lasts before you decide to replace the drill bit. Mini Games and Charges need to go so that it is more about maintaining the Mining Units with resource sink based drill bits to keep gains steady and to keep the ore market moving and just giving more ore in general with less hoops. Allow core based Industrial Mining Units to be Linked to the TU in a Core and allow the Ore to be able to be transfered between cores to a warehouse on the same tile via relays. The new semi automated Mining Unit System is builky, time consuming, more tedious than mining regularly, too spread out, and most of all it just isnt any fun for less ore and paying taxes on top of it. It needs to be simplified and somehow made to be active as well as passive to speed up the L/H gains in addition to drill bits that buff the different aspects of time, gains, and efficiency via different tiers of bits or lines of bits you can swap out depending on how active you want to play it. Binding the MUs to cores and making them Giant streamlines the whole process and still allows for players to voxelize the space to make it their own and sets hard limits and has resource sinks included to justfy opening up the gains. VR needs to be simplified: Its either you remove the whole system or you make it a functional teleport system since people have litterally been teleporting in addition to just porting and essentially doing the same thing. Make it use warp cells, tax by calculated distance, compound tax by distance with weight, or make the other side 3D print your character on the other side since its not clear if we are human power rangers or androids with motorcycle helmets. As well as add some kind of hour cooldown before you can port again. Opening up the game and adding freedom to do anything you want at a cost as well as a cooldown on teleporting to do something fun since you wanted to use star gates to do the exact same thing as teleporting individuals and it should just be embraced rather than nerfed into oblivion. The traditional teleport pads should be able to port from one tile to the next to make them more useful rather than needing multiples in individual cores to any other core at the very least within the same tile. Most develops since MMOs were created knew people didnt have all the time in the world to just endlessly travel around and still feel like they did something meaningful and NQ is not above that. Porting between a tile or from one planet to another should cost something to justify the use with a cooldown and some warp cells since there really is no difference between a player and a ship doing the same thing to bypass PvP.
  9. Yeah from what I can tell with the tile scan for the hex the mini game is looking for like 1 specific pixel for 100% chance of getting some kind of random amount of ore. Even when I get 100% it still has like a random average of how much ore is spawns from 4-5kl worth of rocks and the spread makes no sense unless its based on the nodes generated in the scan and what it has in the 2D node playing a role in what is spawned.
  10. Not to mention you only get so many mini game charges to even jump start the MUs initially that you get 5-10 every 35-40 hours to even get the potential to even make money that also drops in 48 hours as your taxes are due for the first 3 day tax payment that you dont even get a week to cover. So with the efficiency drops you end up getting even less ore than you thought before taxes and it requires multiple tiles to get enough ore to do anything with and you only get so many charges in addition to core limits to get ops going if before the patch you used them all building a base or ships or both. Team that up with limited charges dropping efficiency rates, a flooded ore market for anything T3 and below and you have a recipe for disaster since everything over T3 is too rare with the price flux.
