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  1. that I get, changed it to what I think is safe to say for now.
  2. Sorry your highness for only doing this in my free time to your benefit to the best of my abilities and not better. But yes, I will change it. I see people report it isnt working, when I still had the talent it didnt add 20% like my 4 points should have given but I was of course unable to measure precisely. According to the DU twitter it was nerfed, not disabled. So it took the info in that twitter conversation which was a reduction to 1% per level.
  3. Can you please re-inspect them? They are t3, they are built with t3 items and also clearly state they are t3. Because they are t3. there are some items like XL screens or TCU which state the wrong tier, but rocket fuel tanks dont. They state they are t3, because they are t3. I usually agree with a lot of what you say in other threads, even though I sometimes dislike your wording, but in this thread you are a bit slow.
  4. -checking material: t3 -checking my t2 assemblers I am making them in -checking what it says in the nanocrafter: t3 If they are made in a t2 assembler using t3 materials, I call that a t3 item. What makes you think they are t4? And yes, I know what an AGG L is, I have some lying around. Agg are made using t4 materials in a t3 assembler. They are t4.
  5. Sandbox, we got to make our own
  6. ships first want to fall and ignore any input in general, after half a second they now take input, but ignore any keys that are already held down. Will add to list. just wrote my own LUA to get rid of it, which broke with the patch of course. will add to list used to be an issue with detection zones, but that was fixed for me like a month ago or more. Is it still in for you or have you not used the tool forever because you are so used to crashing if you do? white screens, never added them, will do
  7. light and shadow, the circle is all the same material, matte white plastic
  8. shadows borked, left is new, right is old:
  9. screw what stuff weighs IRL, it does work in the game currently. 4 and 6 for atmo and space fuel feel very balanced, and that is the important part. Making it 0.9 would be more realistic but bad for the game. I like realism if it leads to stuff being intuitive and easy to understand. Realism for the sake of realism makes for boring and tedious games. The game has many many problems, this isnt one.
  10. they have their uses and are being made and bought. They are active instantly, they are super light, the fuel is super light. So you can just have them on your ship, just in case, and if you need a boost, you have it. I have them on my ships as a "oh shit I am screwed" emergency button if I came into atmo at a wrong angle or something pops up. 2 L rockets (on M tanks) mean I can instantly have as much power as my main thrust (8 L engines) helping me out for a few seconds, I have them on the bottom of my ship. There are some items, like freight and safe engines that are not only perceived as bad, they are also never bought. I would rather use a basic engine than a rare safe engine. As long as people want to use rocket engines and buy them, despite their high price (hurray) they dont need a buff. Also, they are all t3.
  11. Are you also getting annoyed because you chat with somebody from NQ, but after a normal few days of not hearing back you find out they got fired? If we had just a list of people who were not fired yet, we could at least check before we answer somebody, if they still work for NQ. Given how the server is rarely down for maintainence, and never for patches, I think an "Employee status site" is far more important than a "Server status" site.
  12. I like this So people who usually go mining t5, likely already with skills, now have to learn another skill. That will stop them from taking your ore away, I am sure. It will also respawn the nodes you did not mine.
  13. the idea is bad and you should feel bad, necroing threads to post it there as well doesn’t make it better.
  14. there will be proper salvaging mechanics intoduced at some point, but I think we need something that just works and is acceptable and easy to program NOW. And a proper fun mechanic later.
  15. why is there a need to punish people? There would be far more acceptance for an idea like this if nobody is being punished for not playing for some months, or having some RL coming up. If the stuff gets despawned and the blueprint is waiting for the owner when he comes back the problem is already solved.
  16. All subs are active, they don’ run out. If somebody get’s a 1 month sub, he can play on, even after that month. So for your idea, inactive accounts would have to be a thing. I still disagree with you anyway, crafts should just be despawned after 24h on an Aphelia tile and you can spawn them again via magic blueprint (found at nearest market) but only at the tile it was despawned.
  17. It is good that pvp is currently rather pointless. Not because I dislike it, the players or whatever, but because it is a super unbalanced mess. Before there is actually something of value to fight over, I hope the game get’s a lot of bug fixes. You are currently not able to even consistently fly next to each other, mane people have to relog to see each other.
  18. I noticed you have a category for factories, when you were at the library, did you look west? I have a small factory hidden 800 meters away from the library. I am letting it dry out to make some changes currently, as it crashes you otherwise, so if you want to look around, from now till sunday night is a good time, although a lot of machines will blink orange on the pics. Come tuesday if you want to feel the action and, the freezes and crashes. Turn the sound up, too VR "Hut of Gottchar"
  19. the "gate library" displays most elements in the game, so all ship parts but also furniture, screens, lights, holograms etc. especially for a new player interesting to see how big a landing gear actually is. As size is like the only thing you can not check via nanocrafter. Also useful for people who want to decorate. While you are there, or via "hut of Gottchar", feel free to look at the factory. No fancy voxel stuff, just a place of production and crashing. While you may think your PC can handle it, there are server sided issues that will get you after a few minutes Anyway, nice open factory to see late game industry at work.
  20. I guess .25, whatever it entails, will take another 2 months, as a super rough ballpark value.
  21. removed the one below, as I tested and everything seems normal: -Engine boost level 5 gives 59% instead of 50% power, both space and atmo, may be unwanted interaction with flight element handling
  22. so just any way stuff can get into a container that isnt manually dragging and dropping from another container
  23. I wish there where warpgates which each connect two far away points in space. so if I wanted to, for example, go from alioth to sicari, I fly to gate A, which is 15 SU away from alioth (in pvp space) and it instantly teleports me to gate B, 30 SU away from sicari (in pvp space). That way people can bypass the insane wait time of slowboating, and pvp people can fight for control of the gates, likely asking for some toll when somebody exits the gate. I may pay "hyper diaper corp" a weekly fee of 2M if they let me use the gates they control, now that pvp org has some steady income and not just some broken elements as loot. Make sure gates can only be used at slow speeds, or people just zoom in at topspeed with the help of some lua-supported piloting and also no space stations can be build in the direct vicinity, unless they are made attackable. But yes, that way there is an alternative to warping that does not take 5 hours of boredom, while at the same time giving pvp factions something to fight over and make money with. Once that is implemented feel free to increase warp cell usage by factor 10. And whether or not some pvp faction decides to shoot a new player in a shuttle is obviously up to them, I mean, player driven universe and stuff. Although, they may make some enemies by generally being an ass.
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