  11. The Decimater Patch 0.27 essentially turns this game into a Digital IRS Slave Mining Colony Sim that now plays as some kind of debters prison since if you dont play as fast as NQ expects you to then you fall off the treadmill and the NQRS forces you to pay and if not then your property is opened up to reposession so that other people can get ahead and lower the speed on their treadmill for a time since all they had to do was scavenge and pick your carass clean if you even care at that point. If not there is no reason to come back except if NQ wipes the game and even still there will likely be 10 times more grind and punishments doled out when that happens. How did we get here and why is the game so bad? I get it NQ, you thought you could do the absolute bare minimum making this game and we would make your game for you but it does not work that way unless you went the Second Life route in which real $$$ is what drives the development of the game in complete customization and building the game via owning real land and paying real money for virtual items where owning 3rd party software to bring it to life is the driver for that game and not a sub based game in which you get practically nothing for all the hard work that clashes with your game and make more lag than its worth adding content other than utility based scripts, PvP scripts, and holding them close since it gives advantage for not releasing it to the public other than the white hat coders that are still here selling to the community or handing out their scripts for free. I get that you thought that we would make the game for you and all but players make terrible developers and worse content creators and the people doing all this for you could easily band together and make a better game since the scope of what they can do is hampered and limited vs what you give them and the tools you give us to create anything other than simple playschool houses, mining ops, and industry. If we were able to do anything other than a racing game you cant flag PvP on to at least turn it into mario cart for those who want that experience nothing substantial will emerge at this point since many of the coders who were working on content have largely left the game and showing that NQ has no clothes since you never developed them. I get it that you thought that mining wasnt feasable and you needed a bandaid of mining units as a tradeoff since you never considered world healing or the fact that making primarily 4kl nodes everywhere 500m+ apart from each other was revolutionary and all but never considered how much damage we could really do with 30x30m spheres or that the flattening tool was the best mining tool since you could run through the wall and macro the digging to destroy even more with how much teraforming you needed to do. You could have done the smart thing and made the ore give more so you didnt have to destroy 10+ tiles a week to keep your industry going. You could have limited the damage and size to different tools or mods to make the sphere size bigger or run on natron or hell make the mining ship based to do that much damage. Then you gave the players the ability to scan tiles to further speed up the damage and clean out the good tiles while you said you would not respawn ore and compound the problem by not adding any cost or sink to scanning and at the same time not limiting the number of scanners one ship could have so that you could scan 3 tiles at once base and on top of it could just drop a core at the joints of the 27 tiles around the center point of your ship with the container range given to compound the problem further since all you needed was a pocket bike to dissasemble the cores/scanners attached and scan massive areas and you could do that with 1 person with just enough time to get to the ship you started scanning and about 10 mins cleanup. You never addressed this issue at all and you can still do it today if you are that ambitious. That is just one person and if you have a dedicated crew doing this the damage was exponentially worse when they sent out their mining crews to strip mine everything in hours. But hey then you let players build the most insane multi core industries of any game ever created which gave a baseline amount of how much damage to the game you could in the sense that if you have an industry of multiple cores in scope you have to then destroy that much more of the landscape to keep it going and multiplied by the size of your unlimited population org. You tried to put a band aid on that too with schematics to slow down the fact that you could just simply make whatever crafting recipe you wanted with schematics which then multipled the size of industries to do the same thing further lagging out the game with now needing hundreds more industry units, transfer units, and containers. You could have just set a hard limit to how big any one players scope of industry was but instead you wanted to keep things specialized so that you had dedicated industrialists locked by talents that made things worse and still did nothing to solve the issue when Industry should have had a finite amount of industry units one person could have like Cores do in the Mining Talent Tree. Then you let those same players who did all that destroy the market with how much you could gather, process, craft and dump onto the market that eventually required you to make an ore buying script so that most things didnt end up being 1h quanta since they did so much damage to the game at that point and then proped it up so that they could dump all their ore and the system would gobble it up for them even though the supply did not meet the demand and there was no upward limit to how much you could sell even though parts were laregy dirt cheap depending on what you threw into the market. You then you dropped the most simplistic quest system seen in an MMO with missions in which you had a single quest stop with 1 item you didnt need to do anything to get and then transport it to the one waypoint and thought that with a finite resource based system that injecting unlimited quanta into the game you could then expoit via VR while you scanned, mined, and crafted items all at the same time ontop of just needing one person to then VR to the drp[?pick up points was an excelent idea when in reality it further compounded and destroyed both the economy and the value of items since you could multi task so much and pretty much circumvent the market and make money not tied to any finite pool of quanta on top of everything else. I get it you probably freaked out at the symphony of destruction you created and at some point long before that you decided you needed to pull the plug on the on-world mining system by first talking about mining units to keep people from destroying so much of the landscape as an aid to onworld mining in your pitch for MUs and also adding asteroids to take the pressure off the system before saying to yourselves we should just get rid of mining to save performance since the players will be happy to get free ore. Then you looked at the actual output of the ore and decided it would infuriate us and then went with the mini game route and capped it with action based time unit charges even though no other system uses or has used that mechanic. Then you had already planned on asteroids being another route in reliveing pressure and wanted people to play on the weekends so you specifically intentionally made it a 48 hour thing after generating an additional 75 asteroids in the bubble and then making PvP asteroids moot since nobody wants to mine blind as a solo player, small group of players, to mine blind and mine for other PvP players who only have to jack the ore since there are not enough people to mine an asteroid in under an hour before it announces it to the server and still run sufficent overwatch to protect yourself manually with PvP ships. After all that happened you then decided the only way to drain the Quanta printing machine of missions was to then tax the hell out of everyone with a weekly tax sink to combat the infinite expoit of missions and disable VR as a punishment. Surprise I guess it does not work when you get more money running missions than you do with the MUs and you dont need to pay tax if you own limited tiles and skirt the whole tax system that was designed to bleed quanta out of people when the missions still generate endless quanta and why even do MUs when you get the cash and dont need to bother with the ore when everyone else is doing the slave mining colong for you and you get to buy the ore for dirt cheap that is being flooded into the system via the forced gameplay speed to cover the tax to stop the mission money. I dont know what you thought was going to happen but it didnt fix the problem it just made it worse since a lot of ore is either "too rare and sparsely populated" or its "too common and sparsely bought" to cover the tax in the first place which will inevitably lead to people losing more money then they make if you got stuck with a tile you put your base(s) on being a defunct quanta sink with no money making potential since many tiles are relatively useless and you wont tax the tiles that are profitable since you never thought to tax by either each individual planet/moon differently or each ore or ore tier appropriately since those getting the best ore have been there and were making the most money to begin with strip mining and destroying your game each day. But now that Mining Units and Mining Opperations are a thing sure some people are happy to cut down the tedium of traditional mining and not having to go on a raod trip for a couple hours to hopefully find asteroids or run roids for the 48hours starting friday while they last since its really the only way to get ore that you dont get taxed to death for other than gas/time it takes to do it. Largely the micromagement required for so little ore per hour by tile and the limitations of how much ore you can pull in by the amount of charges since you can only keep 10 machines charges every 35 hours is very limiting since at the 48 hour mark they degrade to the point where you were not making much ore to beginwith but the efficency drop makes it so that you get half of what you think you were making and charges are supposed to somehow make up for that since you can get like 40-50kl potentially from the mini game. And even with the mini game its all based on the one pixel it wants you to click and then goes oh sorry the slot machine only let you get like 2500 this time. I dont know how you thought a slot machine mini game would solve anything when you could have just made the MUs produce overall without the action based time unit charges as content gates somehow made up for the fact that I was already getting 1/5th to 1/15th less ore with MUs/Mini Games and with the efficiency drops and the one pixel aspect of the mini game im probably getting like 1/25th-1/50th the ore I was getting before and micromanaging more for less and you throw on travel on top of it to bog the system down even more since you have me running around to single cores spread out over kilometers. You then made the new player experience hell for no real reason with all this piled on to new players vs actually making tangible limitations and directing taxes towards those who have the most property, weath, industry, mining, etc and somehow think all this red tape and punishments make for interesting and compelling start to the game vs the slave mining colony experience you gave them and still not undrerstanding where things are going wrong. Sure you gave new players a mini milk bone with 500l/h on sanctuary and 4 mil exp but its still 10x more brutal than ever to just get started in this game. And the Icing on the cake IMO is that NQ things punishing players in general by creating time locked content, action based time unit charges, quanta sinks, taxes, faucet drip content structured to a monthly sub and then holding their hand out for more money when they screwed up long ago by giving Alpha backers lifetime subs, who knows how many beta keys they legit gave out, the key algorythem that got exploited, and their budget draining each month somehow makes them think that delivering no real new content while removing more than they make in content somehow justifies more money when they make the new player experience so terrible that most new players quit and retention is terrible or that continual punishments added by forcing a pace in the game with somehow keep existing players here or that existing players will come back and pay them more money for less. Like seriously what is NQ thinking at this point or was this what they wanted to make was a slave mining colony sim? This game used to have so much promise, potential, and possibilities as a voxel based MMO. It felt free, fun, full of choices, specializations that mattered, and you could do what you liked to do in game and with a little mining you could make that a possibility. All that is out the window now and it makes you wonder what the full game loop with look like a year or two from now. There is so much BS and red tape its degrading faster than it is developing since NQ had a game plan but were short sighted in every aspect of the game and underestimated the community as to what we would do with the generic tools they gave us and how far we would exploit of abuse this game rather than accounting for it and adapting in meaningful ways. When does the fun come in? Eventually there should be some kind of PvP or something fun to do right that isnt some kind of 2-3 hour road trip to experience content. It kills casual gameplay not having teleportation and ways to quickly access VR to do something meaningful when not everyone has 6-12 hours a day to micromanage their mining op and run astaeroids or missions since asteroids are a weekend only even and bare minimum you are going on a 2-4+ hour road trip to get quanta. Its like I told a friend recently who was like lets make an MMO and so I let him give his pitch on the space game he wanted to make. For like 30 mins all I heard was grind, sinks, punishments, and living in some kind of parallel universe of monotony and pointless gameplay. I countered with who cares how the star destroyers are made in star wars I just want to blow them up. I dont need to be some digital slave working on some planet for months to years for a little action. Who would watch or pay attention to Star Wars if the movies were all about Luke stuck working pointless jobs to gather the ore, craft ships, and that was all the movie was about with no action or point to it. I followed up with just make all the npcs do all the BS monotonous grind and have factions protect the npcs to keep resources coming in with them crafting and expanding on their own so you can actually have some kind of fun in the game fighting against other factions on different homeworlds or planets and attacking their infrastructure and having options to spawn into a fleet somewhere to just have fun and do what you want to actually do instead of all the grind to eventually do that. Or just having AI as crew and ordering them to do things or automatically doing them since 90% of the people will never have the 200 person crew to properly opperate a ship and re-rout the power, manage shields, man all the turrets or guns, and having actual fleets rather than 200 people you could have 200 ships fighting that arent thousands of meshes or voxels to actually allow combat since really all you need is a HP pool for the ship, engines, and shields and a place to launch from. Really all you need is AI controlling captial ships and carriers since most of the action is in the smaller ships anyways with small, med, heavy fighters, corvetters, frigates, destroyers anyhow. In context to DU the PvP is akin to having one actual civ faction that is supposed to fight itself with 1000s of disorganized orgs toiling away in their slave mining colonies with a year+ build up to get destroyed in minuites to hours when Territory Wars start. NQ does not know what factions are and it would be better to have somekind of Empire vs Rebels paradime so that people can either fight on behalf of NQ or the Revolt against it. The landlord of your planet does not matter as much as how much unity to actually make people care about PvP no matter what org they are in. It does not matter how the ships get made as much as how to make PvP a long lasting viable system that allows people to progress and join in the battle with PvP based cores so that even if your PvP static core factories get destroyed you still have industry and the means to keep fighting against NQ or the Revolt in supremacy for the solar system in which PvP dynamic core ships could attack eaither side which affords protection from your faction mates on planet but still allows deep space PvP to happen with inter faction disputes or space piracy to occur. The way NQ is setting up Territory wars will also end in failure and wipe out any chance for a legit PvP game to be viable with the way resources are distributed and seeing the symphony of destruction in the systems they create they still dont know what they are doing, the problems they create, how to fix them, and how to go forward in making a game worth playing or paying for. Please NQ come to your senses and start doing something positive for a change. Your initial design was cool but what you have made since then is quite possibly the most boring anti-social massive multiplayer online roleplaying game ever invented and the current amount of players actually playing is proof of that. Its not too late to save this game. All you have to do is listen.
  12. Yeah I really wish that they would have went with a lot more modular of element type decorations, grated floors, vents, things like steam pipes, different effects, XXS/XXL props like forcefields so you could make a force firld for a ship/base. Or just the missing half of the ship parts lineup of L/XL missing part lines, military, freight, maneuvering versions of those parts, and the rarities of parts like wings. I cant tell what causes more lag to be honest at this point between the actual dirt voxels, the second overlay of the dirt voxels you manipuled on top of the landscape, the actual voxel voxels, or the elements. Its like the layering of it all is very jarring to the system and its been even laggier than before when we teraformed like 7 tiles around us when its supposed to be better performance or at least that was they hype they tried to use to tell us they killed our puppy. I think it would have been better if they had just a static mesh world with a voxel to mesh baking tool that just made mesh houses like any other game for buildings/ships since the voxels just seem to be too much more trouble than they are worth since they didnt take the time for world healing.
  13. Looks like the most useful system in the game is now defunct and useless. GJNQ! Either seriously make it a teleport or just scrap the whole damn thing at this point.
  14. Well NQ did say they were not happy with the geometry and would wipe at some point once they got the hexes better aligned. There was no way of knowing that however and im sure its going to ba a job and a half having flattened 7 tiles worth of mountains and valeys to a flat sheet. I feel for you and anyone else having to go through that again or the people who sent in requirests to NQ to dig out cores and they just come in and dig out a core and ignore the rest of your requests they they did us bogus with. A add/remove landscape voxel tool would have saved a ton of time for everyone if you could use it in a core. Though it does nothing for alll the work you have to do teraforming.
  15. A price chart of the current ore market. You can plainly see the excessses and how "rare and sparsely populated" the ores actually are. Coal 20-30h p/l @ 33,333 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Bauxite 30h p/l @ 33,333 liters to cover the 1 mil tax hematite 35h p/l @ 28,571 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Quartz 40h p/l @ 25,000 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Malachite 90h p/l @ 11,111 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Limestone 80h p/l @ 12,500 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Chromite 100h p/l @ 10,000 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Natron 80h p/l @ 12,500 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Garnierite 135h p/l @ 7,407 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Petalite 185h p/l @ 5,405 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Pyrite 317h p/l @ 3,154 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Acanthite 148h p/l @ 6,756 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Cryolite 1190h p/l @ 840 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Cobaltite 849h p/l @ 1,177 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Gold Nuggets 685h p/l @ 1,459 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Kolbekite 569h p/l @ 1,770 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Columbite 798h p/l @ 1,253 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Rhodonite 1100h p/l @ 909 liters to cover the 1 mil tax Tax adjustments pls. Another week or two and new players or anyone unlucky will likely be paying for their tile rather than "getting more than they pay in taxes".
  16. Yeah all the alts are now just stowaways now anyhow.
  17. You can offset the efficiency drops with an extra S miner so it never goes below 100%. Or on the flip sise acing the mini game can make the S miners or higher pull doubleor tripple and if you keep playing the mini game on them it seems like there is no upward efficiency limit. We have some baby miners pushing almost 200% efficiency, L miners pushing nearly 300%.
  18. NQ stated they want it to be an exclusive weekend draw to make people log in during those peak times so it is an intended 48 hour event. And for the most part you arent going to go on a road trip hunting asteroids if you dont plan to mine them. Sure they might be multi tasking hunting the rarer ores first but they all get mined out eventually as its the only game in town to get quick ore unless you want to pay 16 mil a week for 1 L container of ore a day. Its dumb but its what NQ wants and I feel bad for people who go out after the 48 hour timeframe who largely waste their time/gas save for a bit of ore here and there.
  19. Just wait till NQ decides to tax your ingame account 1mil per post for the luxury of forum PvP.
  20. Yeah I take the opposite side of the coin in the sense of if they dont want to make a game that is fun enough to play to pay for why give them more money to burn with bad systems until they start doing the right thing to pay them. Especially since they gave out so many beta keys to freeload on and test drive the game for free. If it keeps up or they rush to launch with more faulty systems I prolly will just move on if they hold their hand out when they prematurely launch a half baked game.
  21. Yeah it was hella easy to amass large amounts of ore after Alpha and learning how to speed it up for the ore reset into Beta. Missions were just the icing on the cake since you could VR and double dip with a dedicated pilot only. Or triple dip with scanners and doing all three at once and then profiting even more before schematics arrived with unlimited versitile industry and then even after schematics when everyone else got kneecapped and had to random out their industry and eat parts while larger orgs were unaffected and selling parts during destructable elements. I call that spoon feeding to the max when they should have chopped from the top. I never said EvE wasnt unbalanced I am just simply saying they were able to turn it around unlike NQ who is dead set on making a failed game. Am I jaded by sutoids who made countless bad games over the years? Sure. Am I self absorbed? Who isnt? Can NQ do better than the absolute bare minimum of what we call a game? Yeah. I have seen pretty much all this industry has or had to offer. Its pretty much mostly cash grabs, clones, and has been stagnat for two decades beyond EvE, EQ/WoW, SWG, SB, GW, or UO, and few others that arent an amalgamation of those titles made easier, dumbed down, Americanized, or bastardized. Clueless? Cool! Can I get the DU clueless badge @NQ-DeckardI think I earned my merit badge!
  22. It certainly would get them more per month to do this game justice and cut down on land grabbing or getting paid by those who want to cut through the taxes. NQ has set up the type of game conditions of a P2W game wether they realize it or not. Most sub based games just have subs as the price of admission with content to justify paying a sub vs P2W where you really have no content but create as many sinks and time wasting elements and adding a P2W cash shop model to speed things up and profit. DU is the latter with their gameplay being changed to once a month gratification of getting a box of ore per tile per month unless you get lucky and get better than 500-550l/h. Sometimes it seems worth it to just buy a $100 alpha account and never pay NQ a cent.
  23. P2W is still part of the game wether you sub or just buy an alt for the Exp to cut through months or years of red tape. $100 a month could be worth it to get 10 L containers of ore per day with no effort. Or any number of tiles inbetween paid for weeks to months is also worth cutting through all the tedious gameplay elements NQ has created. Honestly at this point NQ should probably just sell quanta, tax free land for $, and make this easier on people. Many players and gold farmers in Du do it already NQ might as well make a cut.
  24. None of us wouldnt be here if we didnt care. We might have opposing ideal on how to improve the game or pro/against NQ but at the end of the day we all want a solid game to be happy to play and promote to friends or family to play. It's always been in NQs hands to make this game into something people want to play and time and player populations show that is not the case since there arent many still playing. To me it starts with refining the new player experience and making the brutality of starting a bit more welcoming. Followed by practical limits and application of sinks, and finally what endgame looks like even if there is no real endgame in a sandbox the top tier progression is essentially end game content people will want to spend hours, days, weeks, months, or years playing and still having a fun experience. To me the game as a whole takes way to long and is set up wrong from the outset to have any kind of meaningful endgame content, progression, or PvP combat to be sustainable as a its current state, proposed updates, and long term viability. You are right in your though process that mega orgs, whales, rich players have had too much of a spoon fed existance when beta started and things have changed so much that the excesses they are sitting on wouldnt be possible in the current format of DU. Some here might not believe people have as much as they do but I have seen it personally in streams and friends from other multi gaming communities to know that it indeed is real, and the damage they can do or have done in past games with less. It has always been the reason for wiping when the game changes so much that it creates an unfair advantage that is game breaking in this case is and there is no way around a wipe without destroying DU in the process if they dont. And as you say people have put in a lot of work and effort to build up what they have and yet this is a beta that changes constantly vs a game that is in a late stage of development that is just going through performance and polishing passes that might let you keep what you earned when most Beta games wipe before launch to have a clean start.
